Chapter Sixteen

"Father, may I ask you something?" Yoshi asked as she crawled under her Mulan comforter and matching bedding and he sat on the edge of the bed. Duer was still in awe that this former kitsune had picked him to be her father and he gave her a smug look.

"If this is about staying up longer, the answer is no. You have school in the morning," he said and she smiled.

"No, I wish to ask what you think of the new Doctor and Clara-san. Do you like them?"

"Yeah, I do. I mean he is a little old in the tooth, but he is a good man. As for Clara, she's nice. I think they make a great team."

"Hai, I think so as well," Yoshi said then yawned. "Why was Grandmother upset?"

"Oh, now you're just stalling," he teased and she giggled. "The reason she was sad was because Uncle Adam's singing reminded her of my father."

"His singing made her sad?"

"Well, not on purpose. See, Granddad Pandor could sing just like Uncle Adam and hearing him sing made her remember how much she misses Granddad."

"Cameron-san told me that he died saving your life and his."

"Yep," Duer said, popping the "p".

"Why didn't Grandfather regenerate?"

"He couldn't due to him being on his last life."

"We need to make a memory shrine for him so we can light candles and pray that his soul is at peace," she said then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Duer felt the tears rolling down his cheeks as he sighed then leaned over and kissed her cheek. Carefully getting up, Duer walked to the door, turned back to look at her, turned the light off, patted the wall and left the room. He walked down the hallway when he peeked into Faith's room after knocking on the wall and smiled.

"Time for bed, Butterfly," he said as she smiled at him and got into bed. He walked to the bed when he heard a soft noise coming from the playhouse near the desk and knelt down on his haunches. "That goes for you, too."

The double doors to the balcony opened as Elby walked out and was wearing white pajamas with blue and red stripes, fuzzy red slippers and a dark blue dressing down and Duer smiled. Elby was a chibi, or a living doll, that was made for Frankie so she would have a reminder of him after he went into exile. Elby looked like his eleventh life, but had thicker eyebrows, and no one knew why Elby hadn't gone into stasis after Duer went back to his tenth life.

"It's because he isn't you anymore," Adam said after they had scanned Elby to find out why he was still alive. "He started out that way, but, when you left, he had to be a friend for Frankie. In doing so, he became his own person. That's what happened with Jenny's chibi and the ones the girls had."

Elby yawned as it stretched its arms over its head then rubbed the top of its head and Duer watched as Elby walked back inside the playhouse and Duer got up, walking to the playhouse. He opened the wall as Elby walked to the doll bed and Duer knelt down on his haunches. Elby got under the bedding after taking the dressing gown and slippers off and Duer folded the dressing gown then placed the dressing gown and the fuzzy slippers on the chair near the bed. He gently covered Elby with the blankets and comforter then patted the top of Elby's head and closed the walls.

"Nightie night," he whispered and heard a soft sound coming from behind the wall. He stood up when he softly walked to the bed and sat down.

"Daddy, are you ok?" Faith asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said and she frowned, arching an eyebrow. "Ok. I'm a little sad that your granddad wasn't here to see Uncle Adam sing."

"I bet he would have auditioned."

"I think you're right," he said with a grin.

"I think he was there. I saw a show on telly that angels and ghosts can come down to visit the people they love. We just can't see them."

"Well, then he was there," he said as he stood up and tucked her in. Kissing the top of her head, he smiled, walked to the door, turned the light off and left the room. He walked down the hallway when he went into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.


"Galliwood, I can't believe I'm going to Galliwood," Adam said while Marion snuggled closer and placed her head on the center of his chest. His hearts slammed in her ear as she smiled and stroked his side.

"It's not just you, you know. Rose and Jack are going, too," she said and he gasped as he gave her a stunned look.

"I know that," he said and she giggled while his voice growled in her ear. "I just can't believe I'm going to be on telly."

"So are Rose and Jack," she reminded him and he growled.

"Stop ruining my fun," he said and pouted.

"Sorry," she said and he kissed the top of her head.

"Apology accepted," he said and she stroked the soft hair on his chest.

"David said he and Billie will meet us at the studio," she said and he nodded his head. Their son, David, and his wife, Billie, live in the town just outside of Galliwood and they were on Doctor in the House, a very popular television show on New Gallifrey.

"What about James and Lizzie?"

'They'll be there. Lizzie wants to see Rose sing," she said. James was their older son and Lizzie was Alan's daughter, Elizabeth. Lizzie and James had been friends since they were four years old and were off planet when the twelfth Doctor and Clara had arrived. "River says she and her family will be there as well."

"Blimey, I just realized the whole audience is going to consist of our family. Good, that means I am a shoe-in to win."

"Hold on. Some of them might vote for Rose," she said and he gave her a shocked look.

"Not if they know what's good for them!" he said and she laughed.

"Now remember, win or lose, it's doesn't matter. It's just a television show," she said and he sighed, puffing out a breath of air.

"Tell that to Alan."

"Alan can go suck socks," she said and placed her hand on his left shoulder. "Besides, I know who the true star is."

He watched her drift off to sleep as he smiled then wrapped his arms around her, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


"Right," Jack said as he looked at his team and his daughter, Lisa, sat on his lap. "While I am away, I want this place to run just like I'm here."

"Why don't you want us to come?" Nigel asked.

"He doesn't want us there in case he loses," Charlie said then laughed. Charlie was once a Time Lord named "Jake" until he regenerated into a woman. No one knew why, but Charlie had adjusted to her new life and she nibbled on some pizza.

"No, that's not why," Jack said, getting angry.

"Leave him alone," Mickey said as he gently swatted the back of her head and Charlie gave him the Vs.

"Come off it," Ianto said as he handed Jack a cup of tea and Lisa a cup of hot chocolate before sitting on the chair next to Jack and placed his hand on Jack's knee. "You know we need someone here in case something happens."

"Yeah, Dad, we know. We're just teasing," Nigel said and Jack sighed.

"Well, I'm going to bed," Jack said as Lisa got off his lap then kissed his cheek and he looked at Ianto. Smiling, Ianto nodded his head as he got up and they left the room.

'They're not going to sleep, are they?" Cameron asked.

"Nope," Nigel said as he leaned back in the chair and placed his hands behind his head, smiling.

"Just one thing," Jack said when he came back in the room and locked eyes with Cameron and Nigel. "There will be NO cheating! If I win this, I want it to be fair and square! Got it?"

He pointed a finger at both of them then left the room and Nigel and Cameron frowned.

"So much for that idea," Nigel said and Cameron nodded, placing his feet on the console and folded his arms over his chest.

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