Chapter Six

"No need for that," Adam said while he strolled in and the Doctor looked at him. Adam stopped in his tracks when he looked the twelfth Doctor and smiled. "Hey, I know you."

"You do?" Twelve asked.

"This is the clone we were talking about," the Doctor said and Adam frowned.

"That was rude," he said and Alan giggled.

"He called me that, too," Alan said and Adam nodded with his mouth open.

"Did you really see us in a vision?" Clara said as she walked to Adam and he smiled.

"Yep," he said as he popped the "p" and the twelfth Doctor smiled. He had forgotten he used to do that and wonder if he should again. "I'm Adam Storm, at your service."

"I'm Clara Oswald," she said and they shook hands.

"Where is your Doctor?" Twelve asked.

"Right here," Duer said as he walked in with Yoshi, Faith and Little Alan and Little Alan ran to Adam, who picking him up and held him in his arms.

"How do you tell each other apart?" Twelve asked as he looked from the Doctor to Duer to Adam to Alan then back.

"We wear name tags that say "Hi! My name is….", though I know full well who I am!" Alan said and Adam rolled his eyes.

"Ignore him. He was dropped as a hand," Adam said and Alan glared at him.

"At least I don't run around wearing a stupid hat."

"Well, I don't have a dog that keeps getting mistaken for a rat!"

"Don't you dare bring my precious Speck into this," Alan growled then Donna put two fingers in her mouth and loudly whistled.

"Oi, knock it off," she said and they lowered their heads.

"Sorry, Donna," they said together and she sighed, rolling her eyes. The twelfth Doctor was looking confused and wide eyed as Clara tried not to laugh and Adam walked to Duer, placing his head on Duer's shoulder.

"Who is Speck?" Clara asked.

"She's Alan's tea cup chihuachua dog," Rose said and Clara smiled.

"Oh, those are so cute!"

"See!" Alan said, waving his hands up.

"Anyway," Duer said as he walked to the twelfth Doctor and held his hand out. "Hello, I'm the Doctor, but from a different universe. You can call me "Duer"."

"Pleased to meet you," Twelve said as they shook hands. "Are these your children?"

"Well, the two girls are," Duer said and Faith and Yoshi walked closer. "This is Faith and this is Yoshi."

"How old are you?" Twelve asked, looking at the girls.

"We're nine," Faith said and he looked from her to Hope.

"Faith and Hope," he said softly.

"We were named that when my daddy and her daddy and Uncle Amato were sent into exile," Hope said.

"What?" he asked and the Doctor sighed. He gave him and Clara and quick recap of their exile and the twelfth Doctor nodded his head.

"That seemed so unfair. You can't be everywhere at once," Clara said.

"Yeah, but it happened anyway," Duer said.

"Daddy, were they the ones you saw?" Little Alan asked, pointing to Clara and the twelfth Doctor.

"Yes," Adam said with a nod of his head then straightened up and looked at them. "Oh, this is my son, Alan."

"Aren't you cute," Clara said Little Alan smiled then buried his face in Adam's neck.

"Tell me," Twelve asked as he looked at Duer. "Is your Rose here as well?"

"Yes and she's married to him," Duer said, pointing to Adam.

"Is your Donna here?"

"Uh, no," Duer said and Donna felt guilty that they hadn't gone to Duer's universe and cured his Donna. She walked to Duer as she gently nudged him with her shoulder and he smiled at her.

"Is your Jack here?"

"No, but like Jack, he is still immortal. He runs Torchwood on my world."

"So the Sarah Jane and Wilf of your world aren't here either?"

"No, but my Jenny is."

"Yours is alive, too?" Twelve asked, his hearts thumping with hope that he might find his if he and Clara could get back to his universe.

"Yep, and she is married to my Jamie McCrimmon."

"Wait, how did that happen?"

"That…is a long story," Duer said with a smile.

"Are you married to the Rain from your world?" Twelve asked as he looked at Rain.

"No," he said. "My wife's name is Francine or Frankie. She's off world with my son, Cameron, right now."

"Is Alan your only child, Adam?" Clara asked.

"No, I have three more, my daughter, River, and my two older sons, James and David," Adam said and Twelve saw the sadness in Adam's eyes.

"What's wrong?" Twelve thought and was surprised that Adam could set up such a tight privacy block.

"My wife miscarried four times and we lost five babies," Adam thought then sighed. "Sorry, I tend to get sad when I think about them."

"That's natural," Twelve thought and Adam nodded his head.

"How many children do you have, Alan?" Clara asked.

"My sweet wife and I have five. Let's see…Elizabeth, Angel, Tia, Chris and Mirza," Alan said as he ticked off their names then looked at Little Alan. "Adam and I also share custody of him."

"You do?" Clara asked, looking from Alan to Adam.

"It's a long story," Rose said.

"Oh, where's Handles?" Adam asked, remembering the Cyberman head.

"He's in here," Clara said as she pointed to the TARDIS and Adam handed Little Alan to Duer and walked to her. He looked at the TARDIS when he placed his hand against the wooden door and a soft tingle moved up his arm.

"She likes me," he said and Clara giggled. Opening the door, she led him inside as Adam looked around and frowned. "You redecorated. I don't like it."

A cold chill moved through Clara as she remembered what happened when her Doctor's tenth life said the same thing when he came onboard and how sad the War Doctor looked.

"I'm teasing," Adam said then saw Handles and his eyes went wide. "Blimey, he's real."

"Affirmative," Handles said in a mechanical voice.

"Where did he come from?" Adam asked and Clara told him how they came to have Handles in the TARDIS. Adam smiled as he walked closer and looked at Handles. "Mind if I pick you up?"

"Negative," Handles said and Adam carefully picked Handles up. Carefully he turned Handles upside down then smiled and placed Handles back down.

"Whoa," Hope said while she, Faith, Yoshi and Little Alan walked in and looked around.

"This is so cool" Faith said.

"Hai," Yoshi said with a nod of her head.

"What's that, Daddy?" Little Alan asked, looking at Handles.

"This is Handles," Adam said as he picked Little Alan up and Little Alan smiled.

"Greeting," Handles said and the girls came over to stand next to Adam.

"Cool," Hope said when a loud explosion filled the air and Little Alan wrapped his arms around Adam's neck. He didn't like loud sounds and they ran out of the TARDIS. The Doctor stood in the doorway as he looked outside and smoke slowly rose in the distance.

"What happened?" Clara asked as she half ran to the twelfth Doctor.

"I don't know," he said while Duer stood next to the Doctor and frowned.

"Are we under attack?" Duer asked.

"No, I would have been contacted," the Doctor said.

"Where did it come from?"

"I think I came from Tennant Park," the Doctor said, frowning as he wondered what happened.


Tennant Park

Smoke rose from the large hole in the ground when siren filled the air and Amato, Jack and John looked out from behind the trees where they were hiding. They were wearing soundproof earphones and they looked at the two figures sitting on the ground near the trees.

Nigel Keys was Jack's son from an affair Jack had with his mother, Maggie. He was a computer genius and came to live with Jack a few years ago.

Cameron Douglas was Frankie's brother and was also a genius as well as telekinetic.

Both of them worked for Torchwood and they sat up, looking at the smoke then at the hole.

"Fuck," Nigel said with a wide grin and Cameron placed his hands behind his head, locked his fingers together and puffed out a breath of air.

"Where is he?" Amato asked as panic set in. The smoke faded as they looked at the figure wearing a black body suit with sensors pads going up his arms, across his chest and down his legs and he gave them a shy look.

Koschei came from the same universe as Amato and John and was the Master to Amato's Doctor. Unlike the Doctor and Duer's Masters, Koschei wasn't insane or evil.

During the Time War in Amato's universe, Koschei was taken by their Rani and she made him her slave. It was during some "training" that he learned he could fire bolts of lightning from his hands and they learned the lightning was bio-electrical energy.

Jack had commissioned a part of the park for testing his power and Koschei sighed, looking at the hole.

"Ooops," Koschei said with a small smile while shrugging his shoulders and Amato sighed, rolling his eyes.

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