Chapter Ten

Michelle walked to her room, elated that she had real friends that really liked her for who she was. And she knew a big secret that no one else knew and it made her feel important. She didn't want to disappoint the Doctor so she made up her mind to never tell anyone he was a space alien.

As she passed by Brittany's room, she stopped and wandered in. Brittany was still reading and she put down her book and smiled at her sister.

"Hey, Creepy, whatcha doing?" she said fondly.

"I got friends, Sissy. Doctor and River and Amy and Rory, they wanna be my friends and they're gonna play outside with me," she squealed.

"Yay! I'm glad you found friends, you need some," Brittany said, sitting up and tousling her hair. "You need to find other people besides us to hang around with."

"I'm glad they came, they're gonna stick up for me if anyone says anything to me tomorrow too," Michelle said.


"Well, gotta go get my coat and stuff on so I can build a snowman. See ya!" Michelle said, walking out of the room.

"Bye, Creepy, don't give them your cooties!" Brittany yelled as she went out the door.

"You give people cooties!" Michelle yelled back.

"Nah, you do!" Brittany called out.

"You!" Michelle said from inside her room.

She heard her sister giggling and she smiled while she got up from the bed and went to find her mother. She found her cooking dinner in the kitchen. Lori smiled when she walked inside.

"Mom, where did you find these people?" Brittany said, sitting on one of the bar stools. "The Doctor and the others, I mean."

"Dad found them walking up the road and they said they wanted to eat Thanksgiving somewhere. Why?"

"Shelly is happy now because they told her they'd be her friends and they're going outside with her to play in the snow."

Lori beamed.

"I'm glad. They're nice people, I can tell. It'll be nice for Shelly to have someone to talk to."

"Shelly also said that they said they'd stick up for her tomorrow if people started being assholes to her," Brittany said.

Lori sighed while she opened the fridge.

"I told them about your family and how they are," she said while she rummaged in the fridge. "I warned them they might get a bit rowdy. I hate for them to be embarrassed by their behavior but I'm glad they're willing to look out for Shelly and tell them to back off if they say anything."

Brittany nodded. She smiled when Michelle came into the room dressed in a pink coat with matching pink hat, gloves and rubber books.

"I'm going to go outside and play with the Doctor and Rory and Amy and River," she said, walking over to her mother.

"I'm glad, honey. Brit said they want to be your friends now."

Michelle beamed and nodded. Lori kissed her cheek and told her to have fun. She watched lovingly while her daughter hurried out of the room.

"Yes, I think it was a good idea for your father to bring those four here for Thanksgiving," Lori said to her daughter when Michelle was out of earshot.


"There she is!" the Doctor said when Michelle opened the door and stepped outside. "I thought the siren call of her book was too strong for her to resist."

"I told Mommy that I was coming out here but I didn't tell her what you said to me," Michelle said, walking down the porch steps.

"See, Pond, she listens when I tell her not to do something," the Doctor said to Amy.

Amy who was rolling a snowball in the snow flipped him off without looking behind her. Michelle looked at the steep hill that led down to the driveway and trundled over to the Doctor.

"Be careful if you go over to that hill cause people slip and slide down it sometimes," she said.

"Oh? Do you do that?" the Doctor said while he made a snowball.

"No but daddy has and some of my stupid uncles got drunk and did it. It's funny cause they go zooming down the hill on their butts."

"So…if I pick up Rory and fling him down the hill will you think it's funny?" the Doctor said.

"No, cause Rory's my friend."

"Thank you!" Rory said while Amy giggled. "Thank you, Michelle, for defending me."

"You're welcome," Michelle said while she walked over to Rory.

He and River were making the bottom half of the snowman. Michelle looked around and noticed his father, sister, brother and Rex were out in the middle of the field, walking and talking. Rex looked back and they heard him bark.

"Reggie just said hello to us," the Doctor said as he built up his snowball in the snow.

He glanced over when Spot came out of his house and walked over to a large blue bowl to get a drink.

"Hey, Michelle, if I let Spot out and sicced him on Rory would you think that was funny?" the Doctor said to her.

"No, Rory's my friend," Michelle said, patting some snow onto the Doctor's snowball.

"Is this pick on Rory day or something?" Rory said to him.

"Every day is pick on Rory day, my friend," the Doctor said over his shoulder. "Hey," he said in a loud whisper to Michelle. "You see the big nose on Rory's face. One time we were on this planet and he sneezed inside this city and knocked all the people out of it. We were all alone for hours while people walked miles and miles to get back home."

River snicked along with Michelle while Rory eyed the Doctor. Rory grinned and walked up to the Doctor. He feigned a loud sneeze and the Doctor gasped and pretended to stumble. Michelle laughed when he pretended to tetter at the top of the hill before he waved his arms around and ran down it, yelling in pretend terror. The Doctor got to the bottom of the hill and plopped down in the snow.

"Ow, Rory broke my bum, I can't stand now," the Doctor yelled while Michelle giggled.

"For shame, Rory. That's the twentieth time you broke the Doctor's bum," Amy said to her husband.

"Blame my nose, I don't know my own strength sometimes," he said, tapping the side of it while he walked back to River.

River walked past him and walked over to Michelle. She winked at her little friend and took her hand before they walked down the hill to the Doctor who was still sitting in the snow.

"Are you gravely injured, love?" River said sweetly when they stopped beside him.

"My bum bone is broken," the Doctor whined while Michelle giggled. "Kiss it and make it better?"

Michelle, Amy and Rory snickered while River raised her eyebrow. The Doctor gave her a devilish grin and pointed to his butt.

"I'll kiss your cheeks but not those cheeks," River said, pointing to his butt.

The Doctor pouted and then smiled when Michelle let go of River's hand and held her hand out to him.

"Are you going to help me up then?" he said.

Michelle nodded.

"You're such a helpful little girl," the Doctor said, taking her hand and standing up. "Not like the ungrateful wenches who are married to one another and are too busy making a snowman to care about poor pitiful me down here."

"Gee, suddenly I feel like opening Spot's cage and let the Doctor talk himself out of a mauling, you?" Amy said to her husband.

"After having to listen to the nose remark, open it and let the cougar run, my wife," Rory said to her.

"See, they don't like me," the Doctor said to Michelle.

"Perhaps, my love, if you refrain from making fun of them, they might like you more," River said sweetly.

"But then I'd be bored," the Doctor said to her.

He grinned and patted Michelle on the head.

"You like the Backstreet Boys?" he asked her.

Michelle nodded. The Doctor cleared his throat and began to sing loudly.

"You are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say, I WANT POND TO GO AWAY!" he bellowed while Michelle giggled.

"That's it, cougar is coming out of the cage now," Amy said as she started walking towards the cage.

She spun around when the cougar growled at her.

"Ha ha," the Doctor said as he, River and Michelle walked back to his snowball. "See? No courage at all."

"At least I'm not a git," Amy said.

"What's a git?" Michelle said to the Doctor.

"A very stupid person, case in point," the Doctor said, pointing to Amy before winking at his little friend.

"See what he does, Michelle?" Amy said to her. "He takes people with him so he can insult him and act superior. So you better think long and hard before traveling with him."

"Hey, Michelle?" the Doctor said to her.

"You can call me Shelly if you want, my family does," Michelle said.

"Ooo, okay, Shelly…Got a question for ya, better answer now. Am I original?" he crooned to her.

"Yeeeah," Michelle sang back.

"Am I the only one?" he sang to Michelle.

"Yeeeah," Michelle sang back.

He looked at River.

"Am I sexual?" he sang to her.

"Not in the least," River said.

Michelle giggled when the Doctor glared at her. River smiled and patted his cheek.

"Are you from Venus?" Michelle asked the Doctor.

"No, I told you, Venus is a rubbish planet. Only rubbish people come from rubbish planets and I'm not a rubbish person."

"Speak for yourself," Amy said while she and Rory lifted the second snowball onto the first.

"Nope," the Doctor said, ignoring Amy. "I am from a planet called Gallifrey."

Michelle frowned.

"I don't know that one," she said.

"Well, not many humans do. It's not widely known and now it's gone so people will probably never know about it."

"Where'd it go?" Michelle said while she help him and River build the snowman's head.

"It burned a long time ago," the Doctor said, patting more snow onto the head. "I'm the last of my kind."


The Doctor looked at Amy when she said that.

"I beg your pardon?" he said.

"River's half Time Lord, you're not the last anymore," she said to him.

"What's a Time Lord?" Michelle said.

"That's what I am and what River is…partly," the Doctor said.

"Where's your spaceship?" Michelle said.

"Way over there," the Doctor said, pointing back to the other road.

"Um…is it blocking the road then? I saw E.T. and his ship was huge," Michelle said.

"No, mine is very small. So small it can stay on the side of the road and not block traffic," the Doctor said.

"Can I see it?" Michelle said.

"Well, we'd have to walk back to it or get a ride and I don't think your mum and dad would approve of me taking you on a walk through the snow and they'd see my ship if they gave us a lift back to it."

"What about that remote control you said you had," Amy said to him.

"Yeah, bring it here so that way we don't have to walk all the way back when we leave here," Rory said. "Park it in the field."

"What if someone sees it? There's windows on every side of the house, it would be a bit obvious," the Doctor said to them.

"Tell mommy that you're an alien and you're good. She'd let you keep it here," Michelle said.

The Doctor and his family shared a glance.

"Dare I?" the Doctor said.

Rory came up beside him.

"If they take us back to the TARDIS, they'll see it," Rory said. "And they'd probably think it was odd if we asked to just ride to the end of this road," he added, pointing to the road.

"If we talk to Lori, maybe she can let us hide the TARDIS in the laundry room," Amy said, coming up beside Rory. "No one will see it there."

"River, what do you think?" the Doctor said.

"She seems like a nice person and you haven't threatened her with a ray gun or gave her an anal probe. The worst that could happen is she could tell us to go and we walk back to the TARDIS," she said with a shrug.

"Unless she calls someone and we find ourselves on a dissection table in the middle of Indiana," the Doctor said.

"And if she threatens that, you use your remote control, call the TARDIS here and we get inside and go," Amy said.

The Doctor looked at his family.

"Will your mum understand?" he asked Michelle.

"Do you have proof you're an alien?" Michelle asked.

"I have two hearts and my TARDIS," the Doctor said. "I could offer those as proof."

"We know about aliens cause there were some that came here a couple years ago," Michelle said. "Just say you're a good alien and I'll say it too. Cause you are," she said, patting his hand.

"Well…I suppose we could try to convince her we aren't here to kill them," the Doctor said. "Okay, we'll go in and speak to your mum then and hope she understands we're only here to enjoy Thanksgiving with her."

"Come on, she's in the kitchen," Michelle said, taking his hand.

"Here goes nothing," the Doctor muttered to his family before they followed her up onto the porch.

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