Chapter Five

Lori went downstairs to the garage and warmed up her car after opening the garage door. While she was doing that, the Doctor and his family walked into the living room. Off to the right was a long hallway with several rooms on either side of it and one room at the very end. The room at the very end had the music and laughter coming from it.

Amy was standing beside Rory, waiting for Lori to come back when she felt someone tug on her jeans. She looked down and did a double take when Tom pulled down his pajama bottoms and underwear and showed her his tiny penis.

"Pee pee," he said, pointing to it.

"Yeah, that's nice, Tom," Amy said while her friends snickered. "Now pull your pants and jimjams back up, yeah?"

She recoiled when Tom tried to touch her crouch with his finger.

"You have girl parts," Tom said.

"Yeah, don't touch them," Amy said while Rory snickered and held her close.

River tried to help the little boy pull up his pants and pajama bottoms but he kicked them off and went back to the TV. He sat down on the floor and the Doctor giggled when he watched the TV half dressed.

"Look closely, Rory, this is what you have to deal with when you have children," Amy said, pointing to Tom.

"He just feels like relaxing and being free of clothes for a bit, what's wrong with that," Rory said.

"Nothing at all," the Doctor said.

The Doctor frowned when Amy jerked her head around and stared at him with wide eyes.

"You don't agree with that?" he said to her.

"No, I figured after you said that, you'd strip off your clothes and join him," Amy said.

"I wouldn't do that," the Doctor protested.

"Yes, you would, sweetie," River said.

"No one asked you," the Doctor said while Amy and River shared a high five.

"Okay," Lori said, coming up the stairs. "It's ready."

"Um…your son is being an exhibitionist up here," Amy said to her.

"Did he pull his pants off in front of you?" Lori said, turning and looking up at them from the stairs as they looked over the partition.

"Yes and he's watching telly that way now," Rory said.

"Arrrgh!" Lori said, turning around and heading the rest of the way up. "I'm sorry; we're trying to get him to stop that. He likes to show off his penis and touch others inappropriately. He's five so he's fascinated by groins at the moment."

"No harm done, it's just childlike curiosity," the Doctor said as Lori came into the hallway and turned to go into the lounge.

The Doctor followed her when she went into the lounge. Tom tried to get away from her when Lori snatched up his clothes and tried to go to him but the Doctor grabbed him and held him while she forced her son to put his clothes back on. Tom gave the Doctor an indignant look and tried to squirm out his grasp but the Doctor held him immobile until his pants and pajama bottoms were back on.

"There, now watch Spongebob and quit stripping for everyone in the house," she said, giving his bottom a swat. "Thank you, Doctor."

"My pleasure," the Doctor said, letting go of Tom.

Tom gave him one more dirty look before he plopped back down in front of the TV.

"I'm sure he'll be an exhibitionist tomorrow so be prepared," Lori said to them. "Anyway, Jim will look after him and everyone else so follow me."

They walked back to the stairs and went downstairs. While they were walking down, Amy got a funny feeling. She looked to her left and saw the den and a doorway with a glassless window and a wooden counter near the back of the room. She swore something was watching her from the darkened room.

"What is that room, Lori?" she said, pointing to it.

Lori stopped on the stairway and looked where she was pointing.

"That was a project that was started by my husband and his father when they built this house for us," she said. "It's supposed to be like a bar but they never finished it and there's a bathroom back there, they never finished and at the back of the room is a door that leads to a storage room. Why?"

"I got this creepy feeling coming down," Amy said. "Like something is back there watching me."

"Thank you," Lori said.

"I'm sorry?" Amy said.

"I have the same feeling but Jim swears it's my imagination. The children don't like it either. They run up the stairs to get away from that room and I don't like being down here either. This was all open land before they built here and I think there's something here. But don't tell Jim that because he'll argue with you. But thank you for validating me, at least someone can feel it too."

"Can you feel it?" Amy asked her family.

The Doctor, Rory and River looked at the room. They shook their heads.

"Doesn't mean something isn't there," the Doctor said. "Some people are more sensitive to vibrations and pick them up more easily."

"Whatever you say, it just feels creepy down here," Amy said.

They went down the stairs. In front of the stairs was a wooden door to a closet and to their right was another door that led out to the garage. The air smelled like car exhaust while they walked to Lori's cobalt blue Chevy Nova. The Doctor got in the passenger side while the others got into the back. Lori got in and asked everyone to put their seatbelts on.

"It snowed yesterday and I haven't been out since then. I don't know how treacherous the roads are right now," she said, buckling her seatbelt after shutting her door.

She slowly backed the car out before hitting a button on the remote clipped to the visor above her head. The door went down in front of them while she slowly turned the car and positioned herself on the back of the driveway. She cursed slightly while the car struggled to get through the snow at the back before she finally found the rut made by the truck and she was able to drive more easily. The Doctor relaxed while she turned her car to the right at the end of the driveway and drove back the way they came.

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