Chapter Twenty Seven

After Donna came out of the bathroom, they spent some time in the storage room exploring it. Eleven smiled when Donna looked at a box of Christmas ornaments with him.

"So, this is the next version of you," Donna said to him while she examined a reindeer plushie.

"Yup, this is me," Eleven said, pleased to hear her voice again.

"Where am I? I mean, you have your friends but how come I'm not with you," Donna said softly to him.

Eleven's hearts ached at that but he managed to hide his anguish.

"You left me," he said softly.

"Why?" Donna said with genuine confusion.

"I can't say," Eleven said sadly.

"Did we have a falling out? You didn't want me anymore and wanted me to leave? I mean, could you tell me that much?"

"No, we didn't have a falling out. It's just circumstances that were beyond our control and I'll leave it at that," Eleven said.

"Oh God, I end up like Rose," she said.

Eleven swallowed hard and shook his head.

"No," he said softly.

"Is she still lost?" Donna asked.

Eleven nodded and Donna patted his shoulder.

"I won't say anything more then," she said, putting the plushie back into a big cardboard box.

Eleven looked at her sideways while she pulled out a midnight blue ball ornament.

"You are missed," he said softly so his counterpart couldn't hear him. "I miss you every day, Donna. Just remember that."

Donna smiled at that and gave him a sideways hug. She patted his cheek when his eyes misted over and the Doctor kissed the top of her head in return. He smiled when Michelle came to his side. She reached in and carefully took out a small snowflake ornament with her name on it.

"Mommy and Daddy got this when I was born," she said, pointing to it.

"So I can smash it then?" Eleven said, poking her rib.

"Can I throw your book into the fireplace if you do?" she said, poking back.

"You're mean," Eleven said while Donna giggled.

"Yup!" Michelle said, putting the ornament back in the box.


They looked over when they heard Amy and watched while she pulled out an old 8 track player from a pile of junk.

"I've never seen one of these before," Amy said, examining it.

"There's some 8 tracks in one of the boxes," Brittany said over her shoulder.

"Do you have a pet rock in here as well?" Ten said to her while he examined a lace tablecloth.

"Probably," Brittany said with a shrug. "Dad keeps a lot of junk in here. He doesn't throw things out that often."

"Sounds like me," Ten said. "You oughta see the cupboards in my TARDIS. I think I have about one of everything the Earth ever produced in them."


They looked at the doorway when Great Uncle Tom appeared and spoke to them. He caqme inside the room.

"Lori explained what was going on and told us about you two," he said, pointing to Ten and Eleven. "I have to admit I thought it was a joke but she showed us this silver leaf you gave her as a gift and I've never seen anything like it. I thought it was fake but after examining it, I could tell it was very real."

"You're just giving away all my possessions, aren't you?" Ten teased his counterpart.

"They twisted my arm, honestly," Eleven teased back.

"I want to apologize for Randy and Jack's behavior. We don't approve of it and even thought it was a bit confusing, what you did, we did think it was funny," he said to Ten. "Me and my wife and Ruth are staying for supper and we just wanted to tell you that you're very welcome in our family, at least the sane portion of it," he said with a wink. "We heard reports of aliens on the TV but they seemed to be dangerous. But Lori and Jim said you've been just wonderful with the children and you haven't hurt anyone so I'm glad there are nice aliens out there. Although, you seem to be nosy aliens," he said while everyone laughed. "I just would like to say one thing to the aliens here, just a friendly request."

"And that would be?" Eleven said.

"Don't mutilate the cows around here," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Lori's neighbors wouldn't like that."

He grinned when everyone laughed.

"We promise not to harm the cattle in any way," Ten said, crossing his hearts.

"Good, that's all I ask in return for you visiting here," he said with a smile. "And Lori says this is your spaceship," he said, pointing to the TARDIS.

"It is indeed," Eleven said. "Please, come inside and see for yourself."

He snapped his fingers and opened the doors. He went inside with Great Uncle Tom and helped him up the stairs, showing him the console and explaining what some of the doodahs did while everyone else continued to look through the boxes.


After they finished exploring the storage room, they hung out in the den while Great Uncle Tom went back upstairs. The TV was on but they busied themselves lounging around and chatting while drinking some soda. While they were chatting, Alicia came downstairs and Rory jumped up to help her come down.

"Thank you, are you an alien too?" Alicia said when Rory reached her side.

"No, I'm human," he said, taking her arm.

"I wanted to get a closer look at the aliens since I know what they are now," she said with a wink as Rory helped her downstairs. "Not often we get aliens here, especially ones that look like people."

Eleven and Ten hopped up and walked over to the stairs, standing at the bottom while Alicia came down. She studied them when she reached the bottom.

"Are you brothers? Lori tried to explain but I'm afraid I wasn't clear on your relationship to each other," she said.

"No, actually we're the same man," Eleven said. "Come and sit down and we'll try to clear that up."

They walked her to the sofa and she sat down on the edge of it. Eleven sat down beside her and Ten crouched down beside it while they tried to explain the concept of regeneration to her.

"So…" Alicia said when they finished their explanation, "you're the same as he is," she said, pointing to Eleven while she addressed Ten, "but in a different body."

"Yes. I'm the same man at a basic level but I do get a new body and personality each time I regenerate,"

"But isn't it weird being in the same room with yourself?" Alicia said, pointing to Eleven.

"Um, yeah, it is," Ten said, grinning while everyone laughed. "And I'm not supposed to do it, especially with a future self since I'm not supposed to know my own future. But Donna and I couldn't resist coming here and helping out so I made an exception this time."

"Well, I'm glad you're here," Alicia said. "And Lori told me to tell you that she is making everyone enchiladas tonight."

The children whooped and hollered.

"Apparently, that's a good thing," Rory said.

"Mommy's enchiladas are goooood," Michelle said, rubbing her belly.

"We get them as a special treat sometimes," Brittany said. "You'll love them."

"Well, can't wait to have these special enchiladas then if they're that nummy," Ten said.

"I'm going to go back upstairs and take a nap before that happens," Alicia said. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're friendly aliens. I'll see you later."

"Enjoy your nap," Eleven said.

Rory stood up and helped Alicia up the stairs while the others resumed their conversation.

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