Amy sat on the sofa, flipping through TV channels with her remote. Suddenly, the Doctor burst into the room and ran over to her.


He frowned when Amy instantly fell to the side, closed her eyes and snored loudly while she pretended to sleep. She grinned when the Doctor poked her arm.

"Are you a narcoleptic and I didn't know it?" he said as he poked her arm. "I thought I knew everything about you but if you're prone to kips at inopportune times. Then again, sleeping is part of the plan I have in mind…"

Amy kept on snoring as she got up from the sofa. The Doctor frowned when she stuck her arms out in front of her and snored as she headed towards the door.

"Um…I wasn't finished…" the Doctor said, turning to look at her.

Amy paused at the doorway. She looked over her shoulder and beckoned for him to follow while she kept on snoring. The Doctor stuck his hands in his pockets and followed her. Amy kept her arms out in front of her and snored while she walked to her bedroom. The Doctor followed behind, wondering what she was doing. When she got to her room, she walked to her bed, pulled back the covers and got in. The Doctor came up to the side of the bed and Amy continued to snore loudly.

"Actually, I was thinking of sleeping out under the stars. A bit of a challenge actually."

Amy stopped snoring and looked at him.

"We've done that before," she said.

"Yes, but not in the middle of a danger zone. In a forest filled with scary things. I thought perhaps I'd test your courage and also Rory and River."

"Why? So you can laugh at us when we fail?"

"No, so I can be proud of you lot when you don't fail. So…up to the challenge?"

"Um…okay," Amy said.

"Well…hop outta bed then, Pond. We have to go get your daughter and rally your husband to our cause!"

Amy grinned, got out of bed and went to find Rory while the Doctor headed to the console room.


Right you lot, be very careful," River said to her students.

They were in the middle of the Utah desert on a dinosaur dig. They'd uncovered some bones of Utahraptor and were very carefully using the tools to move the dirt off and around the fragile bones. River was in charge of the dig, training her students while also helping them uncover the bones.

"Ronnie, use the smaller brush on the smaller bones," she said to a young male student. "We must be delicate when we uncover these fossils and…"

She froze when she heard a familiar wheezing coming from the direction of her tent.

"Everyone, keep working. I'll be back in a minute," she said, standing up and dusting off her khaki trousers.

She hurried over a nearby hill and smiled when she saw the TARDIS parked near her tent. The Doctor, Amy and Rory were outside it and the Doctor was sticking his head inside the flap of her tent.

"There she is," Amy said, pointing to her.

The Doctor stuck his head back out of the flap and grinned.

"Ah, Doctor Song, what is all this then?" he said, gesturing around at the tents.

"This is an archeological dig site," River said, walking to them. "We found Utahraptor bones and we're uncovering them on the other side of this hill."

"So you're not doing anything important, splendid! You can come with us then," the Doctor said.

River looked at her parents.

"Is he joking?" she said to them.

"No, he's very serious," Rory said.

"And what will I be doing then? Is there some trouble and you need my help?" River said.

"He wants you to come with us so we can go camping," Rory said.

"Yup," the Doctor said, smacking his hands together. "So…come on, get your things together and follow us."

"Camping?" River said, amused. "What do you think I'm doing now?" she said, pointing to the tent.

"At a guess, I'd say you're doing something stupid and boring and pointless and I could give you a better time than this," the Doctor said.

"Oh, I bet you could," River purred. "But unfortunately, I have students here that I'm responsible for."

"And I have a time machine…so what's your point?" the Doctor said.

River gave him an exasperated look before she looked at her parents.

"And he won't leave until I say yes, is that right?" she said.

"Um…probably, yeah," Amy said.

River looked at the Doctor.

"Love, honor and obey, that was all there in the wedding vows," the Doctor said.

"No, it wasn't. You just asked Mum and Dad to give their consent to our marriage. You said nothing about obeying you and I wouldn't do that anyway," River said.

"Then I shall have to give you the puppy eyes then?" the Doctor said.

"The what?" River said.

The Doctor leaned in, widened his eyes and batted his eyelashes.

"Poo-weese," he said as he batted his eyelashes. "Poo-weese, come with me, Wiver Song!"

Amy giggled at the amused look on her daughter's face while the Doctor made a pucker face and batted his eyelashes at his wife.

"Poo-weese?" the Doctor said when he stopped.

River rolled her eyes.

"Oh, alright, but you have to bring me back to this moment when we're through because I just told my students I'd be back in a moment."

"Done!" the Doctor said. "So, everyone…into the TARDIS for adventure and fun!"

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