Chapter Fifteen

Rain stretched as she stood inside her bedroom. They had just gotten home from the party in the park and it'd been a long day. She wanted to put on something a bit more comfortable to lounge around the house in while the Doctor was downstairs checking on his scans. While she was changing into an old grey t-shirt and sweat pants, her daughter came in the room. Rain smiled at her.

"Excited about your family members getting to go to Galliwood?" she said to her.

"Yes," Hope said, sitting on the end of Rain and Doctor's bed. "The new Doctor and Clara, are they going with us?"

"I think so, Daddy invited them to come. Why?"

"I want them to come, I like them."

"I do too, baby," Rain said as she slid her t-shirt down over her body.

"Are they gonna stay?" Hope asked.

"Dunno. Daddy has his void crosser so he could take them back across the void safely if they want to go. But the problem is finding out what universe they came from. It isn't one of the ones that daddy has saved in his databanks," Rain said, grabbing her hairbrush. "They have to figure out the coordinates but I'm sure they'll want to go back home eventually. In the meantime, they're both welcome here."

Hope stretched out on the bed and Rain chuckled.

"Are you sleepy?" she said to her.

"A bit. My tummy's full," Hope said, patting her stomach.

"Well, go get your bath over and done with and put your nightgown on, okay?"

"Okay," Hope said, getting up from the bed.

She walked over and kissed her mother before she walked out of the room.


"Congratulations on your family members going to Galliwood."

Xashon was speaking to the Doctor through his monitor on his TARDIS console. The Doctor was bent over and watching as they used something similar to Skype to speak to each other.

"Thank you," the Doctor said. "I'm glad all three of them made it through. Now we'll have to see if any of them wins."

"So what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call, Doctor?" Xashon said.

"I need your assistance. Well, the council's assistance to find a missing planet. I was wondering if you've heard of a planet just suddenly appearing out of nowhere."

Xashon frowned.

"No and I don't think the other members have as well. Why? Did one suddenly appear?"

The Doctor briefly explained about Twelve and his search for his Gallifrey and what happened to it. Xashon was shocked at that but kept silent until the Doctor finished.

"And he's here now?" she said to the Doctor.

"Yes. Him and his friend, Clara. Their TARDIS brought them here so I was wondering if there were any odd reports you may have heard."

"Not of magically appearing planets, Doctor. But we did get a report from the police about a spaceship that landed last week that seemed to be piloted by shop window dummies."

"What?" the Doctor said.

Xashon nodded.

"The ship didn't crash. It did dock but when customs waited and no one debarked from it, they went inside and found shop window dummies in the hold and nothing else. There was no pilot, no crew, nothing."

"And you're sure they didn't find anyone on board?"

"They searched and turned up nothing. So they cleaned out the hold and brought the dummies into customs to check for drugs or contraband. That's the last report I got from them."

"How many dummies were there?" the Doctor asked.

"Twenty, I believe."

"And do they know the identity of the ship, where it came from?"

"They said they didn't know but perhaps you could come and check it out and see if you can help them?"

"I'll do that in the morning," the Doctor said.

"Thank you. I'll keep an eye and ear open for any reports of planets suddenly appearing and let you know as well."

"And I'll do the same. Thanks, Xashon."

"Thank you, Doctor. Good night."

The Doctor bid her goodnight and ended the conversation. He turned off the monitor, put his hands on his lower back and stretched it out as he let out a low groan.

"Blimey, I need to move my monitor up higher," he said after he stretched. "That is not good for my back."

He looked over at the front door when he heard a knock.

"Who is it?" he said loudly.

"Girl Guides," Hope said through the door. "I'm selling biscuits!"

The Doctor chuckled at that.

"Do you have Lemon Tartar ones, Miss Random Girl Guide?" he yelled.

There was a moment of silence.

"I have biscuits," Hope said.

"Yes. Do you have Lemon Tartar biscuits, little girl guide?" the Doctor yelled.

"No. I have chocolate chip!"

"Eh, that's boring. I want Lemon Tartar; go bother the misses with your shenanigans and biscuit selling!"

The door creaked open enough for Hope to stick her head inside. The Doctor feigned shock.

"Blimey, you are a persistent salesgirl, aren't you?" he said while Hope giggled.

She opened the door wider and came inside wearing a long pink nightgown and matching pink slippers.

"Ah, so it's nearly time for beddy bye, eh? Come to wish me good nighties and give me kisses and love?"

"Yes, but I wanted to ask something as well," Hope said.

"No, I will not buy your chocolate chip biscuits, there!"

Hope giggled and the Doctor put his arm around her.

"That's not my question, Daddy," she said.

"Then what if your question, Daughter?" the Doctor said with wide eyes.

"Do you like Clara?" she asked.

"Yes. She's a nice woman, why?"

"I want her to be like us. She can be a Time Lady and then when she leaves, she can marry her Doctor and be happy."

"Blimey, you just want everyone in the universe to be like us. You're worse than a Dalek," the Doctor teased.

"Just a thought," Hope said with a shrug.

"Well, we can ask her and let her decide, yeah? As for being the Doctor's girlfriend…he may not want that. He seems a bit gruff around the edges. Plus, he's gray…and not ginger. I wonder if he said I'm not ginger again when he regenerated. Because I would've."

"You're silly."

"And you're a biscuit flogging Girl Guide," the Doctor said, rubbing her arm.

He sighed.

"Soooo…I believe I'm finished here. Why don't we go inside?" he said to her.

"We are inside," Hope said.

She giggled as the Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"Need to do something about that cheek," he said while he walked with his giggling daughter towards the door.

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