Chapter One

Rose was sitting on the sofa reading a book and enjoying a day off from exploring and monsters. Jack, Mickey and the Ninth Doctor were elsewhere in the TARDIS while she read. Suddenly, Jack burst into the room and screamed "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!" before he began to dance over to her. Rose dropped the book and stared at him. Jack had an Ipod strapped to his belt and he had earbuds in his ears. He was doing an exaggerated stepping dance while he crossed his arms in front of him and bobbed them up and down. He danced over to Rose and stopped.

"That was stupid, whatever it was you were doing," she said when Jack removed the earbuds.

"Oh, that's right, Gangnam Style wasn't around when you started traveling with the Doctor," Jack said.

He restarted the Gangnam Style song after he gave the Ipod to Rose. Rose listened, a huge frown on her face.

"What language is this?" she said while she listened.

"Korean," Jack said loudly.

He smiled when Rose's head began to bob up and down while she listened. She giggled a couple of times before the song was through.

"It's got a great beat to it," she said, taking the earbuds out and handing the Ipod to Jack.

"Yes, it was popular in 2012," Jack said, taking it from her.

"In Korea?" Rose said.

"In many places around the world, thanks to the internet," Jack said.

"A song from Korea became popular all over the world? I mean it's catchy but…Korean?"

"Earthlings, no telling what new fad will catch their fancy," Jack said with a shrug. "But it has a dance that goes with it. That's what I was doing when I came in the room."

"Okay, the dance is stupid then," Rose said.

"But…I had a thought. Perhaps the Doctor needs some entertainment and we can dance for him," Jack said.

"Perhaps the Doctor is busy doing something and he'll hit us on the head if we bother him," Rose countered.

"He'll enjoy it. Besides, he probably knows what it is and he'll have a laugh after he sees our dance," Jack said. "Besides, he loves anything you do. So can I teach you how to do the Gangnam Style dance?"

Rose giggled and nodded. She put the book aside and for the next thirty minutes, Jack instructed her on how to do the dance and made her practice it until she was fairly proficient. Then with a grin, he took Rose's hand and they went to find the Doctor.


Mickey sat on the jumpseat watching while the Doctor did some calibrations for his console.

"D'ya do this often?" Mickey said while the Doctor fiddled with a few knobs.

"Not often but sometimes she needs a bit of a tune-up to stay functional," the Doctor said, looking at the monitor.

The Doctor froze in the middle of turning a knob when the TARDIS started playing Gangnam Style throughout the TARDIS.

"What the hell is that?" Mickey said, looking up.

"One of the most irritating things the apes ever came up with," the Doctor said, straightening up. "Okay, TARDIS, you can stop now."

Just then Rose danced into the room. Mickey stood up and watched while she stepped lively and bobbed her arms up and down in front of her before pretending to lasso something. Then Jack followed her into the room.

"What is this then?" Mickey said to the Doctor.

"This is the idiotic dance that goes along with the idiotic song," the Doctor said.

He had to smile though when Rose giggled and danced towards him.

"Oppa Gungnam Style!" she yelled.

"Heeeeey, sexy laaaadeeeee," Jack sang as he stepped up onto the platform and did the dance around the console.

"Jack showed me this song and dance," Rose said after she stopped in front of the Doctor.

"I figured that," the Doctor said with a smile.

Rose began to gyrate her hips in time to the beat.

"What language is this?" Mickey said.

"It's Korean, Mickey Mouse," Jack said as he came around the console.

"Why isn't the TARDIS translating then," Mickey said.

"Because the song is catchier in Korean!" Jack said over his shoulder while he continued to do the dance around the console.

"Come on, Doctor, it is a catchy tune," Rose said as she swiveled her hips.

The Doctor chuckled and began to move his hips with her. Jack came back around the console and stopped beside Mickey.

"Come on, Mickey, I'll show you how to do the dance," Jack said.

Mickey watched the Doctor and Rose moving to the beat and smiled.

"Okay, show me," he said to Jack.

"Just follow me and do what I do then," Jack said.

The TARDIS let out a low rumble of laughter while she watched her four occupants dancing together. She observed the Doctor who was dancing around in a circle with Rose and saw the joy on his face while Rose giggled. She loved moments like this when the Doctor could relax and have a little fun. She kept the music going while she watched the four of them dance around the console room and have fun.

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