Chapter One

Rose woke up early, ready for a new day. She walked to the kitchen and began making herself some breakfast. While she did that, the Doctor strolled into the kitchen.

"Plate of eggs and bacon, if you please, TARDIS," he said to the ceiling. "And a cup of coffee, two sugars."

There was a flash and everything appeared on the kitchen table, ready and waiting for him. The Doctor sat down in front of it, picked up his fork and paused when he noticed Rose was pulling a carton of eggs out of the refrigerator.

"You don't have to do that, you know. My TARDIS is capable of making breakfast for you, as shown here," he said, pointing to his food with his fork.

"I know that but I enjoy cooking. I'm not lazy like you are," Rose teased as she set the carton down on the counter by the stove.

"I'm not lazy, I'm being practical. Asking my ship to do this saves time that is better spent doing fun things like exploring."

"Cooking is fun…for me," Rose said as she found a frying pan and some grease.

"Too domestic," the Doctor said, waving his hand dismissively.

"Chicken," Rose said, turning to him.

"Yes, that's where eggs generally come from," the Doctor said.

"No, you're chicken."

"Oh?" the Doctor said, "please elaborate on that."

"You're scared of being domestic because you can't do it. If you had a house, you'd be useless," Rose said.

"Not true," the Doctor said. "I just love to travel. I could be domestic if I wanted to."

"Prove it," Rose said.

"I'm sorry?"

"Prove it. Prove you can be domestic if you want to be," Rose said.

"How? Cook an egg?"

"Yes, but not here," Rose said.

"Where then?"

"Mum's house. I want to see her so we'll go there and I'll give you a list of very simple tasks and you do them and show us you can be domestic. And…by going to her house, you'll be away from the TARDIS and any help she could give you."

"And your mother will be okay with this, will she?" the Doctor said, folding his arms over his chest.

"Well…you won't blow up the flat, will ya?"

"I certainly hope not," the Doctor said.

"Then she won't mind."

She giggled when the Doctor gave her a dubious look.

"Look, I'll ring her and tell her what we're doing," Rose said.

"So she can run and hide?"

"Um…maybe?" Rose said sheepishly.

"This oughta be interesting," the Doctor muttered while Rose pulled her mobile out of her pocket.

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