Chapter Two

Jackie opened the door and hugged Rose when she came in. She looked at the Doctor over her shoulder and raised her eyebrow.

"You know, sometimes I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you have conversations like this," she said to him. "You're not going to destroy my house, are ya?"

"I give you my word that your house will remain intact at the end of this," the Doctor said.

"Okay, come in then," Jackie said.

"Much obliged, Jackie," the Doctor muttered as he stepped inside and closed the door.

"Okay," Rose said when they were all standing in lounge. "Here is the list of things you have to do to prove you can be domestic."

She pulled a tiny list out of her pocket. Jackie read it first and snorted as she passed it to the Doctor. The Doctor took it and read it.

Doctor, below are the tasks you must do in order to win the bet. They must be done correctly or you will fail the task.

Fry one egg.
Vacuum the floor.
Clean the toilet.
Make a bed.

Do these four things correctly and you win the bet.


"Easy peasy, I can do them all," the Doctor said, waving his hand dismissively.

"Very well, do them. Starting with the egg," Rose said.

The Doctor put the note in his pocket and Rose and Jackie followed him to the kitchen. He stood there for a moment looking around the kitchen while Rose and Jackie stood at the door and watched him. He then walked over to the fridge, opened it and found the carton of eggs. He put it on the counter and closed the door. Then he rummaged through the cupboards and drawers and found a small skillet and a spatula. He sat those on the counter beside the stove and closed the cabinets and drawers. Then he turned on the burner and put the skillet on it.

"So far?" he asked Rose.

"So far, you're doing everything correctly," Rose said.

The Doctor gave her a smug grin. He opened the carton, pulled out an egg, cracked it on the counter and put it in the pan.


The Doctor jerked his head around when he heard Jackie but Rose was telling her not to say anything.

"What'd ya mean, no? This is how Rose does it," the Doctor said.

Jackie shook her head and kept silent. The Doctor snorted and turned back to his egg and picked up the spatula. He tried to turn it over and made a face when he realized the egg was stuck to the bottom of the skillet. Rose giggled while the Doctor had to use the skillet to dig under the egg and peel the egg off the bottom of the frying pan. He turned it over and noticed the underside was black and burnt. He picked the skillet up off the burner and stared at the burnt egg in confusion while Rose giggled and Jackie rolled her eyes.

"So why did you say no then, Jackie?" the Doctor said, showing her the burnt egg.

"You forgot to add something to the pan, super genius," Jackie said while Rose giggled.

"I did not. I've watched Rose do this every morning. This is what she does," the Doctor said to Jackie.

Jackie looked at Rose and Rose shook her head.

"You forgot something important, Doctor," Rose said while Jackie shook her head triumphantly.

The Doctor looked down at the burnt egg, completely confused. Rose chuckled and walked up to him, giving him a loving pat on the back. She took the skillet from him and dumped the burnt egg into the rubbish bin. Then she came back to the stove and the Doctor watched while she opened a cupboard and brought down some cooking oil. She gave the Doctor a pointed look while she poured a little bit of oil in the pan and put it on the burner. She put the oil back in the cupboard and got an egg from the carton. Jackie watched proudly while Rose cracked the egg and put it in the pan.

"You need cooking oil so the egg doesn't stick to the pan," she said to the Doctor while she used the spatula to turn it over.

She cooked the egg and showed it to him in the pan as she turned off the burner.

"You lose," Jackie said smugly while Rose swirled the egg around in the pan and grinned.

"Yeah, well…I forgot one thing. I was nearly there," the Doctor muttered, pulling the note out of his pocket while Rose and Jackie giggled.

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