Chapter Three

After everyone finished getting ready, the Doctor put the dogs inside the TARDIS and allowed everyone else to come in after them. Hope was the last to go in and she stopped beside him and looked up.

"So is this another reward for me being smarter than you?" she teased him.

"Who says you're smarter than me?" he teased back.

"Because I got full marks in all my classes and you never did."

Rain was standing just inside the doorway and laughed at the fact that the Doctor couldn't refute that.

"Um…yeah, get in Cheeky," he finally said, pointing to the interior of the TARDIS while Rain and Hope giggled.

"What's the matter, comment hit home?" Rain teased her husband when he came inside and closed the door.

"You don't need book knowledge to be smart," the Doctor said to her.

"But she's still right, you never did get full marks in everything," Rain said.

"Yes, well, I have a TARDIS and she doesn't, so there!"

Rain and Hope giggled when the Doctor stuck his tongue out at Hope and headed to his console. He beckoned to Hope and she walked up to his side.

"Okay, Brainiac, start up my TARDIS then if you're so smart," he said, folding his arms over his chest and looking down at her.

"TARDIS, start up!" Hope yelled up.

Everyone laughed except the Doctor when the TARDIS came to life. Hope patted his arm and stuck her tongue out at him before walking smugly over to her mother.

"Yeah, well…I'm still made of awesome!" the Doctor retorted while everyone laughed.


"Ah, there you are," Alan said when the Doctor opened the TARDIS door inside his lounge. "I was beginning you lot swanned off to Alpha Centauri for a holiday."

Alice ran to greet Rose when she stepped out and Rose rubbed her Alsatian's back fondly. Alan was holding his dog, Speck, in his hands and rubbing her head while she stared calmly at the TARDIS. When Alan saw Rain step out, he put Speck down and walked over to her, embracing her warmly.

"Still friends?" he said as he held her.

"Yup," Rain said.

"Good," he said.

He gave her back a quick rub before letting go. He picked Speck back up and Rose told Alice to go inside the TARDIS.

"You're gonna have to help me pilot the TARDIS to this farm," the Doctor said to Alan as they walked into the TARDIS with everyone else.

"No worries, it's not that hard to find. It's the Gallifreyan Dells farm," Alan said.

Rain froze when she heard that and turned to him.

"Gallifreyan Dells? You're buying them out?" she said in disbelief. "Seriously?"

"What's Gallifreyan Dells, Mummy?" Hope said.

"It's the biggest dairy on Gallifrey," Rain said to her. "We usually buy their milk and cheese when we're not shopping on Earth."

"You're gonna buy the biggest dairy?" Hope said to Alan.

"Perhaps, I'm talking to the owners first," Alan said to her. "At the very least, they might let me apprentice before taking over. I did have the intention of doing that. Not gonna dive right in and do it all myself."

"And they're organic farmers?" Tara said.

"Yes, completely organic. They're quite known for that actually," Alan said while he helped his brother program the console. "I don't want to do something that would impact the environment in a negative way, especially after all the work we've done to make this a viable planet."

"I want to make this a viable planet too," Hope said.

"You can't. I said it so my words are copywrited," Alan said.

He tousled her hair when she giggled at that.


The TARDIS landed just outside Gallifreyan Dells farm. Pleasure Valley was a green and tranquil place that was mainly used by farmers since there was ample rain and green pastures for grazing and growing crops. Of all the farms in the valley, Gallifreyan Dells was the biggest spreading over thousands of acres of land. Dirt roads were used instead of paved in order to preserve the environment and there was a dirt road that ran alongside the farm. There were white wooden fences running the length of it and the dirt road turned and led up to a wooden gate with a sign above it saying WELCOME TO GALLIFREYAN DELLS. Next to the gate was a call box. The Doctor smiled when he noticed that spaced evenly along the road was silver leaved trees. The Doctor pointed them out to Hope and Tara.

"They started breeding these," he said to his daughters as they stared at them. "They finally found a genetic strain that mimicked the originals."

"They're beautiful," Hope said, walking over to the one nearest the gate.

When she reached the fence, she looked in and saw several lavender colored cows grazing. The cows resembled normal cows, except none had tails.

"These cows are weird, they don't look like normal cows," Hope said to everyone while she pointed out into the field.

Everyone came up to the fence. The Doctor came up beside his daughter and chuckled when he saw the cows.

"That's because they're not Earth cows, love. These are Putongs. They're from the planet Enoch originally. They were one of the animals that were brought here in the beginning and breed so we would have animals."

"But they have cows here too, regular cows," Tara said to him.

"Yes, they do. But they pick and chose animals from all over the universe. Putongs are like cows, they give milk and meat, they're just a species of alien cow."

"Putongs are supposedly a hardier species than Earth cows," Alan said. "They give more milk and it's supposed to be creamier and more healthy."

"Which is why Gallifreyan Dells are the leading dairy on the planet," Rain said. "That's why I buy their brand when I shop here. I love the taste of the milk."

"But I've been drinking milk from purple cows all this time?" Hope said to her.

"Oh please, you like it. You drink their milk and eat their cheese like a maniac," Tara said. "Now because you find out their purple, you suddenly don't like the milk and cheese anymore? You've eaten weirder things traveling with Dad."

Alan pointed when they saw a hovercar in the distance traveling between two large white barns. He walked over to the call box by the gate and pushed the intercom button. When a woman answered, he told them who they were and asked to be let in. Everyone else came up behind him and they watched while there was an audible click and the gates slowly swung open. When the gates were open, everyone walked through them and followed the path up to a white farmhouse in the distance.

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