Chapter Seventy Five

They reached Piccadilly Circus and the Doctor and Rose paired off while Jack and Ianto went across the street. Rose looked at Cy. He was still imprisoned in the plastic container with the cybermat. Cy had fallen silent now and was standing completely still while the cybermat zoomed around his feet. The Doctor glanced at him.

"I think Cy is confused," he said to Rose.

"I think Bob is as well," Rose said.

They stopped for a moment at an intersection and the Doctor leaned up against a lamppost while he waited for the light to change so they could cross. Suddenly, the Doctor disappeared and Rose gasped. She had just enough time to say, "Doctor!" when he suddenly reappeared looking extremely dazed.

"Okay, what just happened?" he said.

He looked around and then looked down at his feet and noticed a tiny three inch weeping angel had been behind him. He sighed and picked it up.

"What's with these miniature baddies invading London?" he said, showing it to Rose.

"What is it?" she said, staring at the tiny stone angel.

"Weeping Angel."

He briefly explained what they were while Rose watched the angel hide its eyes.

"So if you get touched by one, you get zapped back in time?" Rose said.

"Yes. But I think since this one is so small I got zapped back for only two seconds," he said. "Which is nice since I caught up to the present quickly. But what's causing these little baddies, I wonder? Aw well…"

He had Rose open the lid on the container and he quickly put it inside and she snapped it shut. Cy turned to the angel and announced that it would be upgraded in a tiny voice but the angel didn't respond since the cyberman was looking at it. The cybermat zoomed around it but the angel didn't move so Cy didn't move either. The Doctor looked at Rose and they crossed the street.


"Aw, Bob, don't be sad," Jack said to his tiny Dalek while he and Ianto walked on the other side of the street.


"You can be my pet, that's useful," Jack said to him. "I have some Star Wars action figures you can pretend to exterminate."

"I AM USELESS!" Bob squeaked.

"Bob has an inferiority complex now," Ianto said.

"I know. We're gonna have to raise his self esteem somehow," Jack said. "Maybe throw him an I'm glad to be alive party when we get back to the TARDIS."

"Hey!" Ianto said, pointing to the ground in front of them.

They stopped and looked down at a teeny three inch Sontarian standing by a lamppost.

"Sontar-ha!" it squeaked out when it saw them.

"I name you, Spudsy!" Jack said, snatching him up.

"Jack, shouldn't we be figuring out why there are tiny aliens all over London instead of collecting them like Pokemon cards?" Ianto said.

"But they're just so cute," Jack said. "Besides, when do you get the chance to have mini aliens for pets."

"Just the same I think we should show….Spudsy to the Doctor and Rose."

"Oh okay," Jack said, sighing. "Bob, you behave and don't fight Spudsy and you do the same thing while I take you to the Doctor."

"The Doctor?" Spudsy squeaked while he tried to get out of Jack's fingers, "he is the enemy of the Sontarans! Sontar-ha!"

"SHUT UP, YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!" Bob squeaked to Spudsy.

Spudsy glared at Bob who was in Jack's other hand.

"We Sontarans are not afraid of the Daleks!" Spudsy said. "We have no fear of death!"

"I WILL EXTERMINATE YOU!" Bob yelled back.

"Oh for heaven's sake," Jack said, transfering Spudsy to the same hand he had Bob in and snatching a small paper sack when he passed by a rubbish bin.

He shoved both aliens into the sack, closed it and shook it up.

"Behave!" he said while the mini aliens squeaked in fear while they were tossed around the bag.

"Isn't that abuse?" Ianto said to Jack.

"No, it's tough love. I love my aliens but they have to learn not to fight."

They waited after Jack stopped shaking the bag but they didn't hear any noises coming from the bag.

"I think you killed them," Ianto said.

Jack opened the bag and peeked in.

"Nah, they're alive. Just dazed," Jack said. "Well, let's go find the Doctor before they start a mini war."

"Or we find more aliens for you to keep," Ianto muttered to himself as he followed Jack.

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