Chapter Two

Ten minutes after talking to Alan, Hope stopped in front of the grocery store that her family sometimes shopped at when they needed emergency supplies. In addition to groceries, the store did carry some toiletries and household supplies and books and knicknacks. Hope had a credit stick with some credits she had left over from her allowance. She wanted to get her father something special but she wasn't sure what he would like. But first things first. She secured her bike to a rack beside the automatic doors and went inside.

She found the eggs and milk and was just about to go get the bacon from another refrigerated case when she heard two familiar voices. Smiling, she followed the voices towards the back of the shop and saw Rose and Jackie standing together near the laundry detergent.

"This is on sale, mum," Rose said as she held out a bottle of Snap Detergent. "It's forty credits cheaper."

"I don't care, I'm going to buy my usual detergent, it gets my clothes clean," Jackie said, pointing to a bottle of Breeze detergent on the shelf. "I don't know if that will do the job."

"Wow, what an interesting conversation you're having."

Rose turned around when she heard the sarcastic remark and grinned at Hope's eye roll.

"This is what happens when you become an adult," she said to Hope. "You have fascinating conversations like this."

"Remind me not to grow up then," Hope said before accepting hugs from her and Jackie. "What are you doing besides arguing?"

"Oh, it's not arguing," Rose said. "Just disagreeing. Mum and me are spending some time together. What are you doing?"

"I'm on an important mission for Daddy," Hope said, thrusting her chest out.

"Ooo, you are? Does the mission involve milk and eggs then?" Rose said with feigned amazement.

"I must get these items for Daddy," Hope said, sitting the milk down on the floor and handing her the list. "If I fail, bad things will happen."

"What sort of bad things, lack of breakfast?" Jackie said as she peered over Rose's shoulder at the list. Why didn't he move his lazy bum and get this himself?"

"Because Daddy's busy doing important things," Hope said. "I'm his faithful companion."

Rose laughed when Jackie rolled her eyes at that.

"Is this what he did to you then?" Jackie said to Rose. "Make you go and shop for him because he was too important to do it himself?"

"Um…no, actually I would have enjoyed getting breakfast things. I had to run away from Cybermen and Daleks most of the time," Rose replied as she handed the list back to her neice.

"Hey, I need your help, Aunt Rose. I wanna get something for Daddy for Father's Day, what do I get him?"

Rose's face went slack while Jackie watched her expectantly.

"Ummmm…" she said. "Blimey, that's a tough one. I really don't know the answer to that."

"But you're married to his clone. What does he want?"

"Antidepressants and a lobotomy, that's what he should get," Jackie muttered before Rose's glare silenced her.

"Our children are taking Alan to a restaurant," Rose said, turning back to Hope. "They had the same problem and just decided that food would make him happy. Why not do the same for your dad? He loves food, trust me."

"Hmmm…maybe I will, thanks Aunt Rose."

"Rose, tell her your good news," Jackie said, nudging her daughter.

"Oh! I'm going to audition for Gallifrey's Got Talent next week," Rose said to her.

Hope's eyes widened.

"Ooo…are you and Uncle Alan going to do a nude dance?" she said.

"Uh…no," Rose said with a wry grin while her niece giggled. "And don't tell him that because he'll get ideas. No, I'm singing. Alan encouraged me to do it."

"Ooo…I hope you win," Hope said.

"Me too," Rose said. "I have to tell your family about it. Unless Alan gets to them first."

"I saw him walking Speck when I was coming here," Hope said.

"My guess is he was walking to the Doctor's house to tell him," Jackie said. "He never lets you say anything; he has to be the one to tell everyone's business."

"Not always," Rose said defensively. "Anyway, why don't we give you a lift back to your house? Mum is heading home anyway."

Hope nodded. She hurried to get the bacon before spending the rest of the time with her Grandmother and Aunt.


When Jackie reached her house, Hope unloaded her bike from the back of her people carrier, put her backpack on her back and walked her bike back over to her house while Rose helped her mother carry her groceries into the house. Once her bike was put away, she opened the door leaving into the living room and froze when she saw Alan sitting on the sofa with Speck on his lap.

"Zo!" he said with a German accent, "Ve meet again, little girl."

"Go away, Dweeb," Hope said, closing the door behind her. "This is our house."

"No, it's mine. I'm genetically identical to your father which means anything that belongs to him belongs to me and that makes you my slave so fetch me food, slave."

"Go away, Uncle Alan," Hope said, walking past him.

"No!" Alan called out as Hope walked into the kitchen. "I own this house and you and everything else on the planet! I will not be moved!"

Hope giggled to herself as she put her backpack on the kitchen table. Anne and Elizabeth ran into the room, wagging their tails as she unzipped it and took out the food. When she turned, Alan was standing in the doorway with Speck in hand.

"You thought you could escape me, little girl. I am more clever than you know! You will never open the fridge door and…"

He trailed off and feigned surprise when the Doctor tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to look at him.

"Hello, Diabolical Brother, I am here to save my companion and prevent you from doing evil things to her," he said while Hope giggled and took the food to the fridge.

"But…she must be stopped," Alan said to his brother while Hope put the food in the fridge. "I wanna stop her, I wanna be bad."

"Too late, she's completed her mission," the Doctor said when Hope shut the fridge door. "You lost."

"No! I never loooose!" Alan whined while the Doctor winked at his daughter. "Curses, you foul Time Lord. I shall have my revenge and…"


"Ooo, spousal unit!" Alan said when he heard Rose call out to them as she stood at the front door. "Forget evil things, I must kiss my wife. Excuuuuse me!"

"So did you have any trouble besides my evil brother?" the Doctor said to Hope when Alan left the room.

"No, I completed your mission, Doctor," Hope said, saluting him.

"No salutes, but I'm glad you completed the mission. There's a good girl, eh?" he said as he patted her on the head.

He smiled when Hope beamed at that.

"Well, what say you and I entertain your aunt and uncle until Mummy comes home, eh?" he said.

Hope nodded and the Doctor tousled her hair before they walked back into the living room.

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