Chapter Seventy Four

They nearly made it to Piccadilly Circus before the Doctor and his friends received another surprise. Standing next to another post box was a three inch cyberman. The Doctor stopped in his tracks when he saw the mini cyberman stomping around. He snatched it up.

"This one's mine," he said. "I will call him Cy the Cyberman!"

The cyberman stopped moving and stared at the Doctor.

"Hi," the Doctor said to Cy, "shocked, are we?"

"YOU WILL BE DELETED!" Cy squeaked.

"What's going on here?" Rose said.

"Dunno. Someone is miniaturizing things though. And making them cute as a button to boot," he added, looking at Cy.

Jack brought Bob close to Cy and the Doctor backed away.

"Oi! Don't bring him next to my pet," he said to Jack. "He might not be able to kill me but he could kill Cy and I want my pet to live!"

Rose noticed movement at her feet. She looked down and noticed a teeny tiny metal thing that looked like a caterpillar to her. She picked it up…or tried to since the thing was smaller than Cy and very fast. The Doctor noticed a plastic container in a nearby rubbish bin. He walked over to it, snatched it up and had Rose peel off the top of it before he slammed it upside down over the metal thing. The metal thing bumped into the sides of it and kept on bumping it while it tried to escape.

"What is it?" Rose asked as they bent down.

The Doctor pulled a high powered magnifying glass out and used it to look at the creature.

"Well, I'll be…it's a cybermat," he said, examining it.

"What's that?" Ianto said.

"They used to travel with cybermen, sorta like mini bodyguards. They helped the cybermen when they attacked but this one…this is eeny weeny."

"I claim it!" Ianto said, raising his hand.

"Rather than claiming these things as pets, perhaps we should find out why there are mini monsters roaming around London," the Doctor said, glancing at his friends.

"But Bob is cute," Jack said.

He gasped when Bob tried to shoot a tiny bolt of electricity at his face.

"Fine, go to your room then!" he said to Bob.

He lifted up one side of the plastic container, shoved Bob inside and slammed his hand down on top of it, keeping it secure. The cybermat stopped in front of Bob and they stared at each other for a moment.

"EXTERMINATE!" they heard Bob squeak before he shot a bolt at the cybermat.

"No!" the Doctor said when the cybermat was killed. "Your…pet killed Cy's little friend!"

"I didn't think he'd do anything," Jack said. "I was just sending Bob to the naughty corner for trying to kill me."

"Naughty corner?" the Doctor said.

Jack shrugged and grinned.

"Excuse me. I know you're having fun with the mini monsters but people are beginning to stare now," Ianto said, pointing to a few passerby who had stopped to look at them.

The Doctor gave Cy to Rose, picked up the lid from the bin and lifted up the side of the container just high enough to slide the lid under. He slide it under, trying to get Bob to get up on it but Bob protested loudly while he was pushed to the side of the container.

"I suppose you can't fly then," the Doctor said.

He lifted the container and Jack picked Bob up. The Doctor managed to pick up the cybermat and put it in the container. Then he took Cy and put him inside and snapped the lid shut over them. They watched while Cy walked over to the cybermat, prodded it with his finger and then stared at it silently.

"See, Cy's upset that you killed his mate," the Doctor said to Jack.

"I didn't kill him. Bob did."

"He's your pet," the Doctor said while Cy picked up the cybermat and examined it.

"I'm sorry. Bob had to be sent to the naughty corner and…wait, he's alive again," Jack said, pointing to the cybermat who was now whizzing around the container.

"Aw, you fixed your mate, didn't ya, Cy? You're very clever," the Doctor said as he and the others walked off.

"So, what are you gonna do with Bob then?" Rose asked as Jack while they walked.

"Oh, I might enter him in some contests so he can win some prizes and money for me. Maybe some robotics competitions?" Jack mused.

"YOU WILL TAKE ME TO EARTH'S LEADER!" Bob said when it spied Rose.

"You mean him?" Rose said, pointing to the Doctor.

The Doctor waved when Bob swiveled his eyestalk around.

"Hi, I'm the leader of Earth," the Doctor said to Bob while he carried the container at chest level.


"Rose, hey, Rose?" the Doctor said, jabbing her repeatedly on the shoulder. "Hey! Bob wants your surrender now!"

Rose grinned and held her hands up while she walked.

"Aw, Bob captured his first human. I'm so proud," Jack said, wiping away an imaginary tear.

"Ianto, get your hands up. Bob says so," the Doctor said.

"No, I'm a resistance fighter now," Ianto said, casually walking behind Jack.

"Oops, the resistance has started already, Itsy Bitsy, and you only got one slave. Bad luck for you, I'm afraid," the Doctor said.

He raised the container and peered in at Cy.

"YOU WILL BE UPGRADED!" Cy said, pointing to him.

"You mean I'll have my big brain shoved into a tiny cyber body? That sounds difficult," the Doctor said to Cy while Rose giggled. "Better try Jack, he's the one with the pea brain."

"N'yuk, N'yuk," Jack said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, can I put my arms down now, they're getting tired," Rose said.

"Yes. I've freed the Earth so now you can be free," the Doctor said.

"Phew, that's a relief," Rose said, putting her arms down.

Bob swiveled his eyestalk around and looked at everyone before he looked at the Doctor.


"Ya think?" the Doctor said while his friends laughed. "Sorry, Bobbo the Yobbo, but it's a bit hard to be intimidated by a three inch Dalek. But nice try, all the same."

"I AM A DALEK!" Bob said.

"Yeah, I noticed. But did you notice I'm ginormous compared to you?" the Doctor said to him. "Did you also notice that your weeny arse was trying to invade an Earth that is many times bigger than you are. See the problem here, Itsy Bitsy?"

Bob fell silent upon hearing that and the Doctor patted him fondly on the head while they headed into Piccadilly Circus.

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