Chapter Twelve

"Speaking of having a tattoo," Rosie said as she looked at the twelfth Doctor then at John and smiled. "Want to show him the one you have?"

"No, I don't," John grumbled and Clara's eyes went wide.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's a monkey sitting on a banana,' Rosie said and John blushed.

"Oh, let me see it!" Clara said and John sighed, rolling up his sleeve to show her his tattoo. "Oh, it's so cute."

"Does Adam have one, Marion?" Twelve asked.

"Uh, yeah, I do," Adam said then sighed and rolled up his sleeve.

"It's a ghost," Little Alan said then leaned back against his father.

"I thought so, but what is it doing?" Clara asked.

"Well, seeing that I'm a writer, it's a ghost writer," Adam said with a small smile and she giggled.

"It's really cute."

"Wait, what kind of stories do you write?" Twelve asked.

"They're stories base on my adventures," Duer said.

"And mine," Amato said.

"And mine," the Doctor said and Adam smiled.

"That's what I love about this family. I'll never run out of ideas," he said and Twelve nodded his head.

"Too bad I just regenerated. I would tell you some of mine," Twelve said and Adam's eyes went wide.

"Please tell me one," Adam said while bouncing on the seat and Little Alan laughed.

"Calm down or no ice cream after the audition," Marion said and Adam frowned, sinking into the seat.

"I'll tell you one later, Lad," Twelve said when a cartoon Adam marching around with a sign that read THE NEW DOCTOR ROCKS appeared in his mind and the twelfth Doctor laughed.

"I have a phoenix tattoo," Shilah said with a smile.

"He also has an ear ring," Alan said and Shilah glared at him.

"I took that out years ago," he said and Clara giggled.

"Do you have a tattoo, Doctor?" Clara asked.

"No, I would never mark up my skin like that," he said with pride.

"I don't have one," Amato said.

"Me neither," Duer said.

"If you did get one, Muppy, I would spank your bottom," Delmari said and Duer blushed. The twelfth Doctor was shocked when he met the Doctor's mother, Clara, and Delmari and he wondered if his mother was still alive.

"Mother," Duer growled from her using his old childhood nickname and Clara snorted a laugh.

"Where did Muppy come from?" Clara asked.

"It was something his father called him," Delmari said and the twelfth Doctor said the sadness in her eyes.

"Your father sounds nothing like mine. He would never have done something like that," Twelve said.

"Yeah, my father was one of a kind," Duer said with a small smile.

"Grandpa Pandor was cool," Faith said then sighed. "But he's an angel now."

"I see," Twelve said softly.

"Um, Doctor," Faith said as he turned to look at her and she shyly smiled. "Do you have a belly button?"

"Do I have a belly button?"

"Yeah, my daddy, Uncle Amato, Uncle Shilah and Uncle Doctor were born with one. Were you?"

"Aye, Lassie, I was born with one. Well, at least I think I was," he said as he pulled his shirt up and looked down. "Yep, there it is!"

"Doctor," Clara whispered as she blushed and he gave her a puzzled look.

"What's wrong with a belly button?" he asked. "Don't you have one?"

"Yeah, I do, but I don't go showing it off to people I just met," she said and he rolled his eyes.

"Having a belly button is nothing to be ashamed of, Clara Oswald," he said, wagging a finger at her.

"Can we shelf the belly button talk for now? The auditions are starting," the Doctor said as the lights went down and the auditions started.

Hours later

"Next!" Alan shouted for the thousandth time and rolled his eyes.

"Alan, stop that. You're not one of the judges," Rain said.

"But they stink," Adam said, rolling his eyes.

"Don't you start," Duer said.

"They do," he said and Duer saw that Little Alan had his fingers in his ears.

"Zip it," Rose said.

"Come on, Starlight, even you have to admit Speck can sing better than that," Alan grumbled and the Doctor agreed the last few who had auditioned were terrible.

"That still doesn't give you the right to be mean about it," the Doctor's mother, Clara, said.

"Yes, now behave," Delmari said.

They became quiet when the next person came on stage and they were stunned to see that it was Jack. He was wearing a dark blue suit, a white shirt, a dark blue tie, black socks and black shoes. His hair was brushed back and he made a small cough, placing his hands behind his back.

"I didn't know he was auditioning," Rose whispered and Adam felt the panic in her mind.

"I didn't either." he whispered as he leaned closer and they wondered what Jack was going to sing.

"When I meet the Doctor….," Jack started singing and the Doctor's eyes widened. "….Once I prove my worth. And then I meet the Doctor….What I've waited for since…since birth…."

They listened as Jack finished his song then heard cheering from his family and team mates and Rose sank down in the chair.

"Hey, Starlight, it'll be ok," Alan said as he held her and sent love into her mind.

"Yeah," Adam said as he leaned forward and placed his chin on her shoulder. "He's trying to psych us out. We'll wipe the floor with him."

"You're right," Rose said as Adam patted the top of her head and sat back in the seat. Twelve looked at them when he smiled at how they supported each other and a part of him wished his family had been that supportive. They watched some more auditions when it was Adam's turn and he walked to the stairs leading up to the stage. He and Rose had gone backstage earlier to finish their registrations for the show and he turned back to look at her. Rose nodded her head with a small smile and he half ran up the stairs. He walked to the microphone when he sighed, closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts. The music started as he opened his eyes and looked around. His eyes locked with Marion when she smiled and he held the microphone in both hands.

"For the batter half of the sky," he whispered and Marion wrapped her arms around Little Alan. "Woman, I can hardly express…my mixed emotions and my thoughtlessness. After all…I'm forever in your debt. And, Woman, I will try to express…my inner feelings and thankfulness…"

They listened to his singing when Marion smiled because she knew the little child inside her man and Duer noticed the look on Delmari's face.

"Mum, you ok?" he thought, setting up a privacy block.

"Yes," Delmari thought. "I just realized you got your talent for the piano from me and he's got his talent from…your father."

"Well, we always knew Adam could sing."

"He sounds just like him," Delmari thought and he sent love into her mind. Adam finished his song then made a little bow and walked down the stairs. He walked to Rose when he leaned over and placed his hands on the arms of the seat and locked eyes with her.

"Go knock their socks off, Blondie," he said as she laughed and ruffled his hair and he walked back to his seat, sitting down.

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