A/N: Based on a theory about Clara and Rose.

Chapter One

(Pete's World...)

The Clone Doctor's eyes snapped open when he heard Rose let out a terrified gasp. They were sleeping together in a large bed in their bedroom. The Doctor was human but he had the personality and memories of his other self and after deciding to live as a human he had to learn to adjust his routine somewhat, especially sleeping sinc e the original Doctor didn't sleep that much. So he was sensitive to the slightest noises and disturbances, which was good since his fiancee frequently had nightmares about her travels with the Doctor. Rose was sat up in the bed, breathing hard. The Doctor sat up with her and put his hand on her back, rubbing it while trying to comfort and calm her.

"Is everything alright?" he asked as he tried to make out her face in the dark.

"It will be once my heart calms down," Rose said as she took the Doctor's free hand.

"What was this dream about?" he said.

"About the Bad Wolf."

"I thought you didn't remember that," the Doctor said. "I thought the other Doctor had to tell you what happened."

"Some of it came back to me eventually but...I remember much more in my dreams," Rose said, looking at him.

"What do you remember then?" the Doctor asked in a soft voice while he stroked her cheek.

"I remember bringing Jack back to life. When I saw him die on the Crucible, I didn't realize he was immortal but over's come back to me in my dreams. I remember...seeing inside him and...jump starting him...something like that. I repaired him and jump started his heart and I saw him live in my mind's eye. But there was something else I did. At least that's what I see in my dream."

"What? What did you do?" the Doctor said.

"I created someone," Rose said.

"You created someone?" the Doctor said, not sure he liked the sound of that.

"Yeah. I created a protector for the Doctor," Rose said.

The Doctor thought on that for a moment.

"I want you safe, my Doctor, protected from the false god," he finally quoted to Rose.

Rose nodded.

"Yeah, you said I said that…or he said…or the Doctor said, blimey, this is confusing when you're the same bloke," she said while the Doctor chuckled.

"So you brought this person into being because you wanted to make sure the Doctor was always protected?" the Doctor said to her. "What is this person's name then?"

"Dunno. I just know I made someone. I don't even know if I made this person full grown or put them in someone as a fetus. I just know someone out there is meant to watch over the Doctor."

"Well, it's certainly not me," the Doctor quipped.

"No, you're job is to look after me," Rose teased.

"Look after you? You can look after yourself. I've seen that fact firsthand," the Doctor said.

Rose fell silent for a moment.

"Do you think my dream is real?" she said to him after a moment's reflection.

The Doctor shrugged.

"Who knows, can't do anything about it now," he said.

"Yeah but, what if what I did comes back to haunt us?" Rose said.

"You mean…one day this protector might show up?"

Rose nodded.

"Well…you created this person to protect the Doctor so I'm assuming that means he or she is a good person so…I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, it's nearly two in the morning, Rose. I doubt this protector is going to show up at this hour."

The Doctor kissed her cheek and lay back down. Rose watched as he snuggled down under the covers before she lay back with him. As she snuggled near her fiancé, she lay awake and stared at the ceiling while she imagined what the protector might look like and if he or she was truly watching over the Doctor in the other universe.

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