Chapter Three

(Indianapolis, Indiana…)

"Ugh, I don't wanna be heeeere!" Amy said as she stepped outside the TARDIS with Eleven, Rory and River.

The Doctor sighed and turned to look at his obstinate companion.

"What's wrong now?" he said to her.

"Look at this!" Amy said, pointing to a tall brick building nearby. "What is this? Where are we?"

"We are in Indianapolis, Indiana on the campus of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis or IUPUI for short. We are waiting to stand in line and hold hands for charity. That is where we are and what this is, Pond."

"And there's nothing better to do today besides hold hands in Indiana?" Amy said to him.

She noticed the Doctor looked a bit evasive and she raised her eyebrow.

"What are you not telling us?" she said to him.

"Well…today is also the running of the Indianapolis 500," the Doctor said.

"Racing?" Amy said. "We could be going to a race and you have us standing outside holding hands with random people."

"Amy, come on, just have fun with it," Rory said, putting his hand on her arm.

"You're telling me you'd rather do this than go to the Indianapolis 500," Amy said to him.

"Well…no, but look, we're in a time machine, we can do this and come back and see the race," Rory said.

"Exactly, we can do both and right now, we are doing this one. So everyone get into the spirit and…"

The Doctor trailed off when River took his hand and squeezed it.

"Why wait for the queue when we can hold hands right now, Sweetie," River purred in the Doctor's ear.

Amy snickered with the Doctor turned beet red at that and put his free hand over his crotch while River nuzzled his ear. While they were doing that, Rory looked around.

"So…where is the rest of the queue?" Rory said.

"Yeah and anyone else notice how the dark the clouds are and how there's no sun?" Amy said, pointing up to the sky.

"All I notice is your cute little bum," River whispered in the Doctor's ear.

"Right!" the Doctor said, quickly pulling away from his wife before his boner split his trousers. "Um…" he said, checking his watch, "we are a bit early. It's supposed to start at two PM and now it's just half eleven. Be a bit of a wait, I'm afraid."

"Fine, let's go to the race then," Amy said.

"Or…we can marvel at the university and see its wonders," the Doctor said.

Amy turned and looked at the brick building in front of her.

"Yeah, that's nice," she said quickly. "So…done marveling then, let's go to the race."

"Rory, you do realize your wife acts like a nine year old at times, yeah?" the Doctor said to him.

"I do realize that but I've known her far longer than you and I'm used to it," Rory said.

"Doctor, please, let's do something…did you just feel that?" Amy said when a drop of water hit her face.

"Pond, life is not all about roller coasters and things that go vroom, sometimes we need to participate in life changing events that are a bit quieter and…"

The Doctor trailed off when he felt a drop of rain on his face.

"Um…I think it's going to rain," Rory said, glancing up at the darkening sky.

"Still wanna stand in a queue, honey?" River said as rain droplets came down faster.

"What's this?" the Doctor said, looking up at the sky with shock.

"I…think it's called rain, honey," River said patronizingly.

"Yes but…it didn't rain in New York when I was there with Rose," Eleven said.

"And how far away is New York, Doctor?" Amy said. "Doesn't mean it won't rain here if it didn't rain in New York, yeah?"

"Wait, are you telling us that you have once again failed to check out the place you were headed to," Rory said to the Doctor. "Didn't we learn this lesson on Apalapachia?"

"And I told you then that wasn't how I did things and you threatened to leave and you didn't so apparently you're okay with how I do things," the Doctor said to him. "A little rain won't hurt you lot. Come on, have some fun and…"

He trailed off again when the rain came down hard. River raised her eyebrow when he sprinted towards the TARDIS.

"What was that, love?" she yelled, putting her hand to her ear. "A little rain won't hurt us and we should…"

"Oh shut up, Song!" the Doctor yelled over his shoulder as he fished his TARDIS key out of his pocket.

He opened the door and stepped aside as everyone else rushed inside.

"Now, can we go to the race, Doctor?" Amy said, slightly shivering from the cold rain while the Doctor closed the door.

"Well, my guess is since the race takes place outdoors and it is raining at the moment and they don't want the cars sliding off the track, hurtling through the air and landing on the spectators, they probably are postponing the race until further notice. So the answer is no, we can't go to the race until there's a race to go to," the Doctor said, walking up to the console.

"Let's go somewhere else then. Miami would be nice after the unintentional cold shower, courtesy of you and your let's be bloody minded and not check things out way of doing things," Rory said.

"I have an idea," the Doctor said, holding up his finger.

"We're going to Miami?" Amy said.

"No," the Doctor said, pointing the finger at Amy, "we are jumping ahead to the time of the event. This is probably just a brief downpour, nothing to worry about."

"He thinks," River said to her parents.

"Ugh! You're right, Rory. The man is bloody minded," Amy said as the Doctor fiddled with the controls on the TARDIS.

The TARDIS came to life and for a few seconds the interior shook as the rotor went up and down. Then the TARDIS powered down and the Doctor grinned as he sped down the steps to the door.

"Aha, now we'll have a good d…oh bugger," he said when he opened the door and noticed it was still raining heavily.

"Oh look, hasn't stopped raining yet, guess you're not as good as you thought when it came to predicting the weather," Amy said sarcastically to him.

"In his defense, there are people standing in the queue now," River said, pointing to a line about fifty feet from the door.

The people nearest the TARDIS were looking at it in shock and the Doctor knew that they had watched him land in front of them. He looked at his family for a moment before sprinting outside.

"Thank you, thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoyed my magic trick in honor of this momentous occasion!" he said as rain poured down on him.

"You gonna go out there and join him?" Rory asked his wife.

"Nope," Amy said as the three of them stood at the door and watched him.

The Doctor turned around and beckoned to them as rain dripped off his hair and onto his clothes.

"No thanks, nice and warm here," Amy said to the others.

"Well, I'm getting in the spirit of things, Mother," River said before stepping outside.

"There she is, everyone, my beautiful wife," the Doctor said, pointing to River as she walked towards him. "Give her a round of applause."

The people in the queue applauded and the Doctor and River took a bow. Then they joined the queue and stood together, holding hands in the rain. Amy noticed the Doctor was giving her and Rory a pointed look while they stood there.

"Eh, what the hell," Rory said with a shrug before walking outside.

The crowd applauded and cheered and the Doctor grinned when Rory bowed and pumped his fist in the air, whooping it up and getting the others revved up. He joined the queue, holding River's hand while all of them looked right at Amy.

"Come on, you lot, let's get Amy out here!" the Doctor yelled, pointing at the TARDIS.

Amy chuckled when the Doctor got the crowd to chant her name. By now, him and everyone else were completely soaked through but they still called to her and Amy shrugged.

"Eh, if I get pneumonia, the Doctor can cure me," she said before she stepped outside and shut the doors to the sound of the crowd cheering.

She turned and laughed as the Doctor got everyone to pump their fists in the air and whoop and he held out his hand to her.

"Glad you could make it to the party, Pond," he said as Amy took her hand.

"Yeah, well…gotta keep an eye on you lot," Amy said with a grin.

The Doctor grinned back, squeezed her hand and everyone turned their attention to the organizers as they stepped up to start the festivities.


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