Chapter One

Amy and Rory held hands while they explored the TARDIS. It was a rest day for everyone. Amy and Rory were amusing themselves by exploring while the Doctor spent the day with his wife. While they were exploring, the TARDIS suddenly blocked their way by moving a wall into the passageway they were in. The wall had a door in the middle of it and the door was decorated with a jack o lantern made out of construction paper.

"I suppose the TARDIS wants us to go in?" Rory said to Amy.

Before Amy could say anything, the door opened by itself with a loud creak.

"My guess is yes," Amy said.

They went inside and stood near the open doorway, staring at the interior in awe. The entire room was filled with Halloween decorations, costumes and knickknacks. At the back of the large room was a rack filled with costumes. Amy headed over to it while Rory examined a collection of jack o lantern candles on a little black table near the door.

"This is cool," Amy said to Rory. "I wonder if this is the Doctor's Halloween collection or something?"

"Lord only knows," Rory said. "As big as this ship is, he probably has just about everything in here."

Amy looked through the costumes. She found a long, black witch's gown and a pointy hat. She noticed there was a black, lacquer folding screen near the rack and took the costume over to it. She changed out of her clothes and changed into the costume. When she was through, she came out from behind the screen and with a giggle walked over to Rory.

"Bah, I am Morgana, the Dark Witch," she said as she wiggled her fingers at him. "I will weave a magic spell and make you my love slave."

Rory chuckled and drew her into his embrace.

"You look very sexy as a dark witch," he said.

"Really? You think I should wear this all the time then?" Amy said coquettishly.

"Most definitely," Rory said before his lips settled on hers.

When they finished the kiss, Amy stayed in his embrace, playing with the back of his hair.

"You know, you oughta put something on so we can show the Doctor and River," she said to them.

"What would I wear?" Rory said.

Amy grinned. She took his hand, kissed the back of it and led him to the rack.


Meanwhile, River and the Doctor were sitting in the console room. The Doctor was telling her about one of his adventures while a CD of Adam Ant's greatest hits played. Stand and Deliver was playing throughout the room while the Doctor recounted his own tale of stopping a highwayman and his gang from robbing a stagecoach in England in the year, 1760. He was embellishing parts of his tale while River gave him a dubious look.

"I find it hard to believe that you managed to fend off fifty men armed with pistols and swords all by yourself," River said when he finished.

"I did. I gave them all a good thrashing," the Doctor said smugly. "Sent them all packing and saved the crown jewels."

"Crown jewels? A moment ago, Sweetie, it was the maharaja's gold that was saved," River said.

"It was both," the Doctor said. "I saved both from being stolen."

River rolled her eyes.

"I suppose the King married you off to his daughter in gratitude then," River said dryly.

"No. But I turned down an offer from the maharaja," the Doctor said.

River was about to tell him he was full of shit when they suddenly heard a low "Ooooo" coming from the back door. Both of them looked up when Amy slowly came down the stairs dressed in the witch's costume.

"I am Morgana, the Witch Queen, fear me!" Amy said when she stopped halfway down the steps and wiggled her fingers at them.

The Doctor and River stared at her for a moment.

"Apparently, Amy found some LSD I didn't even know I had," the Doctor finally said.

"You cannot defeat me, Doctor. I will use my black magic on you and turn you into an animal," the Doctor said.

"Forgive me if I'm not scared beyond all reason, Pond," the Doctor said while River chuckled. "You don't look that terrifying, sorry."

"Behold my power! Rory!" Amy said, calling up the steps.

They watched while Rory came down the steps dressed in a full bodied panda costume.

"Behold! I have turned Rory into a panda and the same fate awaits yoooou!" Amy said, pointing at the Doctor.

"River, help them," the Doctor said to her while River bent over laughing. "These are your parents; maybe you can get through to them somehow."

"You will never escape me, Doctor. I will turn you into…"

Amy trailed off while she tried to think of what to turn him into.

"A what, Witchy-poo?" the Doctor said while River giggled.

"A wombat," River said to Amy.

"Yes! A wombat, I'll turn you into a cute little wombat named Fred," Amy said.

"Thanks, River, for being on my side," the Doctor said while mother and daughter snickered. "And you, Rory, what possessed you to dress up in a fluffy panda suit. Did Amy promise you could use it in the bedroom tonight?"

There was an awkward silence from Rory and the Doctor and River shared a look.

"See, I know these two," the Doctor said while Rory shifted his foot nervously.

He shut up when Amy flew down the rest of the steps, ran over to him and grabbed his throat from behind.

"Submit, Doctor!" she said to him. "Or feel the wrath of the Witch Queen!"

"Oh, eek, save me someone," the Doctor said in a monotone voice while River giggled. "I'm helpless, so helpless, is there no one who'll take pity on me. Hey! Peter Panda, help me out here!" he said to Rory. "I'm being menaced by a non-scary witch and I have only seconds before I become a platypus or something like that."

He smiled when Amy chuckled, put her chin on her shoulder and hugged him from behind.

"Is this part of your fiendish plan to turn me into a Wufflewump?" the Doctor said fondly as he patted her arm.

"Nah, just giving you a bit of love because you deserve it," Amy said.

"So…does that mean Rory can get out of the panda costume now?" the Doctor said.

"Yes, it's hot in here," Rory said, coming down the steps.

He took off the panda head and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Whew, that's better," he said, putting it down by River's chair.

"So what prompted this whole roleplaying thing?" the Doctor said.

"Well, we were exploring and the TARDIS moved a door in front of us and it was filled with Halloween things so we thought we'd dress up and wind you up," Amy said to him.

The Doctor didn't answer and Amy looked at him. He was deep in thought but they could see an impish grin on his face. Suddenly, he leapt up and Amy gasped as he pulled free from her hug. He ran to his console and used the antique typewriter to type in a destination.

"Uh-oh, what's he planning now?" River said to her parents while they watched the Doctor race around the console and change the direction of the TARDIS.

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