Chapter Twenty Eight

Everyone spent the afternoon chatting and relaxing and watching the TV. Brittany told them about a special event that was going to be broadcast during the evening.

"They have this old Civil War monument in downtown Indianapolis and they string lights on it every year and light it up. They're gonna do it tonight if you want to watch," she said to them.

"Sounds great!" Ten said.

"Wait, Civil War?" Eleven said with wide eyes. "Is Randy and Jack going to be there then?"

"Yeah, they might object to a Civil War monument being decorated for Christmas," Ten said with wide eyes while everyone laughed. "After all, that's a sacred object. It commemorated the time the US split in two and they fought over it. Or is that still going on? I'm not quite sure," Ten added, rubbing his cheek while he pretended to think.

"I think it's still going on," Eleven said. "I mean they put the Confederate flag on their motor, right? So it must still be happening?"

"Blimey, what if we did something to muck up history and this is some sort of alternate future where the American Civil War is still happening," Ten said to his counterpart.

"Then that explains the pigheaded, racist behavior earlier," Eleven said, slapping his head while everyone laughed harder. "Everyone better hide the darkies then."

"Yes, the darkies and deer and bunnies are in danger when those two are around," Ten said.

"You know, it's gonna totally suck around here when you leave," Brittany said while she lay on her blankets.

"Yeah, I wish you didn't have to go," Michelle said while she rested in her beanbag.

"I know, poppet, but we have to go eventually," Eleven said. "We have things to do. Planets to save, civilizations to rescue."

"Rednecks to annoy," Amy said while she and Rory lay on their sleeping bags.

"Bunnies to shoot," River said while she lay on the sofa behind the Doctors.

"And don't forget asking cows for directions," Rory said.

"But you have to have enchiladas first," Michelle said.

"Are these enchiladas out of this world?" Ten asked her.

"Mm-hmmm," Michelle said, nodding.

"What makes them special?" Donna said.

"Mom takes a tortilla as big as the plate and puts hamburger and mushroom gravy on it and then puts a layer of cheese and a layer of onions and another tortilla shell and another layer of hamburger and mushroom gravy and onions and cheese on top and enchilada sauce and bakes it in the oven until it's warm and gooey," Brittany said.

"Ooo, that sounds very nummy," Eleven said to Ten.

"Yup, will have to hang around for that then," Ten said.

"And sometimes she makes nachos too," Michelle said. "It's gooooood."

"I'm going to burst from all the numminess around here," Eleven said.

"I know, I'll lose my mind from the sheer numminess," Ten added.


After telling them about the enchiladas, the Doctors were glad when Lori finally announced they were finished. They went upstairs to a mixture of good smells and went into the kitchen. The counter had been cleared of the Thanksgiving food and in its place were several plates with individual enchiladas on them along with a large plate of nachos with melted cheese, refried beans and sour cream on top and glasses of pop. They took everything to the table and the counter and feasted on the gooey enchiladas and crispy nachos while Lori and her family ate in the living room and chatted.

"Oh God, this is just brilliant," Amy said after taking another bite of gooey enchilada. "This is so much better than being chased by monsters."

"I think I'm gonna get fat in one day from all this," Rory said while Amy nodded. "But it'll be worth it."

"I don't think I'll be able to move after I finish," Eleven sighed, patting his belly. "I think you'll have to get a forklift and put me back in the TARDIS because I'll barely be able to move."

He smiled when Lori's family laughed at that from the other room.

"I think they like the enchiladas," they heard Jim say.

"I think that's an understatement," River said. "Never got anything like this at Stormcage, that's for sure."

"Ooo, I think I'm spent," Ten said, slumping back in his chair. "I think that's it for me. I can't move anymore. Someone could enslave me right here and I wouldn't have the strength to resist."

"You know, I could make more for you to take with you when you leave," Lori called out from the living room.

"She wants us to get fat and never move again," Eleven said loudly while Lori and her family laughed. "But despite my better judgment, please, by all means…make more, Lori!" he yelled while they laughed harder.


After eating, the Doctor's pretended to trod downstairs while grunting and groaning to the delight of Lori's family. Brittany turned on the TV and everyone lay around, satiated, while they watched the lighting of the monument.

"Are you leaving now?" Michelle said, coming up to the sofa and looking at Eleven who was laying there with River.

"Leave? I can't bloody move any longer!" Eleven said while everyone laughed hysterically. "I think I really do need a forklift. But I'll tell you what. We'll spend one more night and leave in the morning so we can recover from this orgy of food. But we really must leave in the morning, okay?"

Michelle nodded sadly and Eleven rubbed her cheek when he noticed her eyes misting over.

"I'll be back, love. I have to now that I know this gastric wonder is here," he joked, patting his belly. "I'll be back at Christmas, alright?"

Michelle beamed and the children cheered while the Doctor smiled.


The next morning, Lori and Jim came to see their friends off. During the night, Ruth left with Alicia and Great Uncle Tom, so it was just them and the children standing in front of the TARDIS. The children had tears in their eyes and Eleven and his friends and family hugged them all tightly and promised they'd be back to visit for Christmas.

"At least my group will, don't know about him," Eleven said, pointing to Ten.

"I think we might visit on other days. I really shouldn't mix with my future self but Donna and I will try to come and see you again when we can," he said to them.

"Please be careful, all of you," Lori said. "If you're out there, keeping the universe safe, keep yourselves safe too."

"We will," Eleven said, hugging her again.

He chuckled when Lori handed him two huge metal pans covered with aluminum foil.

"Fuel for your adventures," Lori said with a wink as Amy and Rory took the pans.

"You just want me to be tubby, don't you?" Eleven said. "You want us to get addicted to this stuff so we keep coming back."

"Yes. So come back often," Lori said, patting his cheek.

Eleven hugged all of the children again and kissed their cheeks. When he got to Michelle, she hugged him extra tight.

"I love you," she whispered in his ear.

"And I love you. You be good and keep reading and be brilliant," he said, patting her back while she hugged him.

He kissed her cheek one more time before letting go. The children waved to him while he clicked his fingers and the TARDIS doors opened.

"Listen for the wheezing sound, that'll be the signal that we returned," Eleven said while everyone else walked inside the TARDIS.

He waved to his new friends and they waved back while he followed everyone inside. He smiled, winked and shut the door and everyone watched in wonder as the wheezing noise started and the TARDIS slowly faded away in front of them.


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