Chapter Seventeen

After breakfast, the Doctor and his family went back downstairs with Brittany. Brittany turned on the TV and found the parade again.

"Creepy, hurry up, the parade's still on," Brittany called up the stairs.

"Coming," Michelle said.

She came down the stairs with Mandy and Tom but they stopped near the top.

"Watch this, guys," Michelle said to her friends

They watched while she sat down with her legs hanging off the edge of the stairs. Then with a whoop she pushed off into the air and fell ten feet to the floor. She got out of the way and Mandy did the same followed by Tom. They laughed and climbed the stairs again and did it again. The Doctor got up, rushed up the stairs and they laughed when he sat down a few steps below them and pushed himself off, falling six feet before landing on his feet.

"I can do that too," the Doctor said proudly as he walked back to the sofa.

Michelle rushed down the stairs and ran to the sofa.

"Can you do this?" she said to the Doctor.

She lay down on her back in front of them and kicked her legs up in the air. She grabbed them and put them behind her head while she pushed the front half of her body up between the space in her legs. The Doctor's eyes boggled when she rocked back and forth this way while smacking her ass repeatedly.

"Um…no, I can't do that," the Doctor said while everyone laughed. "I don't think I could get out of it once I got into it. You know, I do like my companions to have special abilities, so if I ever have need of a human pretzel, I'll be sure to contact you."

They laughed when Brittany ran up and smacked her ass. Michelle laughed and did a drum roll on her own ass before she let her legs go up over her head and she straightened out.

"See, you can't do that," the Doctor said to River.

"I don't want to," River replied.

"Shelly, look, it's Santa," Brittany said, pointing to the TV.

Michelle jerked her head around and looked at the TV. Santa was in a large sleigh on a float pulled by eight reindeer statues. Santa waved to the crowd in New York while the announcers proclaimed that Christmas could officially start now.

"Is this what you were waiting for then?" the Doctor teased as he walked up and bent over to look at Michelle. "Santa? I'm better than he is."

"Do you deliver presents to children?" Michelle said, looking at him.

"I gave you a book, didn't I?" the Doctor said.

"You didn't give Brit anything," Michelle said, pointing to her sister.

"I didn't know Brit that well. But…now that I do…"

He walked away. They watched while he walked through the unfinished room and they heard the back door opening and closing. He came back five minutes later with another tiny Perspex box containing another silver leaf. He presented it to Brittany while Michelle watched and he explained what it was.

"Whoa, cool! Thanks!" Brittany said, hugging him. "This is awesome. A leaf from your own planet. It's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it," the Doctor said, smiling.

"Hey, let's go play in the snow again now that the parade is over," Michelle said to them while she turned off the TV. "We have sleds we can use. They're in the garage."

She hurried into the garage and came back ten minutes later carrying large orange and blue plastic discs in her hands. Each disc had a nylon strap at the front so the person could hold on. She showed them to her friends and sister.

"We can use these," she said, holding them up.

"Brilliant," the Doctor said. "Let's get our gear on and have a bit of fun outside."


After getting their winter coats and gear on, all of them went outside with Rex. Mandy and Tom were already outside, romping around in the snow and they rushed over when they saw the Doctor and Rory carrying the discs.

"We have hills on all sides so we can sled down any of them," Michelle said. "Wow, it really snowed last night," she said, looking at the snow that was now nearly up to her knees.

She looked up and noticed the sky was overcast with dark grey clouds.

"I bet we get more," Michelle said to the others while she followed them to the front hill

"Still hoping they don't come?" the Doctor said as he sat the orange disc down at the top of the hill.

"Yeah. I hope…"

She trailed off when she spied a white pick up truck driving down the road. The truck had a plow fixed to the front of it and she groaned when it passed by and made the road passable. They watched while the truck stopped at their driveway and went down it, making that passable too. The Doctor patted her shoulder when she sighed angrily.

"We'll have fun even if they do come," the Doctor said.

He sat down in the disc and put his knees up to his chest, putting his feet inside it while he grabbed the nylon strap.

"Push me!" he called out.

Mandy sloshed up behind him and pushed on his back. Tom came up and helped and the Doctor grinned as they pushed him nearer the slope of the hill. Then he was away and he whooped as he slid down the hill. He kept on sliding till he reached the driveway and then he stopped and sat there.

"Okay, pull me back up again," he yelled out.

He looked over his shoulder and saw Rory coming down on the blue disc while the children cheered. He stuck his right foot out, pretending to clothesline him while Rory stopped near him.

"Blast, you stopped too soon," the Doctor said to Rory.

"No, I stopped just in time to avoid your leg in my face," he said while he and his friend got up.

Rory walked back up the hill with the disc. The Doctor followed him but halfway up he pretended to struggle and let out a huge grunt.

"Must muster the strength to go on," he gasped while the children laughed. "Can't go on. Strength…failing."

The children laughed harder when he let go of the disc and fell down belly first in the snow. He flailed around for a moment before he lay still with his arms and legs askew and his face turned to the side as he lay on the snow. Mandy hurried down the hill to him.

"Ah, little Mandy, help me, please," the Doctore said.

His eyes bulged when Mandy smacked his ass and screamed, "GET UP!" Everyone laughed when the Doctor raised his head and stared at her.

"Someone needs to tutor you on how to properly help someone," he said to Mandy while she giggled.

Amy hurried down the hill and the Doctor's mouth dropped open when she smacked his ass.

"You heard her, get up!" Amy said while Mandy laughed hysterically.

"Fine, I'm getting up," the Doctor said as he rose up.

He brushed the snow off his body and picked up the disc. He walked the rest of the way up with Mandy and Amy and handed the disc to Amy when they reached the top. Amy got in and pushed herself and whooped while she slid down the hill. Michelle took the blue disc from Rory. They watched as she took a running start, leapt up and landed belly first inside the disc, sliding headfirst down the hill.

"Why don't you do that?" River said to her husband as she pointed to Michelle.

"Because I'm not the Human Pretzel," the Doctor said as Michelle slid to a stop near Amy.

He pet Rex and woofed a greeting to him while Amy and Michelle walked back up the hill. For a few hours, they took turns sledding down the hill. Then the Doctor heard Michelle groan and turned to see a black SUV coming down the road.

"That's my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Dan," Michelle said to the Doctor while the SUV beeped at them before slowing down and turning into the driveway.

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