Chapter Seven

Amato looked around as Jack and Koschei tried to minimize the damage from the explosion.

"I hope the police don't come here and investigate us," Amato said.

"I got permission from the police," Jack said.

"Yeah but I'm sure they didn't expect you to blow things up," Nigel said.


Everyone turned and looked when they heard Hope yell and saw her skating down a paved path towards them.

"Hey! Daddy is coming," she said as she stopped on the path a few feet from them.

"Oh great, the Doctor heard it," Jack said, throwing his hands up in the air. "Now we get a big, long lecture on top of everything."

"That's not why he's coming. We have new people," Hope said, stepping onto the grass and walking towards them.

"New people?" Amato said.

While Hope explained what was going on, the Doctor and Duer were leading everyone else into the park. Twelve watched while the Doctor walked with his other selves. He still found it hard to believe that nobody got confused with the multitude of Doctors but he thought it wonderful that not only had these Doctors made a new Gallifrey, they were able to convert the people he cared about into Time Lords and Ladies.

Twelve looked at the back of Rose's head while she walked with Alan and a long forgotten ache tugged at his hearts. She looked so beautiful. He was glad that the plan to leave him with the clone had worked out in this universe and she had found happiness and love with his other self. And he had always wondered what it would be like for her to be a Time Lady and he was glad in this universe, she had become one. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy for the clones that they were with one of his deepest loves but if Rose was happy, he was happy.

And he loved that there were children as well. That also made his hearts ached as he watched the children laughing and running near them, following the adults but yet, still finding time to play on the way there. And Jenny, his hearts ached at the thought that his Jenny might have been alive all these years and he was oblivious to it. Now he knew he had a second thing to find in addition to his Gallifrey.

"There they are," the Doctor said, pointing to the small group standing near a group of trees.

"Oh God, I don't know if I can do this."

Twelve looked at Clara when he heard her say that.

"Why?" he said to her.

Clara pointed to Amato.

"He looks like you, the other you," she said, her eyes misting over.

Twelve looked at Amato and understood. He put his arms around her and gave her a sympathetic look. Amato and the others turned to look at them but no one seemed surprised. Then Hope called to her father and told him that she'd explained everything.

Clara looked at Amato as they walked up. He wasn't dressed in his Victorian outfit. Instead he had on a yellow shirt and jeans and Clara was struck by how odd it made him look. He looked perfectly normal and it was a bit unsettling. Apart from being naked and being in the monk's habit, she'd never seen him in anything other than his Victorian outfit. Amato was looking at her and Twelve and it hurt her when she realized that he had no clue who she was. She remembered how flummuxed the Doctor was when they first met and she had no idea who he was and now she could understand how frustrating that must have been.

Amato walked over to his brothers and they talked for a moment while Amato kept looking back at Twelve and Clara. Then when the Doctor finished, Amato walked aimaibly over to the Doctor and Clara and extended his hand.

"Welcome," he said to them. "Doctor," he said to the Twelfth Doctor.

"Doctor," Twelve replied as he shook his hand.

Amato smiled and nodded and then turned his attention to Clara, his hand extended. Twelve looked at her and noticed the misty eyes were back as Clara swallowed hard and shook Amato's hand.

"Is something the matter?" Amato said.

"Sorry, it's just that I recently regenerated and I looked like you and she liked the other me as well," Twelve said.

"Oh! Yes. I'm sorry, I haven't met you yet. But you seem like a nice woman," Amato said to Clara.

"Thank you," Clara said.

Twelve smiled when Amato kissed the back of her hand and gave her a cheeky grin before letting go of it. Then he turned around when the Doctor tapped him on the shoulder.

"You let them blow a hole in the ground in the middle of the park?" the Doctor said to Amato as he pointed to a sheepish Jack and Koschei and chuckling Nigel.

"I didn't know they were going to do that," Amato said. "Koschei was just testing his abilities. We didn't harm anything and we'll replace the hole, honestly."

"Excuse me, but…the Master is here and you're working with him?" Twelve said, pointing to Koschei.

"I'm not insane like other Masters and I don't like being called that," Koschei said to Twelve.

"In my universe, he never went insane and we stayed friends, he's a good bloke…apart from blowing holes in the ground," Amato said to Twelve.

"Oh! Um…sorry," Twelve said as Koschei, Jack and Nigel walked towards them. "Never met a Mas…Koschei who wasn't evil and insane. I'm glad you're not."

"Did you have one of me?" Jack asked hopefully.

"Yes, unfortunately," Twelve deadpanned.

Nigel sniggered while Jack gave him a hurt look before setting his eyes on Clara.

"Hello and welcome to…"

"No, Jack, she's off limits," Twelve said quickly.

Jack threw up his hands.

"Is there any Doctor anywhere that will let me say hello to someone?" he said while Amato joined in with Nigel's sniggering. "Geez, I was trying to be polite, I wasn't going to pounce on her. I'm not that out of control, okay?"

"It's okay, I'm glad to be here," Clara said quickly. "I never knew anyone here, apart from River. Unless you have…that lizard woman," she said to Twelve.

"Yes. Do you lot know Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax the Sontaran?" Twelve said.

"I don't…you guys know them?" Jack said.

Everyone else shook their heads. Clara frowned when Amato did the same.

"You as well?" Clara said. "You never met them in Victorian London?"

"No. That might not have happened for me yet. Those names are unfamiliar, sorry," Amato said with a shrug.

While they were talking, the Doctor contacted River since her house was near the park and contacted Jenny to see if she was home. To his relief, both women were home and River thought to him and told him she was coming over after he explained the situation to both of them.

Another Doctor who knows me, River thought to the Doctor. This I have to see.

Meanwhile, Hope had abandoned playtime with the others and was walking back towards Twelve.

"Was there a version of my Mummy in your universe?" she said, pointing to Rain.

"If there was, I never met her," Twelve said, smiling. "I wish I did, she seems like a very nice lady."

"Yeah, she's the best," Hope said, nodding. "Are you staying here?"

"I don't know. I hope not. Clara and I would like to go back but…we took a big chance coming here and it may be too risky to go back. We'll have to see what happens."

"I hope you do stay. You're cool and Clara is nice."

"Thank you," Twelve said, putting his hand on her head.

"Hello Sweetie!"

Twelve froze when he heard River's cheerful voice behind him. He and Clara glanced at each other and then slowly turned around.

"Well, what d'ya know, it does work on you," River said in amusement.

"River," Twelve said, feeling a lump rise in his throat.

River had her curly hair tied back in a pouffy ponytail and she was wearing brown slack, a periwinkle blue t-shirt and a white jacket over it that was unzipped. She hand on brown leather sandals and Twelve thought she looked stunning. River smiled and walked up to him.

"My, my, you have aged, Doctor," River purred as she examined him. "You do look sexy though."

She grinned when she noticed Twelve was having an erection and she put her arms around him.

"Did they explain that I'm an android now?" she purred while Amato, Alan and Adam snickered. "I can go all day and all night now."

Amato, Alan and Adam laughed and the Doctor chuckled softly when Twelve's face turned fire engine red at that. Amato nudged Adam and mouthed "Watch this!" before strolling up behind River.

"Hey! It's me, the hubby!" he said, waving his arms around.

River looked behind her and feigned disdain.

"Why would I want a puppy like you and when I can have an old hound," she said.

Amato laughed silently when River kissed Twelve on the lips. At first Twelve tried to pull away but Clara raised her eyebrows when he finally gave in and kissed her back passionately. Everyone laughed when the children raised up a chorus of "Ewww!" at that and Twelve, hearing them, pulled back, embarrassed. River chuckled, kissed his cheek and patted it before letting go of him. She turned and raised her eyebrow as she took in the hole in the ground.

"Is that why I heard a ka-boom just now?" she said, pointing to it while Jack, Nigel and Koschei gave her sheepish looks.

"Testing Koschei's electrical abilities," the Doctor explained to her as he came up beside her.

"Just don't test it near our house then," River said to Koschei as she wagged her finger.

"Our house?" Twelve said to her.

"Yes. I share a house with Anita and Miss Evangelista. They were rescued as well," River said to her. "And we would like to live in our house without a big hole in it," she added, turning to Jack.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jack said, nodding. "Torchwood will see to it that your home stays hole free."

"Good," River said. "Well, I need to get back home. I'm planning a dig with my friends and we're about to go offworld but it was nice meeting this version of you," she said, taking Twelve's hand.

"And it was good to see you again, River," Twelve said.

"And you lot, this is what you regenerate into next," River said to the Doctors and clones. "He's well fit."

Alan and Adam sniggered when Twelve's face turned beet red again. She kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand before walking away. When she was gone, the Doctor walked up to Twelve and Clara with Rain.

"Follow me, I have something else to show you," he said to them.

He called for Hope to follow him and left the others with Torchwood for the moment as he led everyone to his daughters' house.


"Knock, knock," the Doctor said as he opened the door to his daughters' house.

Tara was sitting on the sofa with Emi, watching TV when the Doctor stuck his head inside.

"What's the password?" Tara said as she and Emi looked over their shoulders at him.

"The password is I'm your father and let me inside before I blister your bum," the Doctor teased.

"No, the password is chorizo but come inside anyway," Tara said.

"Thank you," the Doctor said, rolling his eyes while his daughters giggled. "Is Jenny here?"

"JENNY!" Tara hollered as everyone stepped inside.

Tara and Emi giggled and nudged each other while the Doctor rolled his eyes.

"She's weird, ignore her," he said to Twelve.

"Is that him?" Tara said as she and Emi stood up. "The other Doctor dude?"

The Doctor looked at his wife will the girls giggled.

"Yes, this is the other Doctor dude," he said while the girls laughed harder. "Doctor, Clara, these are my daughters, Tara and Emi."

"Nice to meet you," Tara said after getting over the giggles.

"A pleasure, Doctor san and Clara san," Emi said, bowing formally.

Twelve and Clara returned the bow. Then they saw movement on the stairs and Twelve was amazed to see Grace Holloway coming down the steps with Sokanon, Namid and Dorothy. And last but not least was Jenny. She stopped and smiled when she saw the stunned Time Lord.

"Hello," she said to him.

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