Chapter Twenty

When they came out of the woods, the Doctor waved to Lori who was standing on the upper deck.

"We're coming!" he yelled, cupping his hands to his mouth.

Lori nodded and went back inside while everyone headed for the house. They noticed another car was coming up the driveway now. A dark blue Prius.

"That's our Great Aunt Alicia and Great Uncle Tom," Brittany said, pointing to the car as it went past the other cars and parked in front of the garage. "Our Tom was named after him."

"And what do they do?" the Doctor said while they walked.

"Fall asleep in the chairs and wear Depends," Brittany said. "They're not offensive, at least not like our cousins and Uncle Dan. They're just very old and act like old people."

"So they fart a lot," Tom said.

"They do?" Amy said to Tom. "Will they fart on the turducken then?"

The children giggled.

"No, they poop on it," Tom said.

"I'll poop on it as well. Turducken is rubbish," the Doctor said while the children giggled. "I hope your mum has some proper turkey for me to tuck into."

"She does," Brittany said. "She hates turducken too."

"Good. I like your mum more and more with each passing minute," the Doctor said.

"Marry her, then," Mandy said.

"I am married," the Doctor said while the children giggled. "I'm married to River."

"That must be a wet marriage if you're married to the river," Michelle said.

She squealed and the others laughed when the Doctor let out a roar and chased her. He pretended to trip and let out an "Aaaah!" as he slowly fell down. He lay face first in the snow while the children laughed. Mandy trotted up to him and bent over.

"Are you dead now?" she asked.

"No," the Doctor said while the others laughed. "If I were dead, I wouldn't be talking to you."

"Then get up!" Mandy said, smacking his butt.

Tom giggled and came over and smacked it with her. They continued to smack his butt while they screamed for him to get up.

"Excuse me, companions and wife of mine? Assistance would be nice!" the Doctor yelled while Mandy and Tom smacked his butt and laughed. "My bum is tender now and you're standing about laughing at me!"

"Hey!" Amy said, walking up to Mandy and Tom.

"He won't get up," Mandy said to Amy.

"Well, stop hitting his bum and give him a chance to," Amy said with a wink.

They backed off and the Doctor got up and brushed the snow off him, smiling when Mandy and Tom brushed the snow off his trousers.

"Right, let's sally forth and get us some scrumptious turkey then," the Doctor said to them when they finished getting the snow off his body.


When they reached the house, they went in through the garage to avoid the family upstairs. But when they stepped into the den, they saw Alicia and Tom sitting on the sofa bed, chatting while they enjoyed the newly made fire. The children ran to them and hugged them, except for Michelle. She hung back with the Doctor and took his hand while he and his family followed the others. Alicia and Tom were both in their 70's with wrinkled faces, white hair and jowls. Both of them were wearing wire rimmed glasses. Tom was dressed in a brown suit with white shirt and blue tie and Alicia was wearing a floral print dress with a blue shawl around her shoulders. She smiled warmly at the Doctor.

"Lori told us about all of you," Alicia said in a slightly quavering voice. "Happy Thanksgiving."

"And you," the Doctor said.

"Well, let's go upstairs and eat," Alicia said to the children.

Rory assisted Alicia up the stairs while the Doctor went up beside Great Uncle Tom.

"So, you're from England?" Tom asked the Doctor.

"Yes, I am," the Doctor said.

"I've been to England before in my younger days, beautiful country," Tom said.

"I think so too," the Doctor said.

Lori looked over the partition as they reached the top of the stairs.

"That's all that's coming today, everyone else decided to stay in," Lori said to them. "The snow was brutal in some areas."

"Phew," Michelle said softly.

Alicia thanked Rory when she reached the top step and stepped up into the hallway. She and her husband made their way to the big table which now had two extra leaves added to it. The Doctor walked over to Lori and whispered in her ear.

"You do have regular turkey, right?"

"You mean turkey that isn't turducken?" Lori said softly.

She snickered when the Doctor widened his eyes and nodded.

"Yes, we do. I don't like that turducken crap either," she said softly. "Why? They didn't have turducken where you came from?"

"Thankfully, no," the Doctor said while Lori laughed.

Most of the family were sitting at the table, except for Uncle Dan and Jim. Randy and Jack were eyeing them while they walked into the living room and Amy put her hand over her mouth to hide her giggles when the Doctor began softly whistling Dixie to her. Michelle stayed close to her friends while they walked towards the table.

"Look, the brainiac doesn't have a book with her," Randy said to Jack. "Maybe she's gonna be sociable for a change."

River let out a low growl but kept silence while she pulled out a chair for Michelle. The Doctor looked around for Lori but she'd gone into the kitchen. Michelle was about to sit down when Randy suddenly shook his head.

"They eat in the kitchen," Randy said. "The children's table."

The Doctor froze and gave him a dirty look.

"That's the way it's always been," Randy said smugly to him. "The children eat in the kitchen and the adults eat out here."

"Fine," the Doctor said. "Children, come with me."

The Doctor took Michelle's hand and the children followed them. He very pointedly sat down at the kitchen table with the children and Michelle smiled while she sat down next to him.

"I'm a child at heart so I belong here," the Doctor said, loud enough for the people in the other room to hear.

Dan, Jim and Lori were standing by the stove. Dan was giving the Doctor an odd look but Lori was smiling and nudging Jim.

"Children, come and get your food," Lori said to them.

Everyone got up and walked over to the counter which was now filled with food. There were plates, glasses and silverware by the food along with some napkins. Lori walked over to the Doctor and pointed out the turkey for him. While he was helping himself to some, she leaned in.

"Thank you for that," Lori said. "Jim and I actually don't mind the children sitting with us but they do so I'm glad you made a point of sitting with them."

"Well, from what I've seen and heard, I have a feeling the children will be better behaved than the adults," the Doctor whispered.

Lori snorted and nodded emphatically. She patted him on the shoulder and told him to help himself to as much as he wanted. The Doctor thanked her and piled his plate with food before sitting back down with the children.

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