A/N: And because I can't leave Eleven out of the fun…

Chapter Three

The Doctor, Amy and Rory stood before the Parliament of Daleks, facing countless numbers of the Doctor's adversaries. Rory and Amy stayed close to the Doctor while the Daleks watched them silently.

"So, Doctor," the Dalek Prime Minister said to him. "Will you help us?"

"You want me to go down to this planet of yours?" the Doctor said to him. "A planet filled with Daleks that are even more barmy than you lot are? Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"You will help us, Doctor," Darla said to him. "Or you will die here and now."

"So die here or die on a Dalek planet. Hmmm, I wonder which one I should choose," the Doctor said.


The Doctor spun around when he heard a Dalek behind him speak.

"I'm sorry? What did you just say?" the Doctor said, walking over to the Dalek.

"I SAID NOTHING," the Dalek said to him.

"No, you just said oppa gungnam style. I just heard it," the Doctor said.


The Dalek froze up for a moment and then suddenly he began to sing Gungnam Style along with all the other Daleks in the parliament.

"Doctor, what's going on?" Amy said.

"I don't know. Apparently, the Daleks fancy Korean pop songs," the Doctor said, looking around while the Daleks sang in unison.

He turned around and noticed the Prime Minister wasn't affected but Darla was singing and doing the pony dance. The Doctor giggled at the sight of his old adversaries shrieking Gungnam Style in their robot voices while Darla twirled her imaginary lasso and sang with them.

"What have you done, Doctor?" the Prime Minister said.

"Not a thing," the Doctor said smugly. "I am enjoying this though. Seems like someone has infiltrated the Daleks and gained control of them. Seems like you have a bigger problem than you first thought."

The Doctor giggled when the Parliament yelled out "HEEEEY, SEXY LAADEEEE" in their robot voices. He looked at his confused companions and rode the pony as he walked towards them.

"Doctor, what is this?" Rory said.

"This is a Korean pop song, do what I do and dance along with me!"

Rory and Amy watched while he rode the pony and twirled the lasso.

"And when I thought nothing could top the dance he did at our wedding," Amy muttered to Rory while the Doctor danced in front of them and sang along with the Daleks.


Oswin Oswald grinned as she sat in her chair. She had just finished playing a huge prank on the Daleks, making them sing and dance to an old Earth song for her amusement.

"Take that, you bastards!" Oswin said. "You think you're so superior? Try being superior when you're singing a cheesy Korean pop song in unison."

She sighed contentedly and got up from her seat.

"Now that I'm finished making the Daleks look like arses, I believe my soufflé is done," she said, walking towards her oven.

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