Chapter Fifty Two

"Take me out to the ball game!" the Doctor sung as the TARDIS flew towards their next destination. "A day at the ballpark watching a baseball game! What could be better?"

"Yeah, but which one?" Jack said as everyone stood around the console.

"Oklahoma City. We'll see a Redhawks game this afternoon," the Doctor said.

"Oklahoma City? Why not New York?" Jack said. "Let's go see the Dodgers!"

"Because I have a better chance of getting good seats in Oklahoma City than I do in New York," the Doctor said. "Not to mention it's cheaper."

Jack shrugged. The TARDIS landed and powered down and the Doctor led everyone outside. It was a warm summer day and they were in the middle of Bricktown near a canal that flowed through it. Bricktown had several restaurants plus the baseball park and the area was packed with people. Everyone followed the Doctor but he walked past the ticket booths of the brick baseball park. When Jack pointed out that the ticket booths were back there, the Doctor beckoned to everyone to follow him. Jack shrugged again and put his arm around Ianto. He led them to an ATM machine and had them spread out around him. Jack raised his eyebrow when the Doctor looked around, whipped out his sonic screwdriver, aimed it at the monitor and collected the cash that came into the tray.

"That's stealing, you know," Jack said to him.

"Wanna say that a bit louder, Harkness, I don't think Oklahoma City heard you," the Doctor said, giving him an angry look as he put the cash in his pocket.

"So if you can just take any money you want anytime, why were you so concerned about the cost of the tickets?" Jack said.

"Because I don't like to take heaps of it and I'm assuming you'll want food and souveniers. Now quit complaining and follow me."

Jack shrugged for a third time and he took Ianto's hand as the Doctor walked back to the ticket booth. He studied the prices for the seats and brought four tickets close to the field. When he received the tickets from the woman in the booth, everyone walked around the side to a large metal gate. There was a metal turnstile in the opening and a man sitting on a chair just beyond it. The man stood up, studied the tickets, tore off the stubs and handed them back to the Doctor before he stepped aside and let everyone go through the turnstile. They walked into an area shaded by the stands above them. The walkway went around ballpark with occasional openings so they could go down the steps to the seats. Spaced out around the walkway were concession and souvenir stands. The Doctor gave everyone thirty dollars each and their ticket stubs, making sure he was seated next to Rose. Rose took his hand and walked with him while Jack walked with Ianto towards the souvenir stand nearby. The Doctor and Rose walked to a concession stand and studied the posted at the front.

"Peanuts and popcorn and crackerjack," the Doctor sang softly as he rocked back and forth on his heels.

"And bratwurst and beer and bottled water," Rose sang back.

"And sausage and Coke and pretzels," the Doctor sang back.

They got in the queue and when their turn came, the Doctor got popcorn and a Coke and Rose got pretzels and a bottled water. They took their food and walked away from the stand. The Doctor stopped for a moment and handed Rose his bottle of Coke while he studied his ticket stub.

"We're near the pitch," the Doctor said to Rose. "Just have to find out which…"

He gasped when something bapped him on the head. Rose laughed when he turned around and saw Jack standing behind him with an oversized inflatable baseball bat in his hand. The bat was red and had the team's logo on it, a Redhawk's head. Jack bopped him again with it.

"I saw this and immediately thought of you," he said before bopping his head again. "It screamed…hit the Doctor with me and so I purchased it."

"You're gonna think screamed when I deflate it and choke you to death with it," the Doctor said.

"Yan got a t-shirt," Jack said.

Ianto held out a red t-shirt with the Redhawk logo on the chest and Redhawk Pride underneath it in big black lettering.

"I suggested a ballcap but Ianto wanted a shirt," Jack said.

"I tried to talk Jack out of getting the bat but there was no stopping him," Ianto said to the Doctor.

"Well, that's because Jack has no impulse control," the Doctor said.

Jack looked at their food and frowned when he saw the bottled water.

"Who got this?" he said, pointing to it.

"I did," Rose said.

"You came to a ballgame and you got water?" Jack said in disbelief. "What's wrong with beer?"

"I don't like American beer," Rose said.

"Yeah, but…water?" Jack said. "At least the Doctor got pop."

"I don't feel like getting pop. You want a beer or pop, have at it," Rose said.

Jack stared at the water for a moment. Then he looked at the Doctor and bopped him on the head again.

"I will take that away from you and find a way to beat you to death with it, I swear I will," the Doctor said between gritted teeth.

"Well, before that happens, I suppose Yan and I will go and get some food," Jack said.

He turned with Ianto and they walked towards the concession stand.

"Remind me to get that thing away from him when he lets go of it," the Doctor said to Rose as he pointed to the bat.

They walked over to the souvenir stand and looked at the items.

"You could get a bat and hit Jack in retaliation," Rose said, pointing to the bats along the back wall of the booth.

"No, I want something harder like an actual aluminium bat. It would be more satisfying to see his pea brains coming out of his head when I beat him with it."

Rose looked at the choices before going up to the counter. There was no queue so the Doctor stood back and watched while she selected a red shirt similar to Ianto's and a red ballcap with the Redhawk logo on it. She paid for her purchases and when she walked back to the Doctor, she put the ballcap on his head.

"From me to you," she said, patting him on the head.

"You didn't have to do that."

"I wanted to. You need something to wear and I thought you'd like a cap."

The Doctor smiled and adjusted it. Rose spied a nearby restroom and told the Doctor to wait. She went inside and five minutes later came out wearing her t-shirt. The Doctor took her blue t-shirt, scrunched it up into a rod-like shape and threaded it down into his bigger on the inside trouser pocket. Rose thanked him and they headed towards their seats. They had seats directly above the Redhawk dugout and when they reached their seats, Jack and Ianto were there. Jack was eating a bratwurst and sipping a beer and Ianto was eating popcorn and sipping a Sprite. He looked at the Doctor and burst out laughing at the ballcap.

"Oh, that is you," Jack said. "You look so stylish with the pinstriped suit and the ballcap."

"Rose got this for me, wasn't my idea."

"Good move, Rose. Now he looks even more geekish than before," Jack said.

The Doctor stuck his tongue out at him as he sat beside him and Rose sat beside the steps. Men and women were going up and down the steps, selling food and souvenirs. The Doctor noticed Jack had purchased a large program and was looking through it. It listed players and stats and had photos of the team and individual players. The Doctor noticed he was looking at one ballplayer's photo with a lustful gleam in his eye. The camera snapped when the ballplayer was in midswing of his bat.

"Jack, don't get so overheated you jump onto the pitch and start raping the players in the middle of the game," the Doctor said.

"You mean I can't show this man my own personal bat?" Jack said, waggling his eyebrows.

"No, keep your bat to yourself," the Doctor said while Rose sniggered.

"What about you?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"What about me?" the Doctor said.

"Are you going to go down there and shove someone out of the way so you can play the game in their place?" Rose said.

"I have the cap, yeah?" the Doctor said, putting his fingers on the brim.

"Out of my way, I know how to score twenty thousand points for ya!" Jack said loudly.

Rose and Ianto laughed while the Doctor eyed him.

"Out of my way, I want to show you my bat!" the Doctor yelled out.

"Really?" Jack said to him, a gleam in his eye.

"I shouldn't have said that, I realize that now," the Doctor said to Rose. "He was randy when he saw the ballplayer and I made it worse."

Rose giggled when Jack yawned loudly, stretched his arms out and laid them on the back of the chairs behind Ianto and the Doctor. The Doctor leaned up and glanced over his shoulder at the arm. Jack yelped when the Doctor pinched the back of Jack's hand as hard as he could and the Doctor grinned when he jerked his arm away. The Doctor settled back in his seat, ignoring the dirty look Jack was giving him. Jack kept his arm around Ianto and turned the page in his program. While he was studying it, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned slightly in his seat and saw a young woman sitting behind him. She had long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail and was wearing sunglasses but Jack could see a disapproving look on her face. She had on a red tanktop and jean shorts. She pointed at the arm around Ianto.

"The Bible says that if a man lays with another man, you should take him out and stone him," she said.

Jack glared at her but he noticed a rose tattoo on her right shoulder.

"Bible also says it's forbidden to tattoo your skin but apparently you pick and choose which rules to follow," he said, pointing to it before he put his arm back around Ianto.

He smirked when the women shifted uneasily in her seat. He turned his head, looked at Ianto and purposely kissed him full on the lips. He held in his laughter when the women sucked in her breath and he flipped her off while he continued the kiss. Then he settled back in his seat, smug as a bug in a rug.

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