Chapter Three

Clara groaned as she slowly got up off the floor. TheTARDIS had shaken like a blender on the way through the gap and it was all she could do to stay on the floor and not slide around the room. The Doctor had been thrown down as well and was lying prone on the other side of the console. Clara slowly got to her feet, ignoring her aching body and hurried over to him.

"Doctor, are you okay?" she said, kneeling down to him.

The Doctor slowly opened his eyes and glanced up at her.

"I think I'm in one piece, yes," he said before Clara helped him to his feet.

"So we made it? Clara asked.

"Dunno, I'll have to run a scan and…"


The Doctor froze when he heard someone yell through the front door followed by a lot of banging on it.

"Oi, Spaceman, I don't park my TARDIS in your lounge without permission!"

Clara noticed the stunned look on the Doctor's face as the pounding continued.

"Donna?" the Doctor finally said in a stunned, shaky voice.

"Doctor, move your bleedin' TARDIS. I can't see Downton Abbey!" Donna yelled through the door.

The Doctor shook himself out of his stupor and Clara followed him to the door. He opened it and stared at Donna in disbelief. Donna was standing in front of the TARDIS, arms crossed over her chest. She was glaring at him but the moment she saw him, her face went slack and she gave him a confused look as she dropped her arms to her sides.

"Wait, who are you?" she said to him. "And why did you make your TARDIS look like the Doctor's TARDIS? I believe the real Doctor would have something to say about that, sunshine!"

"Donna, you remember me?" the Doctor said while Clara watched the whole thing with silent confusion.

Donna was taken aback for a few seconds.

"No, I don't remember you," she said snottily. "I never seen you before in me life. Now will you move your TARDIS out of my home so I can watch telly?"

"Donna, it's me, the Doctor. I regenerated. I'm from another universe. Um…this is Clara Oswald, my companion."

Donna studied him for a moment.

"Prove you're the Doctor and not just some nutjob pretending to be him," she said.

"Well, I walked in on you when you were nude swimming in the TARDIS swimming pool," the Doctor said, hoping that this version of Donna remembered that. "And you told me to piss off and erase the image from my mind before I got any sexual ideas about you."

"Okay, you are the Doctor then," Donna said, nodding.

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you for believing me. Now…how is it that you remember me?" he said.

"Long story but I had my memory restored by a friend and I was changed into a Time Lady."

Clara gasped when the Doctor staggered back at that revelation.

"What? You're fully Time Lord, I mean, Lady?" he said.

"Yeah, been like this for over two and a half centuries now," Donna said with a shrug.

"So, we're in Chiswick now?" the Doctor said.

"No, you're on New Gallifrey and you're in my house but I think I mentioned that."

"Wait…New Gallifrey?" the Doctor said, his hearts beginning to race.

"Yeah, the Doctor…my Doctor and me and the rest of us found this planet and turned it into a new version of Gallifrey."

"How do you mean "the rest of us," the Doctor asked.

"Well, there was this being that changed us into Time Lords and Ladies with the help of some magic crystals they had. The Doctor and his clone and a few other versions of the Doctors and their clones from other universes settled here. And a lot of the people who traveled with the Doctor were changed as well."

"Rose?" the Doctor said, his heart beating faster.

"Yes, she's here as well. She's married to my Doctor's clone, Alan."

"Alan," the Doctor said to himself, "so if…Alan is married to Rose, the Doctor is by himself then?"

"No, he found this woman called Rain on Earth and converted her to a Time Lady and married her. And they have children."

"Doctor, are you okay?" Clara said when she noticed the Doctor was becoming more shocked by the minute at these revelations.

"Yeah, I'm fine…Clara. Tell me…you say that other Doctors live here as well. Do any of them look like me?"

Donna shook her head but the Doctor noticed that she now studied him closely before her eyes widened.

"Wait…you do look like…that bloke in Pompeii, the one we saved."

The Doctor nodded.

"I know that," he said.

"Why do you look like him?" Donna said.

"It's a long story, Donna, and I'd rather not tell it now but tell me, where is your Doctor?"

"Well, he's on the other side of the city but I could speak to him telepathically and tell him to come here."

The Doctor grinned.

"You have a mental bond here?" he said.

"Yeah, I can sense the other minds and speak to them," Donna said. "But why don't I fix you both a cup of tea and I'll speak to the Doctor and tell him to come here and see you both."

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