Chapter 2

Leaning against a safety rail, Donna watched the Doctor steering the ship.

"Who's this old man we're supposed to be seeing?" She asked.

"The Old Man in the Mountain." The Doctor told her, as he concentrated on piloting the TARDIS. "And it's not so much a 'who', as a 'what'. It's a famous American rock formation."

"I thought that was called 'Mount Rushmore'." She shrugged.

"Nah. Too touristy Who wants to see a mob of dead president's heads? Especially when I can take you to meet them in person? This is a natural rock formation, Donna. In New England. Looks like an old man. The people of New Hampshire are very proud of it, you know. Well, they will be." He shrugged. "Until it breaks apart in the late twentieth century. Then it becomes just another mountain."

"You're taking me to see rocks?" Donna asked, clearly not happy with that idea. "Seriously? Like I'm some kinda' kid on a school outing, or something?"

"Why not? Not all the amazing things in the universe are in outer space, Donna. And maybe after New Hampshire, I'll take you a bit west to New York state, to see Roman's Nose. It has a natural dance floor."

"Terrific. We can dance while some Roman picks his nose." Donna said unenthusiastically. She went up to him, her face reflecting her skepticism. "Alright, come on." She said softly, "This sounds way too tame for you. Why are we really going to America?"

The Doctor's hands hovered over a control on the console. He sighed, as he turned too look at Donna. "I'm not sure. In the past few hours I've been getting some very odd readings. Something happened there in the nineteen sixties, and I think it's high time I found out what it was."

Donna shook her head, frowning. "Why can't you just tell me what's going on? You're always so sneaky about everything."

"What!" The Doctor exclaimed, a hurt look crossing his face. "Donna. I am not..."

"Yeah." Donna snorted, tilting her head and raising her eyebrows. "You are. Remember The Library? You couldn't just tell me you got that message on your psychic paper. So tell me now. What, exactly, happened in nineteen sixties New Hampshire?"

Giving a light sigh of resignation, he explained, "The first well documented UFO abduction."

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