Chapter One

Amy and Rory were sitting with River in the TARDIS lounge chatting and catching up on what had happened since they last saw each other. Suddenly, the Doctor burst into the room and rushed over to them.

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" he bellowed at them.

Everyone fell silent and stared at him while the Doctor looked around, waiting for his wife and in-laws to speak.

"What is your idea?" Amy finally said when the Doctor just kept staring at them like a grinning goon.

"THANKSGIVING!" the Doctor yelled. "Have you ever experienced an American thanksgiving celebration with turkey and all the trimmings?"

"Um…no," Amy said.

"Well, we must go and experience it then!" he said, grabbing hold of Rory with a manic look on his face.

Amy snickered at the shocked look on her husband's face.

"Okay," Rory said, not sure how to respond to the Doctor.

"So…we go to America and eat at a restaurant then?" Amy said.

"No, we go find a house and eat with the people inside it," the Doctor said, letting go of Rory.

He stepped back and gave them all a "Damn, I'm good," look while his three companions looked at each other.

"And do you have a house in mind, sweetie?" River said.

"Nah. We just go to a random location, find a random house and ask to come and eat with them," the Doctor said.

"And get shot dead because we'll be seen as a bunch of crazies by the random Americans," Amy said.

"No," the Doctor said. "We will use our perceived Britishness to our advantage."

"Oh…I see," Amy said. "We knock on a door and when they open it, we'll say, "Cheers Gov, we're a bunch of lost Brits and we're absolutely peckish. We notice it's the time when you Colonials celebrate your Thanksgiving so can we have some of your Yank turkey, mates?"

"Exactly!" the Doctor said.

His companions looked at him as if his head had been replaced by his bow tie.

"Come on, it'll be an adventure," the Doctor said, looking at each of them in turn. "River, you love adventure!"

"I also love breathing and staying alive," River said. "I think my daughter is right about getting shot when we try to barge in on someone's dinner."

"No, we'll be friendly. We can be friendly, right?" the Doctor said.

"And where in America are we going?" Amy said.

"Random location?" the Doctor said, shrugging.

"So we're going to God knows where and eating with God knows who just so you can have some turkey," Rory said.

"Beats eating in a restaurant," the Doctor said.

"And what's wrong with here?" Amy said, pointing down to the floor. "Why not recreate Thanksgiving inside here?"

"Because I wanna meet people," the Doctor said. "I see you lot every day."

"That's true but at least I know you lot and know you won't shoot me for trespassing," Amy said.

"We'll be charming and talk our way into a house," the Doctor said.

"Heh, you first, mate," Rory said. "I'm with Amy on this one."

"River? Please?" the Doctor said as he walked over to her.

He bent down to her face and batted his eyelashes.

"Will you behave?" River said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the Doctor said.

"It means that if anyone has any reason to shoot us it'll be because you'll be acting like a lunatic and scaring the pants off them," River said. "I'll come if you behave yourself."

The Doctor straightened back up and gave her an indignant look.

"I am the very model of decorum," he said.

"Wow, he said that with a straight face, I'm impressed," Rory said to his wife and daughter.

"Fine, if you want to sit here and rabbit on about…X Factor or whatever you bang on about, I'll go by myself," the Doctor said before striding out of the room.

His companions watched him walk out of the room before River let out a world weary sigh and stood up.

"Come on, mum and dad, we better go with him before he ends up getting shot in some distant American location," she said.

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