Chapter Thirteen

Finally, it was Rose's turn to go on stage. The stage looked similar to the Got Talent shows on Earth. A large stage with a panel of four judges sitting at a large table in front of it and hanging above the stage, four large Xs with the judge's names under them.

The four judges were film actors and entertainers from Gallifrey. When they were announced earlier, Twelve had to admit he'd never heard of any of them and the Doctor explained who they were.

"So you have celebrities here as well," Twelve said in amazement.

"We have our own version of Hollywood. They called it Galliwood here and it's on the other side of he planet. That's where this lot is headed to if they pass the audition."

"Galliwood," Clara said with a chuckle. "I like that."

"So do I," Twelve said. "It's much more relaxed here than on old Gallifrey."

"We encouraged people to be creative and use their imaginations," the Doctor said. "Made for a better society."

Twelve nodded before everyone turned their attention to Rose on stage. The judge on the end was a middle aged man with long blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. He had a thin, angular face with piercing green eyes. He was dressed in a black suit with white shirt and his name was Cyrax. He was the host of a popular celebrity chat show but he was known for being a bit cynical at times. He looked at the paperwork on the table in front of him and glanced up at Rose.

"And you are Rose Tyler?" he asked her.

"Yes, I am," Rose said, speaking into the hand mike.

"And you're going to be singing a song that you wrote yourself," Cyrax said.

"Yes, I am."

Twelve raised his eyebrows at that.

"She writes songs?" he muttered to the Doctor.

"Oh yeah, Alan encouraged her to do it. She's very talented," the Doctor muttered back.

Twelve nodded and sat back in his seat. Even though this wasn't his Rose, he still had feelings for her and was very proud that she was auditioning and taking a chance on having a singing career. Rose started singing while everyone watched proudly. She told them the song was called Something Deep Inside and as she sang, her nerves faded and she actually strutted around the stage, singing confidently.

"Mine, my property," Alan said, nudging the Doctor. "I get 10 percent of all her earnings."

"P'eh, I think Rose'll have something to say about that one," the Doctor said softly to her.

After two minutes, Rose's audition was over and everyone applauded and cheered as she took a bow. Then she stood there and waited while the host, a young black woman wearing a long, sleeveless white gown walked over to her and asked her how she felt.

"Glad it's over," Rose said into her microphone.

The woman nodded and waited for the verdict. To her family's relief, Cyrus and the other judges loved her performance and her energy and voted for her to go to Galliwood for the competition. Twelve and the others gave her a standing ovation as Rose beamed and took another bow before walking offstage.


After the competition, the Doctor and his family gathered in the park in the section that Torchwood had used for Koschei's testing for a celebration barbecue. Rose, Adam and Jack were celebrated and received well-wishers while everyone ate and visited with one another. Twelve and Clara got to meet more of the family and they were also a source of curiosity as well as some good natured ribbing. Alan was proudly showing off his wife and asking what people thought of her while Jack did a bit of good natured teasing, telling him that he would triumph over his wife and he would end up embarrassed.

Nearly everyone brought something to eat for a potluck supper so there was plenty to eat. She filled a Styrofoam plate with food and walked around, nibbling at it while she half listened to the conversations going on. She happened upon a small group consisting of Alan, Adam, John, Amato and Duer. They were standing together and eating while they chatted and she chuckled because Amato with his Eleventh Doctor body stood out like a sore thumb among the Tenth Doctor bodies surrounding him. Alan sensed someone was watching them and looked around. He spotted Clara and Clara frowned when he walked over with plate and plastic cup in hand and asked her to follow him. Clara, curious, did as he asked and he brought her back to the group. She was standing next to Amato and even though she knew he was married, her heart still fluttered at the sight of her old Doctor.

"So, Clara," Adam said to her while the others ate, "what's the skinny on the Pensioner? Do you enjoy traveling with him?"

"Well, first off, you better not let him hear you call him "Pensioner" and second, I like traveling with him," Clara replied.

"Did he look like me then?" Amato asked.

Clara nodded, trying not to get choked up. Amato noticed it and gave her a sympathetic look.

"You miss this version then?" he said to her.

"I do," Clara said. "But he phoned me before he regenerated. Phoned me in the future to tell me that I should stay with the Doctor and help him adjust."

"Sure it wasn't heavy breathing and what are you wearing, Clara and things like that?" John said.

"No," Clara said with a wry grin while the men giggled.

"Clara," Alan said teasingly to the other men, "I might land up naked, be gentle with me and my tiny batch."

Clara's mouth dropped open and she tried not to laugh with the others while she looked around to make sure her Doctor didn't hear that.

"I'm so old, please fetch me my adult diapers before the Cybermen get us. I might dump a load in my smalls," Amato said.

The men laughed when Clara swatted at his arm and he winked at her.

"Just taking the mick out of your Doctor. He seems like a nice fellow. Just haven't been an old fart in ages, you know," he said to her.

"He can hold his own, despite the use of adult diapers," Clara said.

"Who's wearing adult diapers?"

Clara froze and the men snickered when she heard Twelve's voice behind her. She turned to her Doctor and saw the amused look on his face.

"Are you lot discussing me?" he said without a hint of anger.

"Just teasing you," Clara said gently.

"Well, at least I'm not tattooed with some Disney character on my arm," Twelve said.

"That was Rose's idea," Alan said while his brothers chortled. "Blame her."

"Oh? And did she drug you and drag you into the tattoo parlor then?" Twelve said.

"No. She used a mind control device on me and led me in."

"Mm, I'm guessing that's a lie," Twelve said, picking at a bit of turkey on his plate. "I'm guessing you got horribly pissed one night and got screwed, blued and tattooed as they say."

"I did not," Alan said while his brothers hooted with laughter.

"Speaking of screwing, I'm going to screw Rose and Adam in a very metaphorical way," Jack said, walking up to them.

"Why didn't you tell us you were entering the competition?" Adam said.

"I've been busy and I was a last minute addition," Jack said, easing in beside him. "I debated on whether or not to do it and I just thought, what the hell, I'll give it a shot and lo and behold, I'm on my way to Galliwood. Good luck, Cloney Boy, you're gonna need it," he said to Adam.

"No, you're gonna go down in flames, Zombie Boy," Adam replied.

"No, you're both going to go down in flames," Rose said, walking up to Alan.

"That's right, my wife is supreme. She not only sings but she writes her own songs as well," Alan said.

"I wrote my song," Jack said.

"No, you didn't," Adam said. "You took that song from Wicked and changed Wizard to Doctor."

"I thought it was brilliant," Jack said with a hurt look.

"So, were you close to your Rose?" Rose asked Twelve.

"Yes, I was," Twelve said.

His eyes widened when Rose kissed his cheek.

"Then you'll like that," she purred before giving him a wink and walking away.

"Wash your mouth before you kiss me," Alan called to her while Twelve blushed deeply.

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