Chapter Three

After they finished their meal, they decided to go to sleep for the night. The four of them shared the same tent but it was so big there was ample space for all. The Doctor and River set up camp beds near the back of the tent while Rory and Amy set up beds near the front.

"Are you sure you want to sleep near the entrance?" the Doctor said to them. "Think of the nasty creatures waiting to kill you."

"That's alright, we'll cope," Amy said to him.

"Sure about that?" the Doctor said. "Scary things aplenty out in them thar woods."

"Leave them alone," River said to him as she lay down on her camp bed.

"I'm just saying, danger galore. Course I always choose the best of the best to travel with me so I admire their courage," the Doctor said.

"Or maybe we don't buy your whole danger galore codswallop," Amy said as she and Rory lay down beside each other.

"Your funeral," the Doctor said with a shrug before lying down beside River.


It was near midnight when Rory woke up. He had the insane urge to pee so he carefully sat up so he wouldn't disturb his family. To his dismay, the Doctor was awake. He knew his friend hardly ever slept but just the same, he knew he was in for another spiel about the dangers outside.

"Oh good, you're awake, we can chat," the Doctor said to him.

"I have to go relieve myself in the woods," Rory said. "Then I am going back to sleep."

"But…the dangers," the Doctor said.

Rory gave him a withering look before heading outside. The Doctor shrugged and relaxed in his camp bed. He grinned to himself and slowly got up after a few minutes and snuck outside. He looked around and finally managed to locate Rory just outside the perimeter of the campsite behind a couple of trees. He was looking down and the Doctor assumed he was relieving himself. He chuckled and quickly crept into the trees off to Rory's right.


Rory finished relieving himself. He looked around while he zipped up his jeans and snorted.

"Yeah, right, dangers galore," he said as he listened to crickets chirping around him.

He froze when he heard a noise off to his right. He strained his ears and heard a soft swishing sound. A moment later he realized the swishing was the leaves on a nearby tree as the branches moved around. He breathed a sigh of relief and headed back towards the camp. But thirty seconds later he heard the rustling sound coming from his left and with a ragged sigh he stopped and looked in that direction.

"Piss off, Doctor," he said aloud even though he couldn't see the Doctor at the moment. "You don't scare me so go back to bed."

He stood there and listened but apart from the normal night sounds and the soft blowing of the wind through the trees, he heard nothing unusual. The swishing sound was louder than the regular swishing of the leaves and he gathered the Doctor was hiding behind the trees moving the branches as quickly as he could in order to scare him.

"You don't scare me, Doctor," Rory said.

He listened but all he heard was the wind gently rustling the leaves around. He started back towards the camp.


Rory stopped and rolled his eyes when he heard a high-pitched wailing behind him.

"I know it's you, Doctor," he said without turning around.


"Yeah, that's scary alright," Rory said dryly before heading back to camp.

He took three more steps when the Doctor suddenly burst out of the trees in front of him.

"See, knew it was you," Rory said.

"Okay, it's a fair cop," the Doctor said. "However, would you like to scare your wife and mother for a bit of a giggle?"

Rory considered that for a moment.

"And what are we going to do?" he asked.

"Well…I have the beginnings of a plan. First, I need you to…"

The Doctor came close to Rory and whispered his plan to him.

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