Chapter Thirty Six

The Doctor whistled cheerfully while he lay under his console doing repairs. Rose had gone out with Jack and Ianto to visit a nearby village but the Doctor declined, telling them he had work to do. His foot twitched back and forth while he used his sonic to weld a wire in place. He stopped whistling when he heard his front door opening and he looked at his watch.

"Blimey, they didn't stay there very long," he said.

"Um…what happened to the TARDIS?"

The Doctor froze when he heard an unfamiliar voice. A female voice with a Scottish accent. He slid out from under the console and hopped up. He stared at two strangers standing on his ramp. A young woman with long red hair and a young man with short brown hair. The three of them stared at one another.

"Um…can I help you?" the Doctor finally said.

"Yes, you can start by getting out of the Doctor's TARDIS, you thin little geek," the woman said.

"I am the Doctor and this is my TARDIS, ginger," the Doctor said angrily. "Why don't you and your friend get out?"

"We live here!" the red haired woman said.

"No, you don't. Now get out!" the Doctor said.

"Whoa, wait!" the man said, holding up his hands. "Before the fists start flying, let's talk this out, alright? You say you're the Doctor?"

"Yes, I'm the Doctor and you are…"

"Rory Williams, this is my wife, Amy."

"Nice to meet ya. I don't travel with you, I travel with Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones."

"Okay, then why are we here?" Amy said.

"I don't know. I just know you're in the wrong TARDIS. I haven't met you lot yet."

"Wrong TARDIS? Where's our TARDIS then?" Amy said, looking around.

"Maybe we didn't walk far enough. Sorry to disturb you," Rory said to the Doctor.

"Wait, I don't recognize you so you must be in my future. And you don't recognize me so that must mean you travel with a future version of me," the Doctor said.

"I s'pose so," Amy said. "I must admit you are cute."

"Oi, I'm right here, remember?" Rory said.

"Anyway…Doctor, we'll be going now."

"See you sometime in the fu…"

"What's this?"

Jack stepped into the TARDIS and gave Amy and Rory a once over.

"Making new friends while we were gone?" he said to the Doctor.

"They're my future companions. They went into the wrong TARDIS," the Doctor said.

"No kidding? Wow, you are incredibly sexy," Jack said to Amy, "and you're not bad either," he added as he admired Rory.

"Jack, don't rape my future companions in front of me, please?" the Doctor said.

"Doctor, I found something for ya and…"

Rose came into the TARDIS holding a small paper sack in her hand.

"Who're you?" she asked Amy and Rory.

"They…are the Doctor's future companions," Jack said.

"Oh? Well, I'm the current companion. Nice to meet ya, excuuuuse me!" she said, breezing past them to the Doctor.

Jack glanced at Ianto when he came into the TARDIS and froze.

"Friends?" Ianto said to the Doctor as he pointed at Amy and Rory.

"Future companions," the Doctor said, taking the sack from Rose and opening it. "Coconut bread! I love coconut bread. Thank you!"

"So…are these people coming with us now?" Ianto said to the Doctor.

"No, these people are off to find their own TARDIS. I don't even meet them until a future life apparently."

"What about me? Why aren't I with them then?" Rose said.

"Yeah and where am I?" Jack said.

"You are probably in an intergalactic brothel giving hand jobs to squid women," the Doctor said to him. "Rose is probably in her room somewhere."

"No, we don't know her," Rory said.

"Oh? Gonna dump me at some point, eh?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"How should I know? All this hasn't happened to me yet," the Doctor said, pointing to Amy and Rory.

"Hey, ginger, are you single?" Jack said to Amy.

"No, she's not!" Rory barked at Jack.

"Just askin'," Jack said as he and Ianto walked past them.

"Well, you met my companions and we met you, so now it's time for you to leave and find your Doctor," the Doctor said as everyone gathered around him.

"Wait, now…the Doctor regenerates, right?" Amy said.

"Right," the Doctor said.

"So what life is this?" Amy said.


"And you're wearing the same clothes as the Raggedy Doctor. I just noticed that," Amy said.

"Raggedy Doctor?" Rose said.

"Yeah, I met him when he crashed his TARDIS into…"

"NO! Don't say a word! I can't know my future!" the Doctor said, holding up his hands. "You've said too much already, not to mention you and Rory being here! Now out!"

"Fine then, we're going," Amy said. "Come on, Rory."

"Bye," Rory said, waving as they turned and left the TARDIS.

"Wow, lots of strange things happen to you when we leave," Jack said as the Doctor walked to the door so he could close it.

He got to the door and gasped when Amy came back in pulling a man with him.

"Amy! This is highly unadvisable!" the man said as Amy brought him inside. "This is extra very not good! I can't be here!"

"Look! This is you!" Amy said to the Doctor as he pointed to the man.

"I tried to resist but this woman has Swarzeneggarian strength," Eleven said to Ten. "I warned her not to!"

"I warned her not to as well. Apparently, we keep on with the trend of bring companions on board who don't listen."

"I wanted you to meet him, he's your next life," Amy said.

"Thank you so much. Now I'll have to spend the next few hours erasing this meeting from my mind and from their minds so we don't muck up my timeline. Thanks for giving us something to do!"

"She's incorrigible but she's also indispensable," Eleven said to Ten. "Actually, I have one more companion but she's in the TARDIS."

"Is she cute?" Jack said.

"Jack, you'd think a lamppost is cute if you were drunk enough," Eleven said to him.

Eleven looked at Rose and he froze. Ten gave him a confused look and looked from him to Rose and back again.

"What?" he said to Eleven.

"Yeah, what?" Rose said. "Whatcha lookin' at me like that for?"

Eleven jolted out of his reverie.

"Anyway, Amy, back to our TARDIS!" he said, pulling on her. "Nice meeting all of you…again. See ya! Come along, POND!" he yelled as he pulled her out the door.

"Wow, that was very, very odd," Jack said. "They were cute though, especially you, Doc. Love the baby face. Bow tie and tweed is a bit scary though."

"That's him, not me; I wouldn't be caught dead in that stuff. I…Rose? Rose!" he yelled as she hurried out the door. "Rose! Get back here!"

"Doctor! Wait!" Rose called to Eleven as she ran after him.

Eleven stopped with Amy and turned.

"Rose, go back!" Eleven said, pointing to the TARDIS. "Go back now, you can't do this."

"Don't you care for me? Did you chuck me out the door at some point?" Rose said, slowly walking towards him.

"Rose, you can't know anything about your future. Amy shouldn't have pulled me in there and now both versions of ourselves have to sort all this out. Now go back!"

"Yes, but I need to…"

Suddenly, a gigantic bat creature dropped from the sky directly behind Rose.

"Doctor!" Rose said as the creature leapt up, grabbed her in its talons and flew off.

"Rose!" Eleven yelled as Ten, Jack and Ianto came to the door of their TARDIS and watched in horror as Rose was carried away by the bat.

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