Chapter Ninety

Rose was walking down the TARDIS passageway when she suddenly noticed that the narrow passageway was widening out. She stopped and looked around as the corridor got wider and wider, wondering what the hell was going on. Then she suddenly heard a tinkly tune drifting from another corridor behind her. The tune seemed to be Turkey in the Straw. She frowned, wondering what was going on when suddenly she saw a lorry turn the corner into her corridor. The Doctor was at the wheel of a huge ice cream truck. The music was coming from the white truck as the Doctor slowed his speed and slowly came to a stop beside her. The side of the truck was covered with photos of ice lollies and ice creams and there was a speaker on top of the truck. The Doctor turned off the engine, got out and walked around to the back. He opened a pair of doors and got up inside. Then he slid open a door in the side of the truck and lowered a small formica counter until it was under the window. Rose watched while he took off his brown jacket, put on a white one and put a little white cap on his head. Then he leaned on the windowsill and stared directly at her in anticipation. When Rose didn't say anything, he reached up into the ceiling and brought down a microphone.

"Ice lollies and ice creams," he said into the microphone while the speaker blared his voice down the corridor. "Fifty pence for lollies, one quid for ice cream. Come and get your sweet treats today!"

He lowered the microphone and looked pointedly at Rose.

"Is this something you do in your spare time?" Rose said.

"I do many things in my spare time," the Doctor said. "One of which is selling ice lollies and ice cream to my hungry companions."

"And you charge for them? We can get that stuff from the TARDIS for free if we ask for it," Rose said.

"Play along, Tyler," the Doctor said wearily.

"I have no money on me, sorry," Rose said with a shrug.

The Doctor reached into his pocket and held out two quid to her. He gave her a pointed look while he flicked the bills up and down in his hands. Rose took them and he pointed to the photos around the window.

"Take your pick, miss," the Doctor said. "Get a sweet treat to eat."

Rose examined the photos. Each photo had the name of the treat in black letters along with a price. The Doctor pretended to be bored while he leaned on the windowsill while Rose perused the selection. She realized that some of the sweets were unfamiliar to her.

"Bongoberry Blitz?" she said, pointing to a photo of a scoop of blue ice cream on top of a cornet.

"Is that what you want?" the Doctor said, leaning out a bit more to look at her.

"No, I'm asking what is it? I've never heard of it."

"It's from Salza, it's the national dessert," the Doctor said.

"And what does it taste like?" Rose said.

"Like bongoberries obviously," the Doctor said condescendingly.

Rose rolled her eyes and studied the other photos.

"Right, I'll have a scoop of vanilla then," she said, walking over to the window and holding a quid out to the Doctor.

She frowned when the Doctor just stared at her with wide eyes.

"It's a quid, right?" Rose said, holding the bill out further.

"All these choices and you want vanilla?" the Doctor said in disbelief. "I have wonderfully good things to eat and you want boring old vanilla? Why?"

"Because I don't know what most of this stuff is and I'm sticking with an old reliable. Do you want the quid or not?" Rose said.

The Doctor held up his finger and ducked down below the window. Rose dropped her arm to her side and listened while he opened a fridge. A few minutes later, he leapt back up and held out a small pink plastic spoon to her. On the spoon was a tiny bit of the bongoberry ice cream.

"Taste it, Miss Vanilla," he said to her.

Rose tasted the ice cream.

"Tastes like a very tart cherry," she said. "Don't think I fancy it."

The Doctor held out his hand and pointed to the spoon. Rose gave it back to him and he ducked down under the window again. He came back up and now the spoon had a brownish colored ice cream on it.

"This is Maple Dunkin' Delight," he said to her. "Tastes like maple syrup."

Rose tried it and her eyes widened in delight.

"Mmm, it does, it really does. This is good."

"Sooooo…Maple Dunkin' Delight then?"

"Um…yeah, I'll have a scoop," Rose said.

The Doctor took the spoon back and threw it away. He then reached under and pulled out the carton of Maple Dunkin' Delight and took it to a small table behind him. He pulled out a box of cornets and put a scoop onto one. He then took the quid from Rose and handed her the ice cream.

"Anything else, miss?" he said.

"No, that'll do," Rose said. "Thanks."

"No worries, just tending to the needs of my companions. Enjoy."

The Doctor pulled up the counter and slid the door closed. Rose stepped back and watched. A minute later, he came out the back of the truck, wearing his jacket with his hair slightly mussed from wearing the hat. He got in the front and started the engine. Rose giggled and leaned back against the wall, watching while the Doctor drove off down the corridor, calling out to Jack and Ianto to come and get their treats while the music tinkled through the corridor.

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