Chapter Two

(The silliness continues…)

Rose was sitting up in her bed, relaxing before going out for the day. She had just woken up and she was still fighting the grogginess that clouded her brain. A long sigh wafted from her nose while she tried to sort her thoughts and prepare for whatever was coming today.

She was about to get up and get dressed when the bedroom door suddenly flung open and hit the wall with a bang. Rose watched in disbelief as the Doctor shimmied into the room wearing nothing but a large pink, fluffy towel around his waist. The Doctor was ignoring her as he shimmied and shook his butt around in front of her. Rose was shocked but titillated at the same time as he moved his bum to an imaginary beat in his head.

"Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa puff, shimmy, shimmy, yeah," he was chanting in a low voice while he shook and gyrated his body.

"Doctor?" Rose finally said after getting over the initial shock.

The Doctor spun around and gave her an exaggerated look of surprise.

"Zounds! Where am I? I thought I was in my pleasure room and here I am in Rose's bedroom. How careless of me," he said breathlessly while he put his hand against his chest.

"Funny," Rose said dryly.

"What is," the Doctor said, scratching his head. "I see nothing funny about anything around here."

Rose was about to answer when the Doctor whistled and strolled out the door. Rose watched him go and then shrugged before getting out of bed. She was walking over to her cupboard when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head as the Doctor walked back into the room, still in a towel but now he was carrying a small wooden ruler in his hand. Without a word, he walked over to Rose and laid the ruler vertically on her back. Rose gave him a peeved look while the Doctor studied the ruler for a moment before nodding and saying, "Thought so."

"What is thought so?" Rose said warily.

The Doctor said nothing, only strolled out of the room with ruler in hand. Rose shook her head.

"Love ya, Doctor, but you're barking mad," she muttered before walking into her cupboard.

She was choosing an outfit when she heard her bureau drawer being opened. She spun around and noticed the Doctor was looking in her underwear drawer. She sighed and walked over to him while he studied her panties and bras with a look of intense concentration.

"Don't you have better things to do, like get dressed?" Rose said as she came up beside him.

The Doctor didn't answer. He picked up a pink satin bra and studied it for a moment before he slowly slipped it on. Rose fought to keep from laughing as the Doctor left it undone and merely stared at the bunched up fabric lying across his chest.

"Will you leave me alone?" Rose said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Okey-dokey," the Doctor said as he turned and walked to the door.

"Wait! I want my bra back!" Rose said, trying to grab at him.

The Doctor laughed maniacally and jogged out the door while Rose gave him an annoyed look.

"Fine, I didn't like that bra much anyway," she said with a shrug, closing the drawer before walking back to the cupboard.

She was looking at a white sundress when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She turned. The Doctor was standing behind her wearing the towel, the bra and now he had a huge, white straw hat on his head. The hat was decorated with a large pink feather plume and what Rose thought was a dead, stuffed pigeon perched on top of it.

"Ready for today?" the Doctor said, "I am."

"I seriously doubt that," Rose said.

The Doctor stared down at himself for a few seconds before turning around.

"You're right, I need some knickers," he said, walking to the bureau.

"No! You get away from there!" Rose said, sprinting to the bureau.

The Doctor stopped when she practically threw herself in front of it to stop him. The Doctor feigned confusion while Rose looked over her shoulder at him and held on to the bureau.

"I need knickers. I can't let Mister Toodle-loo hang in the breeze," he said, feigning annoyance. "That wouldn't do, you know. It's bad form to let the bait and tackle get cold."

"Tough! Go find your own clothes!" Rose said.

The Doctor put his hands on his hips and gave her a peeved look while Rose fought the laughter threatening to spurt out her mouth.

"Fine, " he finally said, turning around and heading for the door, "I shall report you to the Ministry of Bitchy Companions then."

"You do that," Rose called out as he headed out the door. "And tell the ministers to make you give me back my bra!"

"I own everything in the TARDIS, including you!" she heard the Doctor call out after he left the room.

Rose snorted at that and released her death grip on the bureau. She hurriedly went through her bureau and grabbed bra, panties, white socks, a pink t-shirt and jeans before running into her en suite bathroom. She slammed the door and locked it and took a deep breath before she started to change. She was down to her pink satin underwear when she heard a familiar whining sound at the door.

"No! Don't you dare come in!" Rose said, realizing he was using the sonic on the door.

She winced when the door flew open and hit the wall with a bang.

"You cannot contain me," the Doctor said casually as he strolled inside the room, sonic in hand.

He was still wearing the same outrageous getup as before but now he strolled up to Rose, who was now covering her breasts with her hands and glaring at him. She reddened when he stared intently at her panties for a moment before his eyes widened.

"By gumption, we match!" he said as he pointed to the pink satin bra across his chest.

"Piss…off!" Rose said, now with a hint of laughter in her voice.

The Doctor stared at her with mock confusion before he used the sonic and did a head to toe scan of her body. He finished and looked at the readout.

"Thought so," he said before spinning around and going out the door.

Rose couldn't help it this time. She burst out laughing at that and there was a huge, smug grin on the Doctor's face as he went outside the bedroom.

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