Chapter Six

"So, what did you see?" Rory said when the Doctor and Amy stepped out of the box.

The Doctor gave him an odd look.

"You didn't hear us talking?" he said.

"We saw you talking but the box is soundproofed," Rory said. "You looked pale though when it was your turn."

River walked up to her husband and cupped his face with her hands.

"What did you see?" she asked him.

Before he could say anything, Amy spoke up.

"He saw Daleks torturing him, it wasn't very pleasant," she said.

"Yeah, it was quite disturbing," the Doctor said, grateful that Amy came to his defense.

"Well, if any Dalek tries that, he'll be a heap of tin when I'm through with him," River said.

The Doctor nodded and smiled.

"So…you lot want to go in and face your fear?" he said, eager to change the subject.

"I know what my worst fear is and I'd rather not see it," River said.

"Oh? What is that then?" the Doctor said.

River leaned into his ear.

"Getting to the point where you won't remember me," she whispered.

The Doctor's hearts lurched but he kept a passive face and nodded. River studied him for a moment.

"You know what I'm talking about, don't you?" she said softly. "You've already witnessed that moment."

"I have. But I prefer not to dwell on it," the Doctor said.

River nodded and he squeezed her shoulder. He looked at Rory.

"And you? Don't wanna see your deepest fear?" he said.

"My fear is losing Amy, I don't need to see that," Rory said with a shrug.

"So…Amy and I are the only ones ballsy enough to go in. Shame," the Doctor teased. "Khassstra, you?"

"My fear is birds, I also have no desire to see that," he said.

"And yet, you were willing to go in here with us and face the robot birds?" the Doctor said.

Khassstra shrugged and smiled.

"Facing your fears can be a good thing sometimes," he said.

"I agree," the Doctor said. "Shall we move on then?"

The rest of the haunted house proved to be more of the same and they hurried through it. Once they exited the building, Amy pulled the Doctor aside for a moment.

"Giving you your hat back because you look goofy with the witch's hat on," she said, taking the witch's hat off his head and replacing it with the fedora. "And…"

She looked around and lowered her voice.

"I figured you wanted to keep secret what you saw in that box so I jumped in and saved you. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

"Thank you," the Doctor said softly.

"And don't worry, you did the right thing," Amy said softly. "I know you, Raggedy Man, you're not evil and neither is this clone of yours. Wherever Rose is, she's happy now so stop worrying."

The Doctor nodded and smiled. Amy pinched his cheek.

"Come on, what's next?" she said to the others.

"Well, we do have a amusement park ride," Khassstra said.

"Like a ghost train?" Amy said.

Khassstra gave her a confused look.

"A ghost train is a haunted house with motorized cars that go through it. You tour the house while sitting down and riding," the Doctor explained.

"No, it's not like that. We love the jack-o-lanterns that humans put out at Halloween so we have a spinning ride based on them. You sit in huge jack-o-lanterns and spin around quickly."

"Ooo, sounds fun," Amy said. "Rory, wanna go and get ill in a jack-o-lantern?"

"I think I will take you up on that," Rory said.

"And you, sweetie? Feel like puking?" River said to her husband.

"Puke? P'ah! My stomach is iron clad. No spinning ride will affect me!"

"Is that a yes, Iron Stomach?" River said.

"Lead on, Khassstra, show us this spinning ride," the Doctor said, taking River's hand.

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