Chapter Seven

Khassstra led them towards another concrete building. The building was behind and slightly to the left of the haunted house and was painted a bright orange with a jack-o-lantern face on the side of it. When they went inside, they heard delighted shrieks and saw a huge crowd milling around a steel barricade. Inside the barricade were fifteen pumpkin cars. The back of the pumpkins had a jack-o-lantern face on them while the front was hollowed out and had a bench inside it with a padded cushion. The Doctor examined the cars while aliens and Sissshak hurried to them and got inside. He didn't see any restraints as the people got in and sat down. He asked Khassstra about it.

"There is a gravity restraint that adds extra gravity to a person's body and keeps them pinned into the seat," Khassstra explained. "It activates as soon as the ride begins. Are you going to queue up?"

"Just a moment, I want to see what it does first," the Doctor said and his wife and friends voiced their agreement with that. They walked up to the steel barricade and watched while a male Sissshak walked around the cars checking that everyone was safely inside. While they watched him do that, River felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw an alien woman standing behind her. The woman was tall and statuesque with a pale white body. She had high angular cheekbones and no nose, only nostrils. She had huge black eyes and long flowing black hair with black antennae on the sides of her forehead. She was wearing a long black dress and to River's surprise, had butterfly wings identical to the ones she was wearing.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't help but notice your wings. Are you dressed as a Begellian?" the woman asked in a high-pitched voice.

"No, I'm supposed to be an Earth fairy," River said. "Are you a Begellian?"

The woman nodded.

"Yes, I am Lura," she said.

"River, nice to meet you," she said while the Doctor looked behind to see who she was talking to. "This is my husband, the Doctor."

"Charmed," the Doctor said, taking her hand and bowing his head to her.

River pointed to the ride and the Doctor turned his attention back to it. The pumpkins were slowly spinning around, staying in place while the people inside whooped and hollered. But then to the Doctor's dismay, the pumpkin kept speeding up until the whole ride was an orange blur.

"Um…is it supposed to go that fast?" Rory said while they watched.

"How fast is it going? You can't even see anything except a blur," Amy added. "If it's going this fast, I don't wanna ride it. I'll vomit in two seconds flat."

"How can people stand it?" Rory said while the pumpkin cars continued to whizz around on metal poles. "How are they still alive? Wouldn't that speed kill them?"

"Perhaps the inside has some sort of equilibrium device that allows them to enjoy the ride without having their brains scrambled," the Doctor said. "The people seem to be enjoying it, I don't hear any screams of terror and vomit isn't flying out in all directions."

The cars finally slowed down after two minutes. The Doctor watched them closely but no one seemed to be staggering and no one looked ill. The Doctor waited till everyone exited the ride area before he headed for the queue.

"Are you crazy?" Amy said to him. "Did you see how fast it was going?"

"Do you see that no one is ill when they came out of the ride?" the Doctor said to her. "There's something to this ride and I'm going to find out what it is. You don't want to ride, stay and watch."

He turned his head around and waited in the queue while the people slowly walked into the ride area. He felt a fingernail in his back and looked over his shoulder, smiling at his wife.

"I figured what the hell, if you're brave enough so am I," she said.

The Doctor took her hand and squeezed it. They went through a gap in the barricade and headed towards a pumpkin near the spot where Amy and Rory were standing.

"Don't vomit on us," Amy said to him as they got into the car.

"Get your chicken bum in here and you won't have to worry about that," the Doctor said to her as he sat down.

River giggled when he stared at Amy and made clucking noises. Then he began to sing to them.

"Amy Pond is a scaredy-cat, she's afraid of a little bat. A cat, a clock, a bell, a tree. Amy's as scared at she can be," he sang to her.

"Yeah, that's really hilarious," Amy said dryly.

"The Doctor is a big douchebag," Amy sang back. "He's a git, a shit and a big toerag…"

"Sorry, can't hear you," the Doctor said when the pumpkin car started to turn around.

"I said, you're a douchebag!" Amy yelled at him.

"Yes, I got that," the Doctor said when the car spun back around and he could see her again. "At least I didn't resort to vulgarities in my taunt."

Amy was about to say something but the car began to spin around so fast that they could no longer see them inside the car.

"Brace yourself for alien projectile vomit," Amy said to Rory.


Meanwhile, the Doctor and River were inside the car. The outside world was now a blur but neither of them were feeling any effects from the spinning car.

"What's going on? I'm not even dizzy," River said to the Doctor.

"I know, me neither. Perhaps we're in a dimensional pocket when we get inside the car?"

"So we're in a completely different dimension from the spinning car?" River said.

"Perhaps, that's how my TARDIS works, you know. And why my TARDIS could be on its side and we could still be upright inside. Whatever this is, I'm glad it works."

"And we can speak normally in here," River said.

"I noticed that as well."

"So…now that we're alone, what did you really see inside that box?" River said.

"Dalek, I told you that."

"No, my mother told me that, you were hesitating and reluctant to speak," River said. "You were telling Amy something but the box was soundproofed. So what did you see?"

"River, I'd rather not say," the Doctor said.

"Is it something to do with me?" River said.

"No. It has to do with a decision I made in the past that I have doubts about."

"And you can't tell your wife?" River said. "You can tell Amy but you can't tell me."

"How about if I tell it to you later on tonight when we're alone in my bedroom so I don't have to rush through the explanation."

River nodded and took his hand. The Doctor smiled and kissed her lips.

"When the ride stops, pretend to be deathly ill for the Pond's benefit," he said to her.

"Oh, you are bad sometimes," River said.

The Doctor winked and nodded. The ride began to slow down and the Doctor and River looked at each other before they leaned on one another. The Doctor pretended to hyperventilate while River slammed her hand over her mouth like she was trying to hold in the vomit. The car stopped and Amy and Rory looked inside.

"Oh, never again," the Doctor said as he tried to stand up.

He shook his legs and he and River held on to each other.

"I think I need the loo," River said as the two of them pretended to stagger out of the car.

"You are so full of shit," Amy said while she and Rory watched them.

"Is that you, Amy? I can't see straight any longer," the Doctor said, looking around in confusion. "My eyes are blurry."

"This act of yours would work if the others were sick but no one is reeling around and acting like they're about to vomit," Amy said.

"Mum, is that you? I see about twenty Amys but I don't know which is the real one," River said, staggering towards her.

"And you're just as bad as he is," Amy said while Rory giggled.

"Dad? Are you there? My eyeballs are spinning," River said, holding onto the barricade.

"I'm here, Melody, just follow the barricade to the opening and you'll make it out," Rory said, patting her cheek.

"Okay, I'll try," River said.

Amy rolled her eyes when the Doctor giggled and held out his hand to River. River took it and the two of them walked normally towards the exit.

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