Chapter Thirteen

"Oh thank God, you got back to the right time," Amy said when they stepped out of the TARDIS into the storage room.

"Amy's a doubter at times, it's very annoying," the Doctor said to Lori while he closed the door.

"Maybe because you told me five minutes and it turned out to be twelve years?" Amy said.

"You're never gonna let me live that down, are you?" the Doctor said to her.

"Nope," Amy said smugly.

"I like your daughter better, Amy's become too annoying. I think I will take Michelle along with me," the Doctor said with a twinkle in his eye while Lori chuckled.

They stepped out of the storage room and Lori shut the door firmly.

"Since you're staying down here, you can keep an eye on it," Lori said to the Doctor. "But no one goes back there so I don't think anything will happen to your ship."

"Even if someone did, it's nearly impossible to break into it," the Doctor said with a casual shrug. "Besides, to them it's just a box."

"But I have some family members who'd be nutty enough to take a big blue box away from here so they could do something with it," Lori said.

"Ah, but if they do, I just use my little remote control and call it back." The Doctor said, waggling his eyebrows. "So, no worries, Lori, nothing will happen to it that I can't deal with."


They looked over when Brittany came down the stairs. She stopped halfway down and looked at them.

"What's going on? I heard this weird noise like a wheezing, is the furnace acting up?"

"Brit, can you do me a favor and keep a secret for me?" Lori said.

"Keep a secret from who?" Brittany said, coming down the stairs.

"I think she could be trusted," Lori said to the Doctor. "Actually, I'm sure even if my children told someone about you, they'd probably think it was some fanciful thing they thought up but I think for the moment we'll leave them and my husband in the dark."

"Agreed," the Doctor said.

"Keep them in the dark about what?" Brittany said, walking over towards them.

"Brit, where's your father and sister and brother?" Lori said.

"I think they're still out for a walk, why? What's this about?"

"You have to promise me you'll keep this a secret from them for the moment. It's just between the people here, is that a promise?"

"Okay," Brittany said, frowning while she looked at the Doctor.

"We can go in my TARDIS, she can soundproof the interior so no one can hear us," the Doctor said to Lori.

"TARDIS? What's that?" Brittany said.

"Come with us, sweetie, the Doctor has something to show you," Lori said, beckoning to her.


After a half hour of show and tell and another quick explanation, everyone emerged from the TARDIS. Brittany was just beginning to get over her shock as she left the timeship and she watched while the Doctor shut the doors.

"Wow, I'm…" Brittany said, trying to find the right words. "This is incredible. But you said you were from London," she said to the Doctor.

"I say that when I don't want people to know what I really am," the Doctor said. "I spent a fair amount of time in England and I picked up the speech and mannerisms of the British people over the years. But I'm from Gallifrey."

"So, you promise not to tell your father or younger siblings for the moment?" Lori said to her.

"Yeah, I promise. Wow, this is so cool," Brittany said, running her hand down the side of the TARDIS. "So…do you need to know anything?" she said to the Doctor.

"Like what?" the Doctor said, frowning.

"How to do certain things? How the world works, I mean you are from outer space. Do you need to learn how to do stuff?"

The Doctor's family chortled at the wide eyed look on his face.

"No, I think I can cope with Earth life well enough," he said dryly while Amy bent over laughing. "I have observed you Earthlings long enough to know what a spoon does."

"Just checking," Brittany said. "I mean, E.T. had to be taught how to do some things."

"That's because E.T. was a moron who let humans dress him like a girl," the Doctor said while Amy laughed harder. "And if you think I'll dress like a ghost and jump in the basket of your bicycle, think again, human."

"You can't make things fly?" Michelle said.

The Doctor looked at Lori with a lopsided grin. He picked Michelle up and made whooshing sounds while he held her in the air. Then he sat her back down again.

"There. You flew. Want to see my glowing finger now?" he said with a wink.

"You said you made that bus fly," Lori said while they headed out of the storage room.

"That was antigravity clamps I put on the wheels. I don't have the power of levitation on my own," the Doctor said while Lori shut the door. "And before you ask, Shelly, I won't bond with you and go and get drunk and watch while you stagger around the room in a drunken stupor. I don't do that, either."

"You're boring," Michelle said.

The Doctor grinned at her and she squealed when he tickled her.

"I can do this though," he said, tickling her while she tried to squirm out of his grasp.

"Mommy, can we sleep down here tonight so we can hang out with them?" Michelle said to her mother when the Doctor stopped tickling her.

"Yeah, can we spend the night down here?" Brittany said.

"Aren't you afraid I might suck your brains out while you sleep?" the Doctor said.

"Brit has no brains so you'll go hungry," Michelle said.

"Speak for yourself, Creepy," Brittany said while the Doctor and his family laughed.

"Creepy, they call you Creepy?" the Doctor said to Michelle.

"She does but that's okay," Michelle said, pointing to Brittany.

"If anyone else calls her that though, they're dead meat," Brittany said to him.

"Good, I'm glad," the Doctor said, letting go of Michelle.

"We can watch the parade tomorrow, you know," Michelle said to the Doctor.

"Parade?" the Doctor said, frowning.

"The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade," Brittany said, "I thought you knew all this Earth stuff, E.T."

"Rory, jab her with your nose, please!" the Doctor said while Amy laughed. "And…Amy….belt up before I put the cougar in your room."

"Oh yes, they're taking the cougar with them when they leave," Lori said to Brittany.

"Good! Take it far away and leave it on Mars or something," Brittany said.

"Whooo, someone doesn't like the cougar," River said.

"Sorry, my uncle got it for dad and I don't like it. Whenever it's out of its house, people slow down and gawk at it from the road. Makes me feel like a hillbilly."

"Don't you need a permit for that sort of thing?" the Doctor said.

"Yeah, it's a wild animal," River said. "Doesn't it need expert attention?"

"You'd think so but for all I know, we're keeping it here illegally. The cops here are woefully inadequate. They do as little as they possibly can so I'm sure until Spot mauls someone they won't interfere. But anyway, I need to go back to preparing the turkey so you guys make yourselves at home. Doctor, glad to know you're not a brain sucking alien."

"Nah, brains taste nasty straight from the skull," he said with a wink.

"Behave, you two," Lori said to her children. "And no trips to Saturn without my permission, hear me?"

Brittany shared a glance with her sister and they giggled as they nodded.

"Beware of them, Doctor. You might have your hands full once they get going," Lori said before she went up the stairs.

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