Chapter Eleven

After Awinita was knocked out, the Doctor looked at Edison and Theora and in a pained voice told them what his sister had told them. Both their hearts went out to them and it strengthened their resolve to help them get her back safe and sound.

Edison frowned when the Doctor finished.

"You're a tool?" he said to him. "What does that mean?"

"I don't know but I'm sure it's not pleasant," the Doctor said. "But I'd rather they did something to me than Awinita."

"And she didn't get any clue of her whereabouts?"

They shook their heads. Edison thought.

"So this has happened before if they have an exit door leading to a room. At least they prepared for it," he mused. "And now we know for sure Thomas is helping them."

"And Nelak is there too, somewhere," Alan said.

The Doctor thought for a moment.

"If the room was unshielded, it must mean she was being watched by CCTV or else they were hoping she'd run in there. I have a feeling they wanted us to feel her while they tortured her. They've been careful about shielding her up until now and I'm inclined to think that wasn't an oversight. That was a huge part of the torture, both for her and for us. I have a feeling that won't be the last time they do it. I'm sure this Cyber Messiah is confident we'll never be able to find her so he'll taunt us by torturing her and letting us feel it. And he knows we can feel her mind so whoever it is has knowledge of Time Lords and their abilities."

"Maybe your friend is the Cyber Messiah," Theora said.

"Maybe, or maybe he was tortured in order to find out what he knows," the Doctor said. "If he's in there then he's shielded as well so there could be a chance he's reverted back to himself and being held captive in there."

"Then if that's true, they must be doing something along the lines of what the Rani did and shielding him from Awinita since she said she didn't feel him," Alan said.

"Yes, that's true. But on the other hand, there are other races in the universe who know about Time Lords so that's another option."

He sighed and Rain took his hand.

"I just wish we knew for sure what was going on and where she was being held," the Doctor said, staring off into space.


Awinita groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She noticed she was back in her bed only this time there were bed rails on either side with leather restraints affixed to them. The restraints were around her wrists and ankles and she had been drugged again. She looked up and saw the purple blur that was Thomas's hair.

"I warned you, Awinita," he said to her. "I warned you they'd punish you if tried anything."

"I had to try," she slurred. "I had to try to escape."

"There is no escape. You saw that. That exit door led to a torture chamber. All the visible exit doors are designed like that. There are no windows anywhere, nothing. You're sealed in."

She frowned.

"Then how do you get out to go to the apartment?"

"I'm blindfolded and a heavy black hood is thrown over my head and it's tied securely around my neck so I can't slip it off on the way there. Then someone leads me out through an actual entrance, I'm put in a car and I'm driven to the apartment. I wasn't lying to Edison when I said I didn't know the landmarks between the apartment and this place. I really don't know and I don't know if we are north of the other building. I just said that because I was trying to get him to shut up and get off my back. I told you before. I'm a prisoner too just like you. Now I understand you knocking me out earlier and I'm not angry at you for that but you have to know that you've just made it worse for yourself and you didn't accomplish anything with your little stunt."

"I accomplished one thing," Awinita slurred.

"Oh? And what was that?"

"I talked to the Doctor."

"And? Like I said, what did you accomplish? You don't know where you are. I know that since I don't even know. So what good did it do to talk to him?"

"I let him know I was alive, that's what good it did."

"Well, frankly, being alive isn't a sure thing here. That can change day by day or even moment by moment so I wouldn't get comfy thinking just because you're a Time Lady you're not expendable. You're valuable but if you continue to cause trouble I'm sure the Cyber Messiah will have no qualms about killing you and finding another way to lure the Doctor here. Just so you know. And also, Awinita, just so you know…you've been unconscious for three hours and in that time I also was punished for allowing you to escape."

Awinita felt a twinge of guilt.

"I didn't mean for that to happen, honestly," she said sadly.

"I know you didn't but I was put in charge of you and in the Cyber Messiah's eyes I failed in my duties."

"What did they do to you?"

"Whipped me."

"Oh God, Thomas, I'm sorry, I really am."

He nodded.

"I know you are," he said gently. "I know you didn't mean for me to get punished with you and that's why I'm not angry. But they whipped my back. It's alright; it's not the first time that's happened. I have old whip scars from a couple of years ago when I first tried to escape here. I'm glad I'm wearing this gown though because it's loose and it's not pressed up against the wounds. But I have a feeling you're next, Awinita, so prepare yourself."

He saw her shudder at that and he put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry," he said. "Like I said, it's not fair for you to be here. You've done nothing. It's the Doctor he really wants."

"Rain was whipped before, but I've never been," she murmured.

"Rain? Who's that?"

"My sister."

Thomas thought for a moment.

"The other woman with brown skin?"

She nodded.

"When was she whipped?"

"A few days ago, in the past. She was kidnapped and sent back to the past to be a slave and she was whipped on this plantation before we finally rescued her."

"I'm sorry to hear that," he said softly.

"Yeah. I wasn't there when they did it or when they rescued her so I don't know how well she took it. She never told us about it, I don't even know if she told the Doctor. But I'm not gonna let them break my spirit."

"Good, I don't want that to happen either. Despite what you may think, I do want you to escape from here, Awinita. You don't belong here."

"Neither do you," she murmured.

He smiled and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

"Do you need anything? Bathroom, food, water, extra blanket?"

She shook her head. They both fell silent for a moment, lost in their thoughts. Finally, Thomas spoke.

"This Doctor, is he really a good guy?"

Awinita smiled.

"The best. He's one of the most wonderful people I've ever known. I've learned so much being with him. I haven't known him for very long but he took me under his wing and became my brother and friend and mentor. I look up to him and I try to be the kind of person he is. He's not evil or a world destroyer or anything like that. He helps people. He's helping me and my sisters reach our full potential. He does that with everyone he meets. Not many people walk away from him unchanged. The past few months I've been so blessed and I thank God that he and all the rest of my family came into my life."

She glanced at him.

"How 'bout you? You have any family that's missing you?"

He shook his head.

"I was orphaned when I was a baby. I grew up in the orphanage until I was 18 and had to get out and then I got a job and tried to make it on my own. I was doing fairly well until I got snatched."

"Any friends?"

"Not really. I'm kinda a loner."

"So no one cares if you're in here?"


He smiled when he saw the sad look on her face.

"Correction, no one but you cares if I'm in here," he said.

She shook her head.

"I wish you had what I had then. I not only have the love of the Doctor but the rest of my family as well."

"You mean this Rain and the Doctor's twin brother?"

"Yes, his name is Alan. He's wonderful too. I met him before I met the Doctor. But they're not the only ones. Everyone you saw in the apartment except Edison is a part of my family."

Thomas raised his eyebrow.

"Wow. And they all travel with you?"

She smiled.

"Yeah, it's a blast. We go throughout time and space and have fun together. We're just one big happy family."

He smiled.

"That sounds nice."

"It is. Everyone is my brother and sister, except for Jenny and Dex. They're my niece and nephew. And we also have two puppies we just recently adopted."

Thomas smiled when she saw the smile playing on her lips.

"I hope you get back to them then, Awinita," he said.

He noticed the door opening and he quickly shut up when two male cult members entered.

"The Lord wants you to bring Awinita with us. She is to be punished," one of them said.

Thomas felt his throat constrict but he was powerless at the moment to protect her. He knew any resistance would make it worse for him and her. He looked at Awinita.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"It's alright, I'm not afraid," she said calmly.

While the cult members watched, Thomas unbuckled the restraints, let down the right bed rail and gently helped Awinita sit up. He put his arm around her and took her hand while he walked her to the door. The two cult members turned and led the way. They all walked down the hallway towards the torture chamber. While they walked, Thomas glanced at her. She was very groggy from the drugs and he hoped that would help to dull the pain a bit. He saw a stoic and determined look on her face and couldn't help but wonder if that was one of the things the Doctor had taught her. He admired that about her but he wondered how long the stoicism would last once they started to punish her. He didn't know if the Cyber Messiah would let him be in there with them but even if he did he knew he would only be permitted to stand back and watch instead of giving her support.

After walking through a series of corridors they came to a room. One of the cult members opened the door and they stepped aside while Thomas led her inside. Then interior was bare except for a metal table that had restraints attached to it and cabinets along all four sides.

"Undress her and put her on her stomach," one of the members said dispassionately while he pointed to the table.

Thomas walked her over. The members stood by the door watching while he started to undress her. He moved behind her trying to block their view of her while he pulled her gown up over her head. He dropped it on the floor and unhooked her bra. While he did he stared at her skin and flinched when he saw how smooth it was and he knew it wouldn't be that way in a few minutes. He looked down and noticed a tattoo on her backside and admired it while Awinita grabbed her underwear and slid it down her legs. She covered her crotch and breasts with her hands while Thomas grabbed her upper arms and walked with her to the table. He helped her get on the table, taking note of the necklace with the turquoise pendant that was around her neck when she turned, helped her lay on her stomach and gently took her arms while he buckled the restraints around her wrists. He moved down and quickly did the same for her ankles before moving back to the middle, blocking the view of her private parts from the two cult members. He turned to face them.

"It's done," he said.

The members nodded. The one on the left went to get the Cyber Messiah while the other stood guard just outside the door. Thomas glanced around at Awinita and saw her shivering in the chilled air. He placed a hand on her shoulder while he kept his eyes on the door.


The cult member entered the Cyber Messiah's quarters. He walked over to the screen and knelt.

"My Lord, she is ready and waiting for you," he said.

The Cyber Messiah smiled.

"Excellent. I have no further need of you for the moment. Go about your business."

"Yes, my Lord."

The Cyber Messiah waited till he left the room before he stepped around the screen. He walked over to his control panel and glanced down at a series of buttons that turned the mind block off in certain rooms. His finger hovered over the one that turned it off in the torture chamber and he smirked.

"Once I press this button, Ka Faraq Gatri shall feel his companion's mind again and he shall be a witness to her punishment."

He pressed the button.


The Doctor used his flannel to lather soap onto his body. He was currently in the TARDIS shower cleaning off the grime from the day but also because he wanted time to think by himself. The others were off in other parts of the TARDIS doing different things. A dull undercurrent of worry ran through all their minds but everyone was trying to remain calm.

Suddenly he felt Awinita's mind wink back in. He and everyone else called to her asking if she was alright. They could feel her shock at feeling them again.

Awinita? The Doctor thought. Te'lesu, are you alright?

Yes, I'm alright, she thought back.

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

Where are you, Awinita? He asked along with everyone else.

There was silence from her and the Doctor suddenly got a sinking feeling in his gut.

Awinita, what are they doing to you? He thought to her.


Thomas jerked his head around when he heard Awinita gasp.

"What? What is it?" he said, gently.

He could see a tear trickle down her cheek.

"No," he heard her whisper. "Not this, not now. Don't let them feel this too."

"Awinita," Thomas whispered, "what's going on?"

She looked at him.

"I can feel my family again," she whispered back. "I felt them when I was being tortured and they felt my pain and now they're going to feel it again."

"Oh God," Thomas whispered.

He squeezed her shoulder briefly but took his hand away when he saw the Cyber Messiah stop right outside the door. He forced himself to step away from her and adopt a passive expression.

"My Lord, she is ready," he said, trying to keep calm.

"Excellent, you may leave us," he said.

Thomas's throat went dry.

"My Lord," he forced out. "If you don't mind, I'd like to stay."


"I want to escort her back to her room when the torture is done."

"I will call for you when it's done. Now go and shut the door behind you."

"Yes, my Lord," he said, feeling his spirits sink.

He took one last look at Awinita and moved his leaded feet towards the door. Once he was through he glanced back once more and then closed the door.


The Doctor was perplexed. In addition to his family there was a new mind that just came into his consciousness. He brought it forward and scanned it but he didn't recognize the newcomer.

Who is this? He thought to the stranger. Who are you? Identify yourself!


The Cyber Messiah smiled. He felt several presences in his mind now besides the child in front of him. All of them were angrily demanding that he name himself.

So, he thought to himself, there are even more Time Lords and Ladies. This is getting better and better with each passing moment.

He concentrated on their minds.

Silence! I wish to speak to the one known as Ka Faraq Gatri! He thought to them.

The voices all stilled.

Who the hell is that? One of the women thought.

I am sometimes known by that name, one of the men thought to him.

The Cyber Messiah brought his mind forward and isolated it from the others except for Awinita.

You are the one who is called the Doctor? The Cyber Messiah thought.

I am. Who are you?

I am known as the Cyber Messiah.

There was a pause.

You're able to speak telepathically? The Doctor thought.

Yes, it is one of the gifts of my race. And I am glad since I wish you to bear witness.

Bear witness to what?

Your companion's punishment for daring to escape.

No! Please, spare her. I am here. I will surrender and come to you willingly. I will be your captive but let her go free.

Oh, you will be mine in due time, Time Lord, but first I shall make you suffer and I will do that by making this Time Lady suffer.

I'm warning you. If you harm her I will make you pay and pay dearly for it.

Oh I don't doubt it, Destroyer of Worlds, you've made many innocents pay dearly over the centuries, haven't you?

By this time the Doctor was out of the shower with a towel around his waist. Ignoring the Cyber Messiah, he threw up a privacy block around Awinita's mind.

Te'lesu, I'm here. Your Bro is here with you, he thought soothingly.

I'm warning you, Ka Faraq Gatri, drop the mind block or I will make the child scream.

The Doctor cursed under his breath and dropped the privacy block.

That's better, the Cyber Messiah thought to him.

Why are you doing this? If it's me you want, why won't you tell me where you are? I will surrender willingly if you let Awinita go.

I told you, Time Lord, I want to make you suffer first. I want you to spend several agonizing nights worrying about the fate of Awinita. She's very pretty and her skin is so soft and smooth, too bad it will be marred by my whip in a few minutes.

The Doctor's face drained of all color.

No, not that, please! He thought.

She's very brave, this one. She's not even crying or whimpering. I admire such courage. But then again, let's see how brave she is when a whip is cracking across her back.

The Doctor closed his eyes trying to hold back the tears. He pulled his sister's mind forward and began to stroke it the way he often stroked Rain's mind when she needed comforting. He could sense her fear and longed to be there in person to shield her from the maniac.

Awinita, be brave, he said as he stroked her mind.

I will, Bro, I'll make you proud of me.

A sobbing laugh escaped his lips.

I'm already proud of you, Te'lesu, he thought back.

I tried to keep this from you, Bro. I didn't want you to worry about me, Awinita thought to him.

The Doctor's hearts nearly broke at that. She was trying to be protective of him just like his wife was and it made him love her that much more. There was a long silence and the Doctor continued to stroke and send love into her mind giving her what comfort he could. Then suddenly, there was a sharp spike of pain and the Doctor let out a ragged gasp as the tears ran down his cheeks.


Awinita gasped when the whip cracked across her backside and pain exploded throughout her entire body. She gritted her teeth trying to keep from screaming, trying to be brave and keep herself calm so her brother wouldn't feel what she was going through but then the Cyber Messiah continued to whip her and she couldn't hold back anymore. Screams tore from her throat while the Cyber Messiah laughed at her and taunted the Doctor. She could feel the Doctor's mind and feel a mixture of anguish and rage. He threw up a privacy block and she wept when he told her he loved her and how proud he was of her and how he would throw her a big homecoming party when they finally found her. Tears streamed down her cheeks when she felt him forcefully sending his love into her mind, trying desperately to mask the pain she was feeling but each crack of the whip sent another jolt of pain that tore through her and momentarily made her forget everything else. He was blubbering, babbling on, talking about nothing to try to distract her that way but nothing was working.

Awinita let out a series of screams while he kept on, moving from her back to her buttocks. The Doctor started apologizing to her, telling her he was sorry he had failed her. Awinita tried to think back that it wasn't his fault but the pain made it hard to focus and she couldn't quite get that sentiment relayed to him. The Doctor dropped the privacy block and Awinita could hear him screaming at the Cyber Messiah to stop, begging for mercy for her but all he did was laugh back at him in his mind and continue on. Awinita was nearly ready to pass out from the pain and she willed herself to so the Doctor wouldn't have to feel her anymore. But the Cyber Messiah must have sensed she was on the verge of fainting because he finally let up and walked away. Awinita gasped and swallowed hard while the Doctor stroked her mind and told her how much he loved her. Finally she was able to think clearly enough to send love back to him and tell him that it wasn't his fault and that she loved him and always would. Through the haze of pain, she could see him putting the whip away and she rejoiced knowing it was over for the both of them. The Doctor was talking to the Cyber Messiah, offering himself to him, telling him he would do anything if he set her free but that made him taunt him even more.

I'm sorry Ka Faraq Gatri, but you won't see her yet. She is mine and I will do what I want with her for the moment, he thought to him.

Why? She's nothing to you, the Doctor thought back.

No, but she's everything to you. She's one of your companions and I know how much you ache now, being able to feel her but not knowing where she is and unable to protect her.

Hear me! When I find you, there will be nothing to save you from my wrath. I will make you pay for this!

Oh, believe me, I will be waiting with baited breath for that very moment, he thought back in a sarcastic tone of voice. But until that moment both you and Awinita will continue to suffer. And when I finally tire of the child and have found out all I can about you, then I will let her go.

I will tell you anything you want to know.

Thanks, but no thanks. It's more fun to break this one's spirit and send her back to you a dull, lifeless shell of her former self. But for the moment, the torment is over; at least it is for Awinita. I'm sure you'll continue to suffer through the night imagining what her back and buttocks look like now. You should see all the blood, Doctor; it's a mess in here now.

Awinita winced when she heard her brother screaming curses at him. But it only amused him more. She watched him leave the room and heard the Doctor let out a scream of rage when the damper shielded the Cyber Messiah's mind from his, dissolving the privacy block between them. When she felt the others, she quickly isolated Rain's mind and briefly explained what had happened to her and him. She begged her to go to the Doctor and Rain quickly agreed. Then suddenly, her family's minds disappeared and she heard the Cyber Messiah summoning Thomas on the intercom, telling him to go to her, clean her up and take her back to her room.


Rain ran through the corridors towards the bathroom. Reaching it, she pounded on the door begging her husband to let her in. He opened the door and Rain's hearts broke when she saw the anguish on his face and the tear stains on his cheeks. She flung herself into his open arms and he lowered his head to her shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably while she held him and wept quietly.

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