Chapter Eighteen

"First off, Xashon said she wasn't sure if your Gallifrey is in this universe," the Doctor said and the twelfth Doctor's hearts sank.

"Oh," he said when the Doctor held his index fingers up and shook his head.

"Now, now, that doesn't mean it isn't. I'll keep looking and Xashon said she'd keep a look out if your Gallifrey pops up," he said and Clara smiled.

"See, don't give up hope," she said and the twelfth Doctor nodded his head.

"Second, apparently a spaceship landed last week and was piloted by, well, store dummies."

"You mean like the Autons?" Twelve asked.

"That's what I'm thinking."

"How many were there?"

"A dozen," the Doctor said and the twelfth Doctor nodded his head.

"And these Autons are bad, right?" Clara asked.

"Oh yeah, nothing worse than being attacked by living plastic," the Doctor said. "Now, finally, you and Clara are going to be our guests when we go to Galliwood."

"Oh, that's grand," Clara said then looked at the twelfth Doctor. "We are going, right?"

"Yes, I would love to go," Twelve said and the Doctor smiled.

"You're going to need adult nappies then. It takes a long time to film the show," Hope shouted from the top of the stairs as the Doctor glared at her then turned to look at the twelfth Doctor and Clara.

"Excuse me," the Doctor said as he got up then ran up the stairs and Hope laughed, running down the hallway. "Get back here!"

"Is it always like this?" Clara said as they heard squeals of laughter coming from upstairs and Rain smiled, nodding her head. "Uh, Doctor, can I ask you something?"

"What's wrong?" Rain asked as the twelfth Doctor gave her a concerned look.

"Hope asked me to become a Time Lady."

"That's impossible," Twelve said.

"No, it's not," Rain said as she explained about the crystals and his eyes went wide.

"Is that…is that how you became a Time Lady?"

"Yeah," she said with a smile.

"Bugger, this place gets more and more fascinating," he said when the Doctor came down and was breathing hard.

"Is she still alive?" Rain asked jokingly and the Doctor nodded his head as he slumped down onto the couch.

"I swear I'm going to be as grey as you by the time she's twenty," he said and the twelfth Doctor laughed. "So, what did I miss?"

"Clara told me Hope asked her to become a Time Lady," Twelve said and the Doctor smiled, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, she wants everyone to be a Time Lord or a Time Lady," he said then looked at Clara. "Do you want to? It's ok to say no. Sarah Jane didn't use the crystals so it's ok to refuse."

"Can I think about it?" she asked and he nodded his head.

"Well, I guess we'll be going," Twelve said as the Doctor nodded and got up. He opened the door as they left then waved goodbye and Clara took the twelfth Doctor's hand. They walked down the pavement as she smiled at him and the Twelfth Doctor smiled back.


"Doctor," two year old Alexander McCrimmon said as he swung his arms in the air while Trevor pushed the pushchair and smiled down at him. Alexander was the son of his Jamie and Zoe and he was babysitting while they went to the movies.

"Yes, Dear Boy?" he asked and Alexander looked up at him.

"Go…go…" he said, bouncing in the seat.

"Now, now, last time I did that, I nearly crashed into the Doctor. Oh bother, he wasn't happy when I did that," Trevor said then sighed.

Trevor was the Doctor from another universe and looked like the Doctor's second life. He was really on this fourth life and had been one the run with Jamie and Zoe since they escaped his Time Lords before they had sent him into exile. The Doctor and his family had rescued Trevor, Jamie and Zoe by making it look like Trevor had blown up his TARDIS and brought them to this universe. When they had first met, the Doctor had given him crystals to turn Jamie and Zoe into a Time Lord and a Time Lady, but he wasn't sure if they should due to him wanting them to have a full life. His hearts soared when they wanted to use the crystals and he was overjoyed when they asked him to be Alexander's godfather.

"Hello," Clara said as Trevor gasped then coughed and gave them a shy look.

"Hello, My Dear," he said then looked at the twelfth Doctor. "Ah, you must be the new Doctor."

"Yes," Twelve said.

"I'm the Doctor as well," he said and they shook hands.

"So, like Duer, Shilah and Amato, you come from another universe?" Clara asked.

"Yes," he said with a nod of his head.

"How did you come to be living here?" Twelve asked and Trevor told them.

"Where are Jamie and Zoe?" Clara asked.

"Here they come," Trevor said as Jamesie and Zoe came closer and Alexander bounced on the seat.

"Mama! Papa!" he said and Zoe smiled, picking him up.

"Hello," she said then kissed his cheek then looked at the twelfth Doctor and Clara.

"Hello, Zoe," Twelve said. "I'm the Doctor and this is Clara."

"Hello, Doctor. Clara."

"Pleased tae meet you, Doctor," Jamesie said then held his hand out.

"Pleased to meet you as well," Twelve said and Clara gave Jamesie a puzzled look.

"So, do they call you "Jamie" as well?" she asked.

"No, I'm called "Jamesie"."

"You see, there are three Jamies," Trevor said. "There is Duer's Jamie, Jamesie and the Doctor's Jamie, but we call him "James"."

"How do you tell them apart?

"Well, James is the only one who still wearing a kilt," Jamesie said. "Jamie wearing more casual clothes and I wear leather."

Clara noticed how nice he looked in his leather trouser, boots and jacket with a black t-shirt and she smiled, nodding her head.

"It's a shame you're not traveling with Ben, Polly and Victoria," Twelve said and Trever slyly smiled.

"Oh, I do," he said. "You see, My Good Fellow, once, while we were traveling, we ended up in another universe in which Zoe, Jamie and I were killed, but Ben, Polly and Victoria were still alive. Like the Doctor, I asked them to travel with us and they became a Time Lord and Time Ladies."

"Victoria and James are dating," Zoe said and Jamesie lightly nudged her.

"And you really didn't mind becoming a Time Lord and a Time Lady?" Clara asked.

"No, why, are you thinking of staying?" Zoe asked.

"We are thinking about it, but I'm afraid I would get lost," Twelve sighed and Trevor gave him a smile.

"Ah, that would never happen," he said. "You see, the best thing about all this is you are allowed to come and go as you please, but, if danger raises its ugly head, you have tons of people to come to your aide. I can't tell you the number of times I got into trouble and the Doctor, Amato, Shilah or Duer or any of them came to my rescue. Not that I need their help."

Jamesie pressed his lips together as Zoe gave him an annoyed look and Clara smiled.

"So you think it would be a good idea for us to stay?" Twelve asked.

"Oh yes," Trevor said.

"Well, we have to go," Zoe said as she took hold of the pushchair and Alexander looked up at her. "It's been nice meeting you."

"Bye-bye, Doctor. Bye-bye Pretty Lady," he said as he waved and Clara waved back. They watched Trevor, Jamesie, Zoe and Alexander go down the pavement then Clara looked at the twelfth Doctor and he had a blank look on his face.

"You ok?" she asked as he nodded then took her hand and they walked down the pavement.

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