Chapter Forty Five

The Doctor opened the door of his library and looked inside. His library was vast but carved out in the middle of it was his swimming pool. He had an Olympic sized swimming pool with a diving board and high dive at the deep end. He had a deck made of a non-slip alien material that resembled ceramic tiles. The tiles were designed to prevent people from slipping after coming out of the pool. He had several deck chairs and tables and at the corner of the shallow end was a large cabinet containing pool toys. He walked over to it, selected a yellow rubber raft and used a small automatic air pump beside the cabinet to blow it up. Once it was ready, the Doctor walked over to a deck chair and set it down. He was wearing a navy blue bathrobe and he untied the belt around it and slipped it off. He was wearing black swim trunks with stormtrooper heads all over them. He picked up the raft, stepped into the shallow end and went down the underwater steps to the floor of the pool. He climbed on board the raft, stretched out, relaxed and closed his eyes, smiling as he slowly drifted over the surface.



Rose walked into the console room and looked around.

"Doctor?" she said, walking to the console.

She walked around it and looked under it but there was no sign of him.

"TARDIS, can you take me to the Doctor?" she finally said.

The TARDIS moved the library to the back door and Rose stepped through it. She froze when she saw the Doctor in the swimming pool. His eyes were closed and he was unaware of her presence. Rose grinned and slowly tiptoed over. She stood at the edge of the pool, trying not to laugh at his stormtrooper swim trunks. She observed him for a moment before she hurried back out the door.


The Doctor swished his hand lazily in the water while he kept his eyes close and drifted around the pool. He loved getting on his raft and drifting, it was peaceful and relaxing. A half smile was on his face while he flicked water off his damp hand and put it back on his chest. He sighed deeply and was just about to go to sleep when suddenly he felt the raft being pushed up. His eyes snapped open and he flailed his arms about seconds before the raft turned over and he went into the water. As he went under the water, he saw a pair of shapely legs near him and he knew instantly who was responsible. He resurfaced and sputtered, glaring at Rose while she giggled.

"Sorry, I was looking for ya and I saw you on the raft and I couldn't resist," she said.

She squealed when the Doctor used his arm to make a mini tsunami that got her upper body wet. While she ran back towards the underwater stairs, he admired her body. She was wearing a lavender two piece bathing suit and he thought she looked sexy.

Rose climbed the steps and got out of the water while the Doctor swam over to his raft. She looked through his pool toys and found a small rubber duck that was dressed like a pirate. She selected it and walked back to the pool.

She stepped in and when she was halfway in the water she sat down on the top step and floated the rubbed duck in front of her.

"Hey, what are you doing with Pegleg McQuackers?"

Rose looked at the Doctor.

"Pegleg McQuackers?" she said

"Yes. He's the most vicious duck pirate that ever sailed the seven seas!"

"Doctor, sometimes your thought processes scare me," she said.

The Doctor walked over to her and flicked the rubber duck so it floated along.

"Arrr, I be Pegleg McQuackers, the scourge of the seven seas!" he said as he kept flicking the duck's tail. "Fear me!"

Rose giggled.

"You're barking mad but you're cute so I'll forgive ya!" Rose said while the Doctor put the duck up on the raft.

She squealed when the Doctor dived below the water and swam underwater towards her. Rose squealed again and tried to run away from him but the water resistance slowed her down and the Doctor took hold of her legs and stopped her.

"Don't you trip…"

She gasped when the Doctor pulled her under the water. She sputtered out water as she stood back up. She slapped the Doctor's wet back when he stood up alongside her.

"You're a git sometimes," she said.

The Doctor climbed out of the pool and walked over to the cabinet. Rose watched while he picked up a strange device. Rose had noticed it when she took the duck. It was a clear plastic tube with two nasal cannula similar to the kind used for oxygen tubes. The tube stretched out on either side and there was a small plastic box near the right end of it. The Doctor walked back into the pool and Rose frowned when he inserted the cannula into her nose and wrapped the tube around her face. He snapped the two pieces of tube together at the back of her head and pushed a tiny button on the box. Rose felt oxygen flowing into her nose and she breathed in the fresh oxygen while the Doctor came back around to face her.

"This will allow you to breathe underwater for long periods of time. Come and swim with me," he said.

"What about you? You didn't put one on."

"Respiratory bypass system," the Doctor said, pointing to his face. "Come on."

The Doctor went below the surface of the water and beckoned to her. Rose did the same and breathed through her nose while she looked around. The Doctor swam off towards the deep end and Rose followed him. While they swam, Rose admired his body, so thin yet she could see the muscle definition. They reached the deep end and Rose stopped and floated face down while she watched the Doctor swimming around beneath her. He looked up at her while he swam in a circle and gave her a cheesy grin. Rose looked at his face and wished to God she had a respiratory bypass system.

Suddenly there was an enormous splash in front of her and Rose nearly opened her mouth in shock when Jack jumped in. He sank towards the bottom, waved at the Doctor and waved at her on the way back up. Rose waved back and watched as Jack swam towards her. He made a thumb's up and jerked it upwards. Rose brought her head above water and Jack came up beside her.

"Hello, doll, you look like a drowning victim so I thought I'd play the heroic rescuer. "

The Doctor surfaced right beside him.

"You know, we were enjoying ourselves before you made a big splash, Shamu," the Doctor said to him.

"Ooo, you'll pay for that!"

The Doctor jerked his head back when Jack flicked water into his eyes.

"Oh yeah?" the Doctor said, flicking water back.

Rose rolled her eyes when the two of them began splashing water in each other's faces. She went under and swam away from them. She headed towards the steps but the Doctor swam up beside her. When she reached the shallow end, she stood up and the Doctor did the same.

"Chicken!" Jack yelled as he treaded water in the deep end. "Come back here, old man, and finish what you started!"

"Me? You're the one who threw water in my face!"

"Well, you're the one who…swam away!" Jack said, not knowing what else to say. "Get back here and be a man, you…alien!"

"Ooo, that wounded me deeply, Shamu. I'll never recover from that one!" the Doctor said.

Jack flipped him off. The Doctor smirked and watched him while he kissed Rose's cheek.

"Ooo, it's war, Grandpa! Get back here and battle me!"

The Doctor turned to Rose.

"Fair one, I shall go bravely into battle and die for thee," he said while Rose giggled.

He kissed Rose's hand and walked over to his raft.

"Be prepared, Jack and Jill, because you're gonna die!" he said as he snatched his raft and pulled it to him.

"Ooo, that wounds me deeply," Jack said mockingly. "And what are you doing? I'm not using a raft, ya big sissy!"

"I have my steed with me now!" the Doctor said. "Rose, my dearest one, take care of Pegleg McQuackers for me while I kick his lilly white bum into the books."

"Pegleg McQuackers? You give your rubber duck sissy names?" Jack said as the Doctor handed Pegleg to Rose.

He climbed on board his raft and Rose walked up to him.

"Be careful, my brave knight, come back to me in one piece," she said melodramatically.

"Have no fear, fair maiden, I shall return to thee alive. Jack, on the other hand…"

"You can't kill me, I won't stay dead!" Jack mocked him as he used his arms to paddle towards him.

"If anyone can figure out a way to kill ya, it's me!" the Doctor yelled at him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah Geritol Junkie! Watch this!" Jack said.

He dipped under the water, swam under the raft and used his legs to propel himself off. The Doctor gasped and grasped the raft as Jack turned it over.

"So much for your brilliant idea, Wrinkles!" Jack said as the Doctor resurfaced a few feet away from him.

The Doctor stood up while Jack grabbed the raft and flung it back towards Rose. Rose laughed when the two men swished water onto each other while they shouted curses at each other. Rose retrieved the raft and carried it while she walked towards the Doctor. Jack saw her and began flinging water her way.

"That's it, come my faithful companion, help me!"

The Doctor grunted when Jack flung water in his eyes.

"No help!" Jack said.

The Doctor lay back on his back and kicked furiously at Jack. Jack ran away to avoid the sprays of water the Doctor was churning up. Rose reached the Doctor's side and gave him the raft.

"Thank you, most faithful companion," the Doctor said, climbing up onto it.

His eyes bulged when Rose pinched his butt as he was getting on.

"Oi, no touchie!" the Doctor said, pointing to his ass as he lay prone on the raft.

The Doctor glared at Rose when she repeatedly pinched his butt.

"Me too! I wanna pinch!" Jack yelled as he ran towards them.

"Don't you dare!" the Doctor said, sliding off his raft.

Rose got on it with Pegleg, watching while the Doctor grabbed Jack's head and tried to dunk him.

"You'll never dunk me, Wrinkles, I'll never submit," Jack yelled as the Doctor slowly forced his head towards the water.

Rose watched them for a moment and then slid off the raft, leaving Pegleg behind. She slipped under the water and swam towards the Doctor.

"Rose is mine, got that?" the Doctor said when Jack's head was inches from the water. "If you try to romance her, I'll…"

His eyes bulged and Jack jerked his head up when he let go of it. He laughed hysterically when he realized Rose had swum up to him and jerked his swim trunks down around his ankles.

"You traitor!" the Doctor yelled at Rose as he stood and pulled his trunks back up. "Don't you dare! "he added when Jack started to dunk his head under the water for a look at the goods. "Fine, I am taking Pegleg and going now!"

"Chicken! Wimp! Grandpa!" Jack yelled as the Doctor grabbed the raft and pulled it towards the stairs. "I guess that means I get Rose then!"

Rose resurfaced and came towards the Doctor.

"Doctor, I'm sorry, I went momentarily insane when I did that, will you forgive me?" she said when she reached his side.

"Kiss my cheek?"

Rose kissed the Doctor's cheek.

"All is forgiven. Come, my companion, let's get dried off and think of something else to do."

"Wimp!" Jack teased as they walked to the stairs.

The Doctor got halfway up the stairs, paused and let out a loud fart.

"I believe that says it all, Harkness," the Doctor said. "Come, Rose, let us have lunch now."

"Just keep your bum away from me while we do it," Rose said as they stepped out of the pool.

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