Chapter Twenty Two

"If you don't mind me asking, Councilor Storm, why are you and your brother in your nightclothes?" Xashon asked and Duer sighed.

"It's because his dimwitted brother didn't let us get dressed when he told us the Doctor wanted us to come with him," Duer said and she smiled.

"I was in a rush," Alan said while coming up behind them and Duer glanced back at him.

"I'm just glad the rain stopped," Adam said as he strolled along and looked at the passageway. The walls of the passageway were a black metal as well as the floors and the ceiling and he noticed there were no vents or air ducts. "This ship was not made for living beings."

"Really, how did you guess that?" Alan asked, walking beside him.

'There are no air ducts or vents," Adam said as he pointed to the ceiling.

"That's good," he said then looked back at the twelfth Doctor and Clara, who were taking the rear. "We wouldn't want any face hugging aliens falling down onto our heads and sucking our brains out."

"He's kidding, right?" Clara asked as she looked at the ceiling. She had seen Alien and knew what face huggers were and the twelfth Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Yes, he's kidding," Twelve said as she held tightly onto his hand and he looked down. Memories of his Rose holding his hand filled his mind as he softly smiled and wrapped their fingers together.

The sound of their footsteps echoed down the passageway when the passageway split into three and River looked at the Doctor.

"So, Sweetie, which way do we go?" she asked and the Doctor pressed his lips together. He looked at the others and did a quick head count. There were eleven of them in total as he tried to evenly split the teams up and sighed.

"Right," he said. "Rain, I want you, Xashon and River to come with me. Alanů"

"Yes, Great Leader," he said with a salute while clicking his heels together and the twelfth Doctor smiled.

"You take Adam, Duer and one of the guards and take the passageway to the left," the Doctor said, pointing to the passageway to the left.

"Yes, Sir, we will do our best not to get killed!" he said and Adam's eyes widened.

"Alan," the Doctor growled and Alan smiled, leaning an elbow on Adam's shoulder. "Now, Doctor, I want you, Clara and the other guard to take the right passageway."

"Right," Twelve said with a nod of his head. He looked at Clara as she nodded her head and they headed down the right passageway.

"Um, I just realized something," Alan said softly to Adam while he, Duer, Adam and the guard headed down the passageway and looked back at the guard. "These guys are wearing red uniforms."

"So?" Adam asked and Alan sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Have you never watched Star Trek and learn the code of the red shirt? They're doomed," he whispered as he elongated the "o" and Adam frowned.

"No they're not," Adam whispered, looking back at the guard.

"You'll see," Alan said as they went around the corner, but didn't notice the shadows following them.


(Adam's house)

Little Alan's eyes opened as he sat up and stretched his arms up. He crawled over the mattress after moving the bedding back and opened the flap of his Ironman play tent. He slid out of bed when he placed his slippers and blue dressing gown on and walked to the bedroom door. Opening the door, he smiled as Clover panted and wagged her tail. She was an Irish wolfhound and Adam was afraid that she and Little Alan wouldn't get along, but Clover's maternal instincts kicked and she was very protective of Little Alan.

"Morning, Clover," he said as he patted her head and they walked down the hallway. She led him down the stairs when they came to the kitchen and he saw Marion near the stove. "Morning, Mama."

"Hello, Honey," she said as he walked to the kitchen island and climbed onto the chair.

"Where's Daddy?" he asked, looking back at the kitchen doorway. He knew that Adam sometimes got up early to write and Little Alan wiggled on the chair.

"He and Uncle Duer went to help the Doctor with something," she said as she placed the glass of milk on the counter and he frowned.

"Why didn't he bring me? I could have help," he said and sipped on the milk. Marion knew that Little Alan wanted to be a Time Lord one day and loved going on adventures with either Adam or Alan.

"I know, but they were just going to go look at some spaceship that landed at the docking bay," she said and placed a plate with scrambled eggs, sausages and cut fruit chunks.

"He still should have taken me. I like spaceships," he said and she ruffled his hair while he pouted then placed a piece of sliced banana in his mouth.


(Duer's house)

Frankie sighed as she opened her eyes and reached her hand across the mattress. She felt the empty space where Duer should be as she sat up and looked around the room.

"Duer, where are you?" she thought as she set up a privacy block and pulled his mind forward.

"Sorry about that, Love," he thought. "The Doctor asked me and Adam to help him check out a spaceship that landed at the docking bay."

"Does he know who the spaceship belongs to?"

"No, that's the odd thing. Apparently the ship was flown by store dummies."

"You're kidding."

"That's what we're trying to find out," he thought and she looked to see his clothes sitting neatly folded on the chair.

"Uh, what are you wearing?"

"Now isn't the time to get naughty, Sugar Lips," he thought and she softly laughed.

"Funny, the reason I ask is your clothes are still here."

"Alan dragged me out of the house in my jimjams, dressing gown and slippers. He did the same with Adam."

"Ah, well, be careful," she thought as she let the privacy block down and got out of bed, She walked to the chair when she picked up his shirt then held the shirt to her chest and sighed.


The twelfth Doctor, Clara and the guard walked down the passageway while the twelfth Doctor led the way and Clara looked at the ceiling.

"Are you sure it's safe in here?" Clara asked as they walked around the corner and the twelfth Doctor looked back at her.

"Positive," he said as they walked on, but didn't notice one of the doors opening and something stepped out into the passageway.

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