Chapter Four

"What do you mean that the company is me?" The Doctor asked as Martha helped Adam off the floor and Adam sat down on his desk chair. Little Alan climbed into his lap as Adam placed his arms around his son then pressed his lips together.

"Ok, from what I can remember from my vision, I was in that landscape I normally go then I was at…," Adam said then sighed. "I was at Trenzalor."

"Did you say Trenzalor?" Duer asked while a cold chill moved through him. Even he knew what Trenzalor was and Adam nodded his head.

"Where's Tren-za-lor?" Little Alan asked while sounding out the name.

"It someplace you don't want to be, Kiddo," Alan said then titled his head to one side. "What were you doing there, Young Time Lord?"

"That's just it," Adam said. "I don't know. All I know was River Song was there…"

"River?' the Doctor asked.

"Well, I don't know if it was our River, but she was there and wouldn't tell me what was going on. Then things got weird."

"Oh, goodie, I like weird," Alan said as he sat at Adam's feet and Little Alan giggled.

"You're silly, Daddy," he said and Alan frowned, sniffed then rubbed his eyes as he pretended to cry.

"Uh, Bump, you made him cry," Adam said when Little Alan got off his lap and sat on Alan's lap. He gently took hold of the sides of Alan's head while Alan lowered his hands and Little Alan gently moved is head forward toward his. He hadn't done that since he was deaf. He locked eyes with Alan when Alan felt not heard him say he was sorry and Alan smiled, hugging him.

"I love you, Daddy Alan," he said softly.

"I love you, too, Kiddo," Alan said then moved back, looking at Adam. "So, what was this weirdness?"

"Well," Adam said as he sat back and placed his hands behind his head. "As I was walking along, there was this Cyberman head on a tombstone."

"What was it doing there, Uncle Adam?" Faith asked.

"That's what I wanted to know. When I got closer, it talked to me. Well, it said hello then told me its name was…Handles."

The girls and Little Alan giggled and Adam shrugged.

"That's a silly name," Yoshi said.

"Ah," Alan said, holding up a finger. "But it is an appropriate name!"

"True," Adam said with a smile then felt someone creeping into his mind. He closed his eyes as his wife, Marion or Rose, appeared in his head.

"Adam, Rain just contacted me," she thought and he opened his eyes to look at Rain. "She said you had a vision. You ok?"

"Right as, uh, rain, Sunshine," he thought with a grin and winked at Rain.

"Are you sure, Darling," Delmari thought. Adam was still surprised to find that Duer's mother was still alive after the Time War in their universe and she had accepted him as her son.

"Yeah, Mom, I'm fine," he thought and she sent love and comfort into his mind.

"Daddy, do you want us to come home?" his daughter, River, thought and he sighed. He thought back to the time where he spend a few days in a coma after the vision he had of the Doctor, Rain and their daughter, Tara, and how worried they all get whenever he has another one.

"Nah, you ladies have fun," he thought and they broke the connection. He looked at the others when he shrugged then rolled his eyes and Alan gently smacked Adam's knee.

"Can we get back to your vision?" he asked and Adam patted the top of Alan's head.

"Ok, the next thing I saw was the TARDIS," Adam said. "Thought, now that I think about it, the TARDIS looked…newer…like she had a new paint job."

"I repainted Daisy last week."

"Yeah, she's purple now," Rose said, rolling her eyes.

"No," Alan said, elongating the "o". "The color is grape."

"It's still purple," she said as he lifted Little Alan off his lap, got up off the floor and walked to her. His eyes were wide as he breathed hard into her hair and she yawned, fringing boredom.

"The color, Oh Bored One, is grape!" he said then stormed over to the Doctor, crossed his arms over his chest and glanced at him. "You saw it. Tell her the color is grape."

"It looked purple to me," the Doctor said and Alan's mouth fell open, making him look like a landed fish. Alan opened and closer his mouth a few times then walked back to Adam and sat on the floor.

"The color is grape," Alan muttered and crossed his arms over Adam's thigh, placing his chin on top of his arms. Adam smiled while patting Alan's head then looked at the others.

"Anyway," Adam continued. "I walked to the TARDIS and knocked on the door. The door opened and there was this young woman."

"Who was she?" Duer asked.

"She said her name was Clara."

"What was she doing in the TARDIS?" Martha asked.

"I think she was traveling with the Doctor," Adam said and Rain gave her husband and puzzled look.

"Don't look at me," the Doctor said. "I don't know anyone named Clara."

"I don't know anyone by that name either," Duer said, frowning.

"Could it have been Amato?" Rain asked.

"I don't think so. She didn't know who I was. She would have if she was a part of our family," Adam said.

"Then what happened?" Hope asked.

"I asked to see the Doctor and she went to get him," Adam said. "When the door opened again, the Doctor came out, but he looked like the father of that family you and Donna rescued from Pompeii."

"Blimey, I remember doing that with my Donna," Duer said.

"Why was he looking like that?" the Doctor asked.

"I have no idea," Adam said. "We talked and he was surprised that I had visions and was a Time Lord. He then said he would see me soon, went back into the TARDIS and vanished. That's when I woke up."

"You're right," Alan said. "That was weird."

"Oi, Doctor, where are you?" Donna thought as the Doctor frowned and closed his eyes.

"I'm over at Adam's. He had a vision," the Doctor thought.

"Is the little goof ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern," Adam thought then appeared in her head with a hurt look on his face.

"Oh, you know I love you," she thought and he smiled.

"What's up?" Alan thought.

"Well, there is a TARDIS in front of my tv and some old twat is here. He says he's you, Doctor. Can you come here and talk to him so I can get back to my program?" Donna thought and they looked at each other.

"We'll be right there," the Doctor said as Alan got off the floor and Adam got off the chair and everyone left the room.

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