Chapter Three

At last, she had made it through. She had escaped the Deep Darkness and returned to the real universe. But, she knew she wouldn’t be safe for long, she had to hide, had to find a way to bring her brothers and sisters back from the nothingness the Eternals had banished them to and she had to find someone who could help her, someone she could hypnotize and use to open a rift between the realms. Then, once that was achieved, the Ban’shi’s would once again resume their conquest of the universe.

There was only one place for her to go. The Ban’shi’s had been plentiful on Earth at one time before the Eternals had banished them. They had found refuge among the primitive humans. The humans in turn had corrupted their name, calling them Banshees, Bean Sí, and Bean Shěth, claiming that they were fairies. The Ban’shi’s greatest weapon was their voice. With it, they hypnotized the primitive humans, captured them, and killed them if they tried to interfere in their affairs. The humans would occasionally hear their hypnotic scream and find a dead person afterward, which led to the myth of the Banshee wailing just before a person died, a superstition the Ban’shi encouraged. The superstitious Earthlings both feared and revered the Ban’shi, which allowed them to thrive, increase their numbers, and formulate a plan to spread out from Britain around the world, and then onwards towards the stars.

They nearly succeeded; both they and the humans they captured and converted into Ban’shi numbered almost 500. They had been hiding underground, all over Great Britain and Ireland, biding their time until they could begin their invasion of the surface world. But, the Eternals learned of their plans and banished them to the limbo of the Deep Darkness. They had languished there ever since, howling in frustration at the dark, and trying to find a way out.

Then, one day, it happened. She had been flying through the void, when she noticed a gap form between realities. It happened every so often. A crack would occasionally open between the Deep Darkness and the larger universe. Normally, the cracks would only stay open for a few seconds before the universe repaired it. It was an extremely rare occurrence. One had to be present at the right place at the right time to slip through before the gap was sealed shut.

That is what happened. A tiny rift tore open in front of her. Seizing the opportunity, she dove towards it and went through. But, before she could call to her brothers and sisters to follow her, it closed back, leaving her alone in the universe.

Unsure what to do, she flew towards Earth. But, as she neared the familiar blue green globe, she suddenly realized that it would be a mistake to return to Great Britain. If the Eternals learned of her escape, that would be the first place they would look. She began to search elsewhere and decided to focus on the United States. As she neared it, she looked at the country, trying to decide where to go. She opted to go to the side nearest the Pacific Ocean. She scanned the western portion of the country and noticed a great deal of pollution centered in one area near the ocean. That meant that there was a high population density, all the better to hide from her pursuers. Smiling, she floated down towards it.

The security guard was wary. He was standing at the back door eyeing the two journalists who claimed to be from All Access music magazine.

“I don’t recall anyone saying that people were coming here to interview the band,” he said to them.

“No?” the Doctor said, “well, supposedly the receptionist was going to call over here and let you guys know we were coming. Are you sure they did and you just didn’t get the message?”

“I suppose that’s possible, but highly unlikely. If there were an interview today, security would be informed of it. Now if you can make a call to All Access and have them call us and confirm, then I’ll be more than happy to let you in, but until then, I’m sorry. Good day.”

The security guard turned, went inside, and slammed the door shut.

“So, now what do we do?” Rose asked.

“Now, we wait ten minutes.”

“Why? What happens in ten minutes?”

“Hopefully, the guard will be away from the door and then…”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out his screwdriver.

“I use my all-access pass,” he finished, with a wink.

Stevie let out a tired sigh when they finished Gold Dust Woman and the roadies applauded them. They had nearly reached the halfway point in the set and she needed to use the restroom badly.

“I’ll be back, guys. I gotta pee,” she said.

She walked past Lindsey towards the backstage area. Lori, Sharon, and the back-up band followed her out, needing to use the bathroom and get something to drink and eat before they continued. Lindsey yawned, slipped the guitar strap off his neck, and rested his Rick Turner guitar against the dais that held Mick’s drum kit. He stretched his back while John wandered over to chat with Christine.

“Phew, we’re finally to the halfway point in this tour,” he said to Mick.

“Don’t tell me you’re giving out already, Lindsey,” Mick said, grinning.

“Well, let’s just say I’m thankful this tour isn’t a full year like it was back in the old days. Unfortunately, I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“Oh, don’t give me that. You’re the bloody baby of the group. All the rest of us are in our ‘60’s.”

Lindsey snorted.

“Yeah, that makes me feel so much better,” he said, rolling his eyes while Mick sniggered.

“Well, you know, since we are taking a break, you need to be making a pee run with Stevie.”

“Nah, I’m a manly man. I can hold it, unlike Miss Fragile Flower.”

Mick’s eyebrow rose, as Lindsey giggled.

“Fragile Flower? You sure we’re talking ‘bout the same woman, mate?”

They glanced at Christine when she walked over to the dais.

“Hey, you guys know anything about an interview?”

Mick and Lindsey looked at each other.

“Uh, no, what kind of interview?” Lindsey asked.

Christine gestured behind her.

“Man and woman are standing over there. They’re saying that they are from All Access magazine and they’re here to interview us.”

Lindsey stepped back from the dais while Mick stood up and leaned over his drum kit. The man and the woman were standing at the edge of the stage, looking around. The man waved at him, cheerfully, when he locked eyes with him. Lindsey put his hands on his hips.

“You know anything about this, Mick?” he said.

Mick shook his head.

“No, not a thing. Even if we did have an interview scheduled, it wouldn’t be in the middle of the run through.”

“That’s what I figured. Leave it to me, guys. I’ll handle this.”

He walked towards them.

“Can I help you two?” he said.

“Yes,” the man said, extending his hand, “John Smith, journalist with All Access magazine. This is Rose Tyler. We were sent here to get an interview. Our magazine is one of the hippest in LA and we are really excited that the Mac is touring again.”

He lowered his hand when Lindsey didn’t shake it. He gave him a warm smile when Lindsey scrutinized them both silently.

“First off, Mister Smith, we are not aware of any journalists from All Access coming to interview us. Secondly, even if we did grant you guys an interview, which we didn’t, we wouldn’t schedule it in the middle of rehearsal. We are trying to do a run through of our show before tonight. The only reason we aren’t playing right now is because Stevie and most of the band is off taking a break. I’m sorry that All Access sent you here with the understanding that we would grant you an interview. We are the ones who have the final say on who talks to us and we never gave your magazine permission. So, I’m afraid you just drove over here for nothing.”

Rose glanced at the Doctor, suddenly fearful they were about to spend the rest of the day sitting in a jail cell for criminal trespassing. The Doctor, however, remained unfazed.

“Do you mind if we watch the rehearsal, then?” he asked.

“Yes, we do mind.”

“Please, I promise you we are legit. I have my credentials with me if you would like to take a look.”

“I’m not concerned about your credentials. What I have a problem with is you two showing up here when you are not expected. Now, if you go back to All Access and have them call, then perhaps we can set up an interview in the next day and a half. But, until then, the stage is off limits. So goodbye and good--“


Lindsey jerked his head around when he heard Mick’s voice. He saw Stevie standing on the other side of the stage, trembling with a ghost-like pallor to her complexion.

“Stevie? Are you alright?” Lindsey asked.

She responded with a voice that was as shaky as her body.

“Oh, my God,” she said, pointing, “that’s them.”

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