Chapter Seventy Seven

Rose was relaxing by the TARDIS swimming pool. She was reclining in one of the wooden deck chairs, her eyes closed while she soaked up the artificial sunlight that the TARDIS provided for her. The light was shining down from above and it warmed her skin and soothed her. She had one hand resting lazily on her stomach while the other was behind her head.

While she rested, she heard a whirring sound and thumps like something heavy was walking on the cement. She opened her eyes and did a double take when she saw a large humanoid robot walking towards her. The robot had a human like face but the torso was shaped like the Tin Man's from the Wizard of Oz. In the bottom half of the torso there was a microwave oven. The robot's legs and feet were shaped like humans and so were the arms and hands. The robot stopped by her chair and stared down at her.

"Um…hello?" Rose said hesitantly.

Just then the Doctor entered the room, carrying a black bicycle helmet in his hand. The bicycle helmet had electronics and metal parts all over it. He walked over to Rose with a huge grin on his face.

"What's this?" Rose said, pointing to the robot.

"This is Robbie. He's my creation," the Doctor said.

"You built him?" Rose said, impressed.

"Mere child's play," the Doctor said, waving his hand dismissively.

"So why is he here?" Rose said. "Showing him off?"

"That and I also want to test him out. You see, Robbie is special. I created him to be sentient but he acts like the person who is wearing this helmet," he said, showing it to her. "So if I put this on, he will act towards you in the same way I would. So just sit here, I want to try him out."

He walked out while Robbie stood at attention. The Doctor came back inside carrying a bottle of Coke, a blue blanket draped over his arm while he walked over to a metal table several feet away from Rose. He put the Coke on the table and put the blanket on the deck chair beside it. He went outside again and returned carrying a small bowl filled with cold spaghetti and a plastic spoon. He sat those beside the Coke while Rose watched with curiosity.

"Okay, just sit there and relax. Robbie will do the rest once I put this helmet on," he said.

He walked to the far side of the room and sat down in an empty deck chair. He put the helmet on his head and relaxed, folding his hands on his chest. Robbie's body jerked and then he bent over to Rose.

"Hello, Rose, are you comfortable?" it said in a robotic voice while the Doctor watched from his chair.

"Yes, I am," Rose said.

"Would you like some refreshment?" Robbie asked her.

"Um…yes," Rose said.

Robbie walked over to the table and picked up the bottle of Coke. He walked over to Rose, unscrewed the cap with his fingers and presented the opened bottle to Rose. Rose thanked him and giggled when Robbie patted her head fondly.

"Would you like something to eat, Rose?" Robbie asked.

"Yes," Rose said.

She watched while Robbie walked over to the table. He picked up the bowl, opened the door of the microwave and put the bowl inside. He closed the door, set the time for two minutes and stood still while the food cooked. Rose glanced at the Doctor who was still relaxing and watching his creation. When the timer dinged, Robbie took the bowl out and closed the door. He picked up the spoon, walked back over to Rose and gave her both things. Rose thanked him and smiled when Robbie patted her head lovingly.

"Are you feeling a bit chilled, Rose?" Robbie asked her.

"Yes," Rose said.

Robbie walked over to the deck chair and retrieved the blanket. Rose held the bowl high while Robbie unfolded the blanket and put it on her legs, spreading it out and making sure it completely covered her. Rose thanked him and received another pat on the head. She ate while Robbie watched her.

"You are special to me, Rose," Robbie said to her. "You make me happy and my life is better for having known you."

Rose beamed at that and thanked him while Robbie patted her head. While she ate and Robbie watched, Jack came into the room. He was wearing blue swim trunks and carrying a white towel on his arm. He stopped short when he saw Robbie. He looked around and noticed the Doctor sitting on the other side of the room and headed towards him while Rose finished eating her spaghetti and finished her Coke. She heard him asking the Doctor what was going on and the Doctor explaining it to him but she was busy being complemented by Robbie on her blue two piece bikini and how marvelous she looked in it.

Then suddenly Robbie froze and stopped talking. Rose looked over and noticed Jack had taken the helmet off the Doctor's head and was putting it on. The moment he did, Robbie jerked and then stared at Rose intently. Rose was suddenly uneasy because she could swear the robot had a lustful look in his eyes. Then without warning, Robbie seized her breasts.


"Jack, stop!" the Doctor said, getting up from the chair while Rose tried to push the randy robot off of her.

Jack laughed and ran from the Doctor while Robbie yelled at Rose that he only wanted to paw her breasts and get a big erection. She yelled at the Doctor to stop Robbie while Robbie tried to stick his robotic tongue down her throat.

"Jack, take the helmet off now!" the Doctor yelled at Jack who was now by the high diving board.

"Yes, Jack, before Robbie rapes me!" Rose said, trying to slap Robbie's robotic hands away from her chest.

"Okay, okay, I'm finished," Jack said, taking it off.

Robbie froze and Rose breathed a sigh of relief when he leaned back up and stood to attention. The Doctor glared at Jack while he jogged up to them with the helmet.

"Pretty cool!" Jack said as the Doctor snatched the helmet from his outstretched hand. "Gotta let me borrow him sometime. I could have fun watching Robbie grope Ianto."

He pinched Rose's cheek when he saw the dirty look she was giving him.

"All in good fun, Blondie," he said. "Well, I'm off for a swim so you keep on doing what you were doing before."

"Come on, Robbie, let's get you back to the lab before Jack corrupts you in some way," the Doctor said, beckoning to the robot.

Rose watched while Robbie followed the Doctor out of the room.

"Why do I keep allowing myself to be part of his experiments?" Rose muttered as she took the blanket off her legs and threw it on a nearby chair.

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