Chapter Sixy Five

"Ooo," Jack said when he spied a tiny room that housed an arcade, "finally I get to show off my skills and gloat!"

"Don't you do that 24/7?" the Doctor said.

"You!" Jack said, spinning around and pointing at him. "You will challenge me to a video game challenge. The person with the highest score gets Rose."

"Excuse me?" Rose said.

"You heard me, Blondie. I want to see how good the Time Lord really is. We shall play Pac Man and the person with the highest score gets Rose forevermore."

"And the loser gets Ianto then?" the Doctor said.

"No, I get both."

"So what's in it for me?" the Doctor said.

"Um…Rose?" Jack said. "You get Rose?"

"Why am I being dragged into this pissing contest?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"What? You don't trust the Doctor can beat me and keep you?" Jack said to her. "Come on, Doctor, you love a challenge, don'tcha?"

"Risk Rose for the sake of beating Jack Harkness at his own game? Dare I?" the Doctor mused.

"Come inside, Doctor, if you dare," Jack said, strolling into the darkened room.

The Doctor looked at Ianto.

"You're not gonna be a supporter then?" he asked him.

"No, I'm thinking about going back for another pretzel," Ianto said, pointing back to the trolley.

"I would join you but I'm afraid if I took a bite, Rose would think I was Gargantua and run willingly to Jack."

"I'm waaaaiting," Jack said from inside the arcade.

"Well, my lamb, want to come watch me annihilate Jack in Pac Man?" the Doctor said to Rose.

"Sure, why not?" Rose said with a shrug. "I trust you can save me from him."

The Doctor asked Ianto to get them a couple of Cokes and gave him a five dollar bill. When Ianto walked back towards the trolley, the Doctor and Rose entered the arcade. Jack was standing next to the upright Pac Man arcade game, a smirk on his face as he held up two quarters.

"Come and challenge me, if you dare," he said to the Doctor.

"I'm first," the Doctor said, walking up to him and plucking a quarter from his hand.

"You'll be mine soon," Jack said ominously to Rose while the Doctor inserted the quarter into the slot below the screen.

"I bet I won't," Rose taunted as she walked up beside the Doctor.

Jack leaned against the side of the arcade game, watching while the Doctor maneuvered Pac Man around the maze. Rose stood on the other side and when Ianto came inside with their sodas, she took them from him and put one up above the joystick so the Doctor could take it when he wished.

"Hey, where's mine?" Jack said when Rose thanked Ianto and turned her attention back to the game.

"You didn't give me any money. You were too busy bragging and boasting about beating the Doctor," Ianto said.

Jack rolled his eyes. He gave Ianto a five dollar bill and asked for a Coke. Ianto took it and went outside. By now the Doctor was halfway through the second maze, still on the sipped his Coke with one hand while using the joystick with the other. Rose, slightly bored from watching, fished a quarter out of her pocket and looked around. She saw Space Invaders across the room and took her Coke over with her while the Doctor continued to play.

"Rose is losing interest already," the Doctor said to Jack while he kept his eyes on the screen. "Like me, she'd rather do other things besides play video games."

"Then why is she playing Space Invaders?" Jack said.

"Because she's waiting for me to finish this," the Doctor said. "Unfortunately, it may be hours before I'm done since I'm clever enough to keep going with just one Pac Man."

"Yeah, yeah, put your money where your mouth is," Jack said, making a yak yak motion with his hand.

Ianto came back inside with a Coke for Jack and a Coke and pretzel for himself. Jack took the Coke while Ianto glanced around the room, searching for Rose. When he saw her, he wandered over to watch what she was doing while the Doctor started on the fifth maze.

"This will take forever, you know," the Doctor said as he propelled Pac Man around the maze. "Sure you want to stand here and watch me win a million points?"

"How about we switch off?" Jack said. "I play a maze and then you and then me."

"Why? Acknowledging that I could stand here forever doing this?" the Doctor said, glancing at him with a smirk on his face.

"No, but the kids are bored and I don't want them to die of boredom since our contest would go on for hours and hours and become quite epic."

The Doctor finished the maze he was on and stepped back so Jack could take over. Rather than watch though, he sipped his Coke and strolled over to Rose. He leaned against the side and watched with Ianto while Rose struggled to keep from being killed.

"Die already?" Rose said, glancing at the Doctor.

"No. Jack got bored waiting for me to die so I switched with him after I completed the fifth level. He's playing it now. So…nearly ready to go?"

"What about the great contest?" Rose said.

"I accept defeat. You're Jack's slave forever more, so coming with me to find something else?"

Rose nodded. She let Ianto take over and took the Doctor's hand as they walked out of the arcade. They held hands with their free hands while they sipped their sodas. The Doctor sniggered when his extra sensitive hearing picked up Jack's voice saying, "Hey? Where'd the little shit go? I was challenging him!" He glanced at Rose but she was too busy looking around to hear him. They noticed a deli and food court so the Doctor put his hand on her back and ushered her into it. At the front of the atrium was a large glass display filled with fresh fish. They stopped at it and looked. The Doctor stared at a large catfish. The catfish was facing him with its mouth gaping. The Doctor turned to Rose and imitated it, widening his eyes and dropping his mouth open. Rose giggled.

"Are you a fish then?" she said.

"I'm the biggest fishy in the ocean. No one can catch me," he said before taking her hand again.

They walked over to a deli case and sipped their sodas while they looked at the food. An elderly lady behind the counter came up and asked them if they needed anything. They shook their heads and walked on.


The Doctor turned and saw Jack hurrying towards him, a peeved look on his face.

"We were in the middle of a challenge," he said, stopping a few feet from him.

"You win. Rose is in your thrall," the Doctor said airily. "I'll keep her safe until you need her in your boudoir. Anyway…Rose, come with me."

They walked out of the atrium and turned to the left. Jack walked out, saw Ianto approaching and waited for him to catch up before following the Doctor and Rose. By now, the Doctor and Rose were going into Waldenbooks to take a look at the book shop. Jack took Ianto's hand and they followed them inside.

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