Chapter Four

Lindsey crossed the stage with four huge steps and grabbed Stevie when she looked like she was about to faint. Everyone ran to her, including the Doctor. Rose, still hesitant about provoking anyone and getting arrested, stayed where she was.

“Stevie? Are you alright?” Lindsey asked.

She noticed her fearful gaze and followed it over to the Doctor.

“Buddy, I thought I told you to scram!” Lindsey said, angrily.

“I want to help, I have medical training.”

Lindsey’s eyebrows nearly reached the top of his head.

“You’re a journalist, and you have medical training?”

“Yeah, I switched subjects halfway through university. The point is, I can help. Now, Ms. Nicks…”

“No! Get away from me! Get away from us!” she yelled.

Lindsey stared at her, perplexed.

“Steves, what’s wrong? You’re as white as a sheet.”

“It’s him, Lindsey!”

The band members looked at each other.

“Him? Him, who?” Lindsey asked.

Stevie hesitated and leaned into him. The Doctor frowned when she mouthed something to Lindsey.

“The death bringer,” she mouthed to him.

The Doctor’s frown deepened. He noticed the shocked look on Lindsey’s face. Lindsey glanced over at him and then looked back at Stevie. The Doctor read his lips when Lindsey mouthed back, “the guy from your dream?”

Stevie nodded.

Intrigued, the Doctor neared closer to her. He stopped when he noticed the panicked look on her face. Lindsey, meanwhile, was completely dumbfounded. He mouthed something back to Stevie and the Doctor read his lips.

“This geek is the guy who carries death on him like a shroud?” he mouthed to her.

Stevie nodded.

A smile slowly spread over the Doctor’s face. He suddenly had a hunch about her and decided to try a little test. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the psychic paper.

“I assure you, Ms. Nicks, you have nothing to fear from me and Rose,” he said, opening the wallet, “I’m a journalist from All Access. These are my credentials.”

He held up the psychic paper, so everyone could have a look. Lindsey stared at him and shrugged.

“That’s nice, Mister Smith, but just because we can see your credentials doesn’t mean you can stay, and--“

“What credentials?”

Everyone looked at Stevie who was staring at the paper, totally confused.

“Uh, those credentials right there,” Lindsey said, pointing to the psychic paper.

“That’s a blank piece of paper, Lindsey,” Stevie replied.

Lindsey was taken aback.

“No, it’s not. It says right there, press pass, and it has his name, and information, and photo.”

“No, it doesn’t, it’s blank,” Stevie insisted.

Lindsey stared at her as if she had lost her mind. He looked at the others.

“Isn’t that his press pass?” he asked them.

Everyone nodded and murmured, “Yes.” Stevie looked at all of them and eyed the Doctor who had an enormous grin on his face.

“I was right about you,” she heard him mutter.

Stevie glanced at the others and inched closer to the Doctor. Squaring her shoulders, she looked him right in the eye.

“Who are you?” she demanded, “and don’t say, John Smith, that’s a load of bullshit. Who are you, really?”

The band members glanced at each other and then stared at the Doctor, intently. The Doctor smiled. Reaching out, he contacted her telepathically.

Do not be afraid, Stevie. My name is the Doctor.

The rest of the band saw Stevie’s eyes widen for a moment and then, they narrowed.

Doctor who? She thought back.

The band members jerked their heads at the Doctor when they heard him let out a delighted laugh. Ignoring their befuddled looks, he concentrated on Stevie.

You are psychic. He thought to her. Extremely psychic.

Yeah, I am. She thought back. Who are you?

You saw me in your dreams?

Yes, I did.

What did you see?

I saw you, that girl, and a blue phone booth.

She inched closer to him.

I also saw an aura of death around you and I can sense it now. She thought. Whoever you are, I won’t let you hurt me or the ones I love.

I mean you no harm, Stevie. I mean none of you any harm, I promise.

Stevie gazed into his eyes.

You are not from this world.

The Doctor smiled.

No, I’m not.

Stevie raised her eyebrow.

You’re shitting me.

The Doctor chuckled.

No, Stevie, I’m not.

The band members were completely confused. From what they could tell, Stevie and the strange man was standing in front of them having a very intense stare-down.

Why are you here? Stevie thought.

The Doctor smiled.

I’m a huge fan of you and your band, Stevie. My friend, Rose, and I came to meet you and watch the concert tonight.

Stevie’s eyebrow rose.

You came from outer space to watch a Fleetwood Mac concert?

The Doctor grinned.

Actually, I’m a time traveler. The blue box you saw was my time machine.

Stevie shook her head in disbelief.

“Steves, what’s going on?” Lindsey asked.

Stevie ignored him.

You…are a time traveling alien?


Is the girl an alien too?

No, she’s human. She’s my traveling companion.

Stevie glanced at her and looked back at him.

I believe you. I know it sounds completely crazy, but somehow I believe you.

The Doctor smiled.

You have advanced psychic abilities. That’s what helped you become a great songwriter and it’s why you could see through the psychic paper.

You mean those credentials you flashed?

Yes, that’s psychic paper. It links with my mind and shows people what I want them to see. But, people with advanced psychic abilities or a high level of intelligence can see through it.

An amused grin crept over Stevie’s face.

So, when everyone else saw your so-called credentials. They were actually seeing it?


Stevie giggled. Lindsey frowned.

“What’s so funny, Stevie?” he asked.

“Gee, Linds, guess you aren’t a genius, after all,” she said to him.

Lindsey’s mouth fell open.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Nicks?” he said, angrily, “what the hell is going on? Why are you standing there, staring at this guy?”

“Because I’m talking to him, Lindsey, telepathically.”

Her band members stared at her in shock.

“What?” Lindsey said.

“You heard me.”

“You and the geek have been talking to each other in your minds?”


Lindsey narrowed his eyes.

“You know, Stevie, I think your hunch is right. I think the guy should leave.”

Stevie, please. The Doctor thought. I won’t hurt you. This aura of death you can sense, it does surround me because of what I do. But, I’m not going to hurt you, or Lindsey, or anyone else. All Rose and I want to do is watch the show and then, we will leave.

“Stevie, get away from this guy!”

“Lindsey, shhh,” she said to him.

“I thought you were freaked out by this guy. I thought he was a threat to us.”

I’m not, Stevie, I swear. You can sense that, I know you can. Please, just let us stay and we’ll leave tonight and you won’t ever see us again, please.

“Stevie, I’ll go get security and they’ll throw--“

“No, Lindsey, let him be. Let them stay.”

Everyone stared at her, shocked. Lindsey glanced at the Doctor. He grabbed Stevie by the shoulders and pulled her off to the side.

“Stevie, what’s going on?” he hissed.

“Lindsey, trust me. The Doctor and Rose aren’t a threat.”

Lindsey frowned.

“Doctor? I thought his name was John Smith.”

“No, he calls himself the Doctor.”

“So, he’s lying then.”

“Yes, but I understand why, Linds. He’s not going to hurt us.”

“I thought there was an aura of death around him.”

“There is, but I was wrong about him. He won’t hurt us and neither will Rose. All they want to do is see the show and then leave, let them stay.”

“Stevie, this is insane.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”

She held up her hand when Lindsey started to speak.

“Just, trust me, Lindsey. They’ll leave after the concert tonight, I promise.”

Lindsey sighed.

“Alright, Stevie, it’s your call. I’ll back you up if the band objects, but you better be right about this.”

Stevie glanced at the Doctor.

“Trust me, Lindsey, it’ll be worth all the trouble of having him around for the day,” she said to him.

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