Chapter Ten

Backstage, the Doctor and Rose were led around by Stevie as she continued to make introductions to family and friends. After she was done, she led them over to a long table filled with food and drinks. Stevie filled up a plate with raw vegetables, took a small bowl of ranch drip and grabbed an ice water. Lindsey came up to the table and groaned when she saw Stevie's plate.

"Steves, for Christ's Sake, you're not a bunny. Live a little, will ya?"

"I'm not that hungry right now. I'm just eating something to settle my stomach. You go ahead and eat ten slices of pizza and get major heartburn afterwards, I'll pass."

Lindsey waited till she walked away and leaned over the table. The Doctor and Rose did the same.

"She says that. But she became addicted to Klonopin in the '90's and she was so sluggish and zombified from it that she gained about thirty pounds and the press savaged her mercilessly when she went on tour, calling her a whale and all that. She managed to lose the weight and personally I think she eats the bunny food because she's afraid of getting fat again. Lord knows why she should be so scared since the woman dances off all the calories she consumes and then some. But... try telling her anything..." he said, rolling his eyes while they laughed. "I'll risk a heartburn for a nice slice of pepperoni pizza. Unlike her, I'm not afraid of a little grease and melted cheese."

"Actually, I agree with you," the Doctor said, putting a slice of pepperoni pizza on his plate.

"Oh yeah, an alien who'll eat pizza, you're my type of guy," he said while they laughed. "Stevie and I talked and I think she wants you and Rose to spend the night with her. You can attend the second concert tomorrow night if you want. I think she's scared of the moment you'll leave us behind and frankly, I feel the same way. But you have an open invitation to her house tonight if you're interested."

"I think we'll take that invitation," the Doctor replied.

They laughed when Mick came up and shoved Lindsey hard.

"You're blockin' the pizza, Buckingham," he said with a twinkle in his eye. "Me and McVie want to eat as well."

"You're gonna find it hard to eat with a fat lip, Fleetwood," Lindsey teased as he moved down and grabbed a handful of potato chips.

"He seems to think just because he's been with us for years that I can't sack him and throw him out on the street," Mick said to the Doctor and Rose while John came up beside Mick and grabbed a plate.

"P'eh, you tried going on without me and it was an unmitigated disaster," Lindsey teased him.

"He also likes to do crossword puzzles and that's why he feels he can use big words that make him sound smarter than he really is," Mick said to the Doctor and Rose. "He wouldn't know what unmitigated was if he didn't do his crosswords."

"I'll have a cross word with you in a moment if you don't move your fucking arse and let me get some food," John said to him.

The Doctor and Rose laughed when Mick stared at him with feigned shock. He looked at the Doctor and Rose.

"He's the quiet one of the group so it's a huge shock when the git opens his gob and speaks," he said to them while they laughed.

They laughed harder when Christine came up behind John and McVie gave Fleetwood a pointed look.

"Move!" John said, pointing past Mick's body. "Now there's a queue and Misses has to have her glass of chardonnay."

"And I'll beat you with the bloody bottle if you don't get out of my way," Christine said to Mick.

Lindsey finished getting his food. He grabbed a bottle of beer and walked over to the Doctor and Rose.

"If I were you, I'd come with me. When Christine starts beating people up with bottles, it isn't pretty," he said to them.

They followed him towards a large tan leather sofa. There was a similar one beside it where Stevie was sitting with Sharon and Jana, chatting with them while they ate. She smiled warmly at her friends as they walked up and sat down beside her. Stevie looked at the pizza, chips, dip and pretzels on Lindsey's plate and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Look at all those calories," she said.

Lindsey let out a long ragged sigh while the Doctor and Rose sniggered.

"Woman, leave me alone!" he said, jabbing his finger in her face. "You wanna eat vegetables, go right ahead, I'll die happy and content with clogged arteries, okay? Geez, Stevie, I'm not ten. I'll eat what I want, okay, mommy?"

Stevie winked at the Doctor and Rose while Sharon and Jana shared a look and stifled laughter.

"Did my son tell you about my offer to spend the night with me?" Stevie asked the Doctor and Rose.

"Yes, yes, he did," the Doctor said. "And we'd love to spend the night at your house."

"Good. Sharon and Jana are also staying with me and Karen, of course, and my dogs."

"So get ready for estrogen galore and fur on your clothes," Lindsey said to them.

"Nah, we'll have fun. We usually sit up and talk. I did tell my friends about your true identities but don't worry, your secrets safe with them," she said while Sharon and Jana nodded. "Once I finish eating, I need to go and change my clothes and make sure my outfits are secure since I've had people break into my dressing room in the past and take souvenirs and then we can take my limo back to my house."

"I would join you but Kristen wants me to stay with her tonight," Lindsey said. "But I will see you in the morning."

The Doctor didn't fail to catch the flash of anger in Stevie's eyes at the mention of Kristen's name. He suspected that Stevie was extremely jealous of Kristen for marrying Lindsey but he kept his opinion to himself since they were both adults and they could work that out between them if they wanted to. He was excited about spending the night in Stevie's house and chatting with her. He felt the same way as Stevie. He was also reluctant to leave as he was when he met really good friends on his journey's but he was a Time Lord and she was a singer and they had two different lives. Still, it was nice to kick back with the Queen of Rock and Roll for the evening and swap stories. He and Rose sat and ate quietly while Mick, John and Chris came over, pulled up leather chairs and sat and chatted with everyone.

By the end of the evening, Stevie and Lindsey had let their three bandmates in on the secret so they wouldn't be hostile towards them anymore. Mick, John and Chris were stunned but they believed Stevie and Lindsey's story and the Doctor promised to show them the TARDIS in the morning. By the end of the chat, all of them were laughing and teasing each other like old friends and the Doctor was glad that Stevie decided to tell them the truth since the atmosphere lightened up considerably once they knew they weren't a pair of nosy journalists.

After eating, everyone began to go home. Stevie told the Doctor and Rose to wait while she went to her dressing room to change. They nodded and hung out with the men while Stevie hugged Chris and told her she'd see her in the morning. Then she walked out and headed to her dressing room. Once she was inside, she headed to the folding screen so she could take off her heavy black dress and slip into some black suede trousers and a multicolored sweater. She took the dress off along with her boots and hose. She put on the sweater, trousers, black socks and black platform Reeboks. She left everything for Kim and then headed towards the door. On the way, she happened to glance in the mirror and she froze when she noticed the reflection wasn't her own. It was some odd looking woman with pale alien looking skin and long flowing white hair. Stevie stared at the reflection in silent shock while the woman smirked. Then she raised a slender arm and pointed a bony finger at her.

"You are mine!" she said in an otherworldly voice, "and you will obey me!"

Stevie let out a startled scream and ran out of the room as the woman's laughter echoed inside her head.

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