Chapter Three

After getting dressed, Rose headed to the Console Room. She entered warily, expecting to see the Doctor in his half naked glory. Instead, he was fully dressed, sitting in his jump seat with his legs up on the rim of the console while he listened to some song Rose didn't recognize. She paused and listened for a moment to the words.

"Cause you're a good giiiirl," he was singing while he stared up at the ceiling, "I know you want it, I know you want it, I know you want it. I hate these blurred liiiiiines."

He looked at Rose.

"So let's get freaky," he sang to her, "so freaky deaky, just you and me-key."

"You wish," Rose said.

"You're a good giiirl," the Doctor sang, "I know you want it, I know you're want it, I know you want it. Want some hot fuuuuuudge!"

"Are you making up your own lyrics now or is that the song?"

"Eh, yes and yes," the Doctor said with a shrug. "I like to freestyle occasionally and come up with clever lyrics of me own."

"Didn't sound clever to me," Rose said.

The Doctor ignored her and started singing something different. Something about cows going moo and frogs going croak and elephants going toot. It was another one she'd never heard before and she kept wondering if it was an actual song or just something the Doctor was making up off the top of his head. He was singing about how a seal goes ow, ow, ow when he suddenly looked at Rose again and yelled…


Then he said something that sounded like whinge,whinge,whinge, whinge, whinga-whinge in a high pitched voice. Rose finally stopped him before he said something that would cause her to hurt him and asked where her bra was. The Doctor stared at her with wide eyes.

"What bra?" he said innocently.

"Oh, come off it, you know what bra," Rose said.

"No, I don't."

Rose sighed angrily.

"The bra you took from me, where is it?" she said trying to be patient with him.

"I took nothing from you, Rose. I've been sitting here the entire time."

"You have not and you know it, now come clean about where you took my bra!"

The Doctor gave her a confused look and then he suddenly looked up at the ceiling, understanding dawning on his face.

"Explain what I supposedly did," he said to her.

Rose sighed but told him what happened in her bedroom. She noticed the Doctor had an amused look on his face but said nothing until she got to the end of her story. Then he smiled and pointed up to the ceiling.

"My ship is big on pranks," he said to her. "I believe she concocted a holographic me and engaged in shenanigans."

Rose was taken aback by that. Now she wasn't sure if the Doctor was telling the truth or not.

"Yeah, but…it…you looked real enough," she said.

"Well, it could have been a robotic version of myself as well. The TARDIS has many resources at her disposal and she is very bored. Don't blame her. I would be too spinning around in space and being a box. Sometimes she does things to amuse herself and my companions are often the butt of her jokes. Used to drive Adric to distraction as I recall. Finally, had to tell her to stop it because he was always coming to me with complaints. Actually…he was coming to me with complaints regardless but anyway…I believe that's who was behind it all."

"So where's my bra then if she has it?"

"Probably back in your drawer. I'd check."

Rose thought about that for a moment before nodding and heading back to her room. The Doctor watched while she left the room and when she was gone, he jumped up and picked up the bra he'd been sitting on.

"Sorry to blame you, old girl," he said to the ceiling. "But I do enjoy my pranks on Rose. Now…get me to her room before she enters it."

The TARDIS made a hole in the wall and linked the hole to Rose's room. The Doctor sprinted into it, looked around for Rose, opened up her drawer, put the bra back where he found it and ran back out. As he ran to his seat, the TARDIS moved Rose's room back to it proper place and sealed up the hole in the wall.

"Thanks, girl," the Doctor said as he sat back down and waited for Rose to come back.

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