Chapter Four

Rose was impressed with the house while she was conducting her investigation. She loved the old Victorian house and now she half-jokingly wondered if the Doctor could get the whole house inside his TARDIS. She smiled, imagining the house right next to the console room and she would be living in her space while he lived in his and they could visit each other for tea. The image of that made her chuckle and she made a note to share that image with her bestest mate. She was sure he would laugh at the mental image as well.

There was one thing though. Ever since she touched the woman, she had been feeling odd, almost like that woman was…inside her.

She froze at that. When Cassandra took over her body, she remembered knowing what was going on but being powerless to stop her from controlling her body. But this was different, she was in control of herself but it seemed like there was another consciousness within her and this consciousness was badgering her about the Doctor and her relationship with him. It was beginning to frighten her and she decided to try to find the Doctor in the hopes that he could help her get rid of the ghost or whatever it was.


The Doctor was inside a bedroom a few doors down from the room where he found the woman. He located two more candles and all three candles were on a teak wood chest of drawers, providing enough light for him to walk around and inspect the room. The bedroom was elegant with expensive and imported wood used for the furniture including a Baldarian Ash wood bed with a carved headboard. The black wood had carved ivy running all through it and in the center of the headboard was a carved raised circle that was surrounded by the ivy. Inside the circle were the initials RA. He leaned in for a closer inspection of the initials, running his fingers over the raised letters.

"RA. Is that the initials of your name then, mystery woman?" he muttered to himself.


The Doctor straightened up and looked at Rose who was standing in the doorway.

"Find something?" he said. "I may have found something here."

"Doctor…when that woman vanished after I touched her. I think…she went into me…like Cassandra did, except she hasn't taken over my body but I can feel her there."

"So…the hologram might have been a trap then," the Doctor growled as he walked over to her.

"Doctor, can you help me?" Rose said. "If that woman is in me can you get her out?"

The Doctor heard the fear in Rose's voice and he took the candle from her hand. He put it on the chest of drawers and told her to sit on the bed. Rose sat down and stared at the headboard.

"RA," she said.

"Yes, that's what I was going to show you. I found that just before you came in. I gather it's the initials of the woman's name."

"Rebecca Addleston."

The Doctor froze when Rose spoke to him.

"That just popped into my head just now," Rose said. "Rebecca Addleston."

"Right," the Doctor said, coming towards her. "Rose, just relax and let me know what else just pops into your head. If Rebecca Addleston is inside Rose Tyler, I wish to speak with her now. I request parlay under the terms of the Shadow Proclamation which expressly forbids inhabiting another being without their consent. Rebecca, if you're there, who are you? Are you the woman with the dagger?"

"Yes," Rose said.

"That just came to you?" the Doctor said to Rose.

She nodded.

"Very well. Who did you kill? Tell me your story."

"I killed him," Rose said.

The Doctor waited for more but Rose shrugged.

"That's all I'm getting, sorry."

"Killed who, Rebecca."


"Okay, who is that?"

"My love."

"You killed your lover?" the Doctor said. "Why?"

Rose waited for a response and shook her head when nothing came to her.

"Rose, do you trust me?"

"You know I do."

Lay back on the bed then."

Rose lay back on the bed and loved how comfortable it was.

"I'm going to put you to sleep and try to bring Rebecca forward so I can speak to her personally," the Doctor said.

"Doctor, before you do that, can I ask you something?"


"Can you take this entire house into your TARDIS?"

The Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"Well, it'd be tricky but I suppose so. Why?"

Rose told him about her mental image and the Doctor smiled fondly at that.

"You'd rather stay in this musty old house than come and join me in the console room?" he said when she finished.

"Just a thought. You could visit me in this house and have tea," she said.

"You humans. I love your imaginations," he said fondly. "Just keep that image in mind and we'll discuss it later. But for now, I need to have a chat with your new friend. So close your eyes and relax and let me see if I can contact her."

Rose nodded. She closed her eyes and relaxed while the Doctor put his fingertips against her temples.

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