Chapter 10

"Come on, sweetheart. Finish your breakfast. You don't want to be late for your first day on the job." Donna's mum smiled sweetly down at her daughter, who was sitting at the kitchen table. "Now before you go, I've got a surprise for you, Donna." She layed an envelope beside Donna's plate. "Ten pounds. So you can have yourself a celebration lunch down to the pub. You've been looking so long for good job. I think you've earned a little treat."

Just then, Donna's granddad, Wilf, came into the kitchen carrying his telescope case. He halted in mid-stride, fixing a flinty look on Donna.

"What're you sittin' there for, then?" He barked at her. "That lot sack you before you even started workin' for 'em?" Scowling, he shook his head as he went to the door. "Just my luck to be saddled with a lazy, feckless granddaughter. Never would catch me hanging about the kitchen on a workday morning..." He grumbled. Wilf went out, slamming the door behind him.

"Never mind him, Donna." Sylvia said to her daughter apologetically. "I'm sure he's as proud of you as I am. He just doesn't like to show it. You know how he is."

"Yeah. I know, mum. It's fine, really." Donna sighed.

"Right."Sylvia bustled over to the kitchen counter. "Have you got everything you need? I'll just get my car keys. We can stop at Costa for coffee on the way, if you like. Try not to be too anxious about your first day. I'm sure you'll get on fine with the rest of the museum staff." Pausing, she turned at gazed lovingly at her daughter. "You do look lovely in that new trouser suit, Donna."

"Thanks, mum." Donna smiled back.

Then she paused, a puzzled look creasing her face. She wasn't wearing a trouser glanced out the window. It was a warm, sunny day outside. So why was she sitting there bundled up in a parka?

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