Max Headroom/Doctor Who Discovery at Seventeen

by Axel Ingleson

Disclaimer: Max Headroom and Doctor Who belong to their respective owners and creators. I am merely borrowing them and their friends for the duration of this fanfic. Thank you.

A/N: This takes place during a time when the Doctor was still traveling with the Ponds. Some of the Doctor's companions (Like the Ponds, Sarah Jane Smith, and Peri Brown) are like a good book. Extremely hard to put down.

-Chapter Three: New Time Lord - New Companion

"Time Lord," Edison asked. "What does that mean?"

"Follow me," the Doctor commanded, in a voice that brooked no arguments. As they headed back to where he had parked the TARDIS, he continued speaking.

"It means Network 23 is going to have to find a new head of R&D." the Doctor told them. "At least for full-time work. Bryce here will be able to communicate with you from time to time, but..."

"Don't I get a say in this matter?" Bryce asked, keeping stride with the Doctor and River Song.

"Yes," the Doctor told him. "You get to pick your traveling companion. Oh, and I recommend somebody with street smarts. That'll offset your technical knowledge. Very useful combination. I usually select a female companion, personally." he added as they entered the TARDIS, "But either sex tends to work out.. Though I find the men tend to be a bit whinier."

"Oh, come on..." Rory began.

"And there's the proof," the Doctor cheerfully announced.

Bryce paused at the threshold of the TARDIS, then stepped back outside.

Edison started to follow, but the Doctor put a hand on his shoulder. "He'll be back in a moment. Just the traditional walk-around. Everybody does it."

Bryce was considering the size of the TARDIS interior as he circled the outside, and so wasn't paying attention to what was directly in front of him. Which was Paula.

"Sorry, love," she apologized as they both stood up. She noticed that Bryce seemed to be appraising her. "What is it?"

"I was told that my traveling companion should have street smarts. That certainly fits you, if I'm not mistaken. And I rarely am."

"Oh?" Paula smiled. "And where are we going?"

"Wherever this takes us," Bryce told her, taking her hand before she could argue and leading her back into the TARDIS.

"Well done," the Doctor exclaimed. "Ten seconds out of the TARDIS and you've already found your fellow traveler. Well done, indeed. Now, Bryce, if you open that door over there..." he pointed to a lighter blue door in the left-hand corner.

Bryce opened the door and found himself looking into a duplicate of the console room.

"Your TARDIS," the Doctor explained. "When this ol' gal heard my son was on his way, she decided you needed your own. Once you're ready, just hit the blue button on the console and your TARDIS will detach from mine and be on her way."

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