Chapter Eight

"Hello," Twelve said as she saw the sadness in his eyes and frowned.

"Are you alright?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, it's just that…I wasn't expecting there to be a Jenny here."

"There's three of them,' Tara said when the doorbell rang and she walked to the door. "What's the password?"

"Chorizo," the voice said as she opened the door and smiled. Jen, Amato's Jenny, and Jenna, Duer's Jenny, smiled back as Tara stood back and they walked by her. Twelve's eyes went wide as Jenny stood next to her lookalikes as he made a little cough.

"Hello," Jen said.

"Hi," Jenna said.

"Hello," he said and they looked at Jenny.

"Guess this is a bit of an overload," Jen said.

"Told you this wasn't a good idea," Jenna said.

"No, no, no, it's alright," Twelve said as he walked closer and shook hands with them. "Now, which Doctor do you two belong to?"

"I'm Duer's daughter," Jenna said.

"I'm Amato's daughter," Jen said.

"But how did you…? You died," he said softly and they hugged him in a Jenny sandwich hug.

"From what my father could figure out," Jenna said. "We…regenerated, but not externally. It was internally. If you had stayed a few more minutes, you would have seen your Jenny rise from the dead."

"Did that happen with you two as well?"

"Yes," Jen said."

"Yep," Jenny said.

"Blimey, that's amazing," Clara said.

"Duer did say you….," Twelve said as he pointed to Jenna. "You are married to Jamie McCrimmon."

"Yeah, I am," Jenna said with a smile.

"How could you if he is still in seventeen forty-six with no memory of me, uh, him?"

"Did your Jamie meet you in your sixth life?"

"Yes," Twelve said with a nod of his head.

"Dad, I need to ask you something," Jenna thought as she set up a privacy block and moved Duer's mind forward.

"What's wrong?" Duer thought.

"The new Doctor asked me about Jamie. How do I tell him about what really happened to him? I mean about Jamie's mind being torn in half, his being reincarnated into his descendant's body and you and the Doctor putting his mind back together?"

"I can show him, mo buidhe blath," Jamie thought and Jenna softly smiled when he called her "my yellow flower" in Gaelic.

"What are you doing in my head?" Jenna thought.

"I was telling Jamie about our guest when you set up the block," Duer thought.

"Hold on," she thought, lowering the privacy block.

"Is it alright if Jamie shows you what happened?" she asked and Twelve nodded his head. He closed his eyes as Jamie slid into his mind and set up a privacy block.

"Hello, Doctor," Jamie thought and a cold chill moved Twelve's mind.

"Hello, Jamie," he thought with a small smile. "How are you?"

"I'm verra well," Jamie said then wondered why he was talking like that. "My father-in-law was just telling me aboot you. Blast, why am I doing that?"

"Sorry, I think that's because of me. I'm hearing you talk like my Jamie used to talk before I taught him to talk properly."

"Oh, well, I told Jenny, my Jenny, I'd show you what happened after my Doctor and I met his sixth life. I must warn you that it is bizarre. Even I have trouble with it."

"Go on," Twelve thought and Jamie showed him the time his mind got ripped in two and one half was placed in a fob watch after he had placed the headset of the chameleon arch on his head and Duer was startled into pushing the button. Next, he showed how Duer found Jamie's descendant and Jenny. Next he showed ho ow they found out that he had been reincarnated into his descendant's body and how they were able to restore his mind. Finally he showed how his body had adjusted to everything and how he became a Time Lord.

The twelfth Doctor blinked his eyes a few times as he shook his head and Clara gave him a concerned look.

"Are you ok?" she asked and the twelfth Doctor looked at her.

"Yes," he said then looked at Jenna.

"That is amazing," he thought and Jamie laughed.

"If you think that's amazing, you should meet our kids," Jamie thought.

"How many do you have?"

"We have nine," Jamie thought and the twelfth Doctor's eyes went wide.

"You have nine children?" he asked Jenna and she nodded his head.

"Can I meet them?" he thought.

"Aye, that can be arranged," Jamie thought then dropped the privacy block.

"Is there something wrong?" the Doctor asked and Twelve had forgotten he was there.

"Sorry, I was just talking with Duer's Jamie. He's going to introduce me to his family if that's alright," Twelve said.

"Sure," the Doctor said as they said their goodbyes and left. Jenna walked near the twelfth Doctor as he smiled and held onto Jenna's hand.


Koschei opened the door to his flat when he sighed and walked to the couch. He never felt so embarrassed yet proud as he flopped down onto the couch and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Baba?" his nine year old daughter asked as he looked up and saw her hovering over him.

Aderyn was an Amos and had white feathers with a tint of blue on the tips and she was wearing jeans and a white, backless t-shirt with parrots with different color feather on the front.

"Hello, Little Peeps," he said when she gently landed on the back of the couch and looked down at him. "Um, can you sit on the couch instead of on top of it? I feel like I'm a rabbit about to be nibbled on by an eagle."

"I'd never do that, Baba," she teased as he sat up so she could sit on the couch. She folded her wings against her back as he smiled and she snuggled closer. "Are you ok?"

"Well, you know that Unca Jack has been helping me practice how to use my powers, right?"

"Yes," she said and he sighed.

"Well, we were at the park and…I sort of blew a hole in the ground."

"You did what?" his wife, Julie, asked as she walked in from the kitchen and he sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Mooma, Babba blew up the park," Aderyn said and he glared at her.

"I didn't blow up the park. I blew a large hole in the ground," he corrected and Julie laughed as she walked to the couch and sat on his lap.

"So that's what that noise was," she said and placed her head on his left shoulder.

"Yeah, no one got hurt, but Jack, Amato, Cameron and Nigel teased me the whole way back to Torchwood," he sighed.

"That is rude," Aderyn said.

"Yeah, but I deserved it," he said then remembered something. "Oh, there is another Doctor."

"Yeah, Rain told me," Julie said.

"Do you think he'll like me, Baba?" Aderyn asked. She knew she didn't look like the other Time Children and it hurt Koschei's hearts to see his daughter sad.

"Of course he will," he said and she made soft chirping noises as she leaned against him. "So, what's for dinner?"

"Swill and water," Julie said and his eyes went wide.

"Mooma, don't be mean. Baba had a bad day," Aderyn said and Julie gave her a hurt look.

"I'm sorry," Julie said and he placed his arm around her shoulders.

"That's ok," he said as they sat in silence and he sent love into their minds.


"Now, this is what I call a zoo," Clara said as she looked around and smiled. Gallifrey Zoo was one of the most popular tourist spots on the planet and had vast varieties of animal, bird, water, insect, amphibian, lizard and mystical and mysterious species.

"This way," the Doctor said as he led the way and Clara held onto her Doctor's hand. The twelfth Doctor, like his counterpart, wasn't keen on zoos as a rule, but even he was impressed.

"Do you have any dinosaurs?" Clara asked.

"No, and that is due to a size limit and danger level we put in place when we opened the zoo," the Doctor said when he stopped and smiled.

Jamie stood with his family as Clara gasped and the twelfth Doctor blinked his eyes a few times.

"I thought you said you only have nine children," he whispered to Jenna.

"Those are our grandchildren," she whispered and Jamie walked closer, looking at the twelfth Doctor.

"Doctor," he said and they shook hands.

"It is good to see you, Jamie," he said and Jamie smiled. The twelfth Doctor watched as Frazer McCrimmon walked closer and the twelfth Doctor noticed he was wearing the uniform that most of the zoo attendants wore.

"Hello, I'm Frazer McCrimmon," Frazer said and they shook hands.

"You work here?"

"Aye, I am the head zoo keeper," he said when a low gurgling sound filled the air and they looked up. Leaning over the edge of the large tank was a water loch and Frazer smiled. "And this is Loch."

"That is the Loch Ness Monster," Twelve said.

"Well, not exactly," the Doctor said. "Loch isn't a monster. He's a water loch."

"Where did you get him?" Clara asked.

"I found him at…Loch Ness," Frazer said then shrugged as he smiled.

"Actually, we found him," Angel said as she and their son, Alexander, walked closer and she held her hand out. "Hello, I'm Angel McCrimmon"

"Hello," the twelfth Doctor said and he and Clara shook her hand.

"Angel is my niece," the Doctor said.

"You're Alan's daughter?"

"Yeah," Angel said with a smile.

"And I'm their son, Alec," Alexander said as they shook hands.

"Are you going tae introduce the rest of us?" Conner asked and Jamie glared at him.

"That rude one is my second oldest son, Conner," Jamie said as Conner and his family walked closer and Conner stood next to his father. "This is his wife, Melissa, and their sons, Trevor and Malcolm."

"Hello," the twelfth Doctor said and Clara nodded her head.

"I'm Angus," Angus said as he walked closer with his family and looked at them. "This is my wife, Collen and these are my children, Douglas, Annie and Gregory."

"Pleased to meet you," the twelfth Doctor said.

"I'm Robbie," he said as he walked closer with his family and stood next to Angus. "This is my wife, Catherine, and these are my children, Charles, Andrew, Ben and Polly."

"I'm Ian," he said as he and his family walked closer and the twelfth Doctor smiled. "This is my wife, Toni, and these are our kids, Cathleen, Duncan and Mark."

"These two are Donald and Zoe," Jenna said as the twins waved at the twelfth Doctor and Clara and Twelve noticed that Donald looked like Jamie, but Frazer and his brothers didn't.

"Frazer and his brothers and sister are adopted," Jenna thought after placing a privacy block and he smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm Victoria," she said as she and her family walked closer and the twelfth Doctor looked at Jamie. He knew his Jamie had a crush on Victoria and he wondered if Jamie had as well.

"Aye, I did," Jamie thought after setting up a privacy block.

"This is my husband, Derek, and these are our children, Patrick and Anna-Marie," Victoria said and the twelfth Doctor nodded his head.

"Uh, sorry, but I think someone's missing," Clara said after she did a quick count of how many of Jamie and Jenna's children, minus the wives, husband and grandchildren, they had been introduced to and Jamie looked around, trying to figure out who was missing.

"Wait, where is Hamish?" Jenna asked.


(In the Doctor's far future)

The soft wind blew through his long black hair as Hamish McCrimmon looked at the war memorial and he brushed the hair out of his ice blue eyes. Having been born blind, he was still amazed how much there was to see and he held the wooden staff tightly in his left hand. He knew he didn't need the wooden staff since Compassion had given him his sight, but the smooth wood felt good in his hand. He was in his sixth life and he moved his finger over the smooth lettering. LUCY MCCRIMMON stood out more than any of the names and his hearts still cracked with the memories of his first wife.

"Hamish?" a familiar voice asked after a soft grinding sound filled the air and he turned slowly to look at his wife. Namid smiled at him when she walked closer and slid her arms around his waist. She was surprised when he had asked her to marry him after she lost her first husband and he had lost Lucy, but their hearts were drawn together over the centuries and he was supportive when she was changed into a living TARDIS called "Compassion".

"How was your trip, mo tamull coisiche?" he asked. Tamull meant "a space of time" or "time" and coisiche meant "walker" in Gaelic.

"It was good," she said and kissed his lips. He deepened the kiss then they moved back and they went forehead to forehead. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too."

"Is there something wrong?"

"I was just thinking aboot when you changed things after your father and the others fought the Valeyard."

"Yeah, I remember that my dad didn't look the same in his twelfth life. He was supposed to be this young guy, but ended up some old guy."

"Remember meeting the Doctor from the other universe and Clara?"

"Yes, what about it?" she asked.

"That's happening now," he said and she sighed.

"I just hope nothing goes wrong this time."

"It won't," he said. "Want tae know why?"


"Because a good man won't let it," he said and she smiled.

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